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7 Ultimate Facebook Messenger bots for business (All Are FREE)

You have heard that nowadays, many Businesses want to use Facebook Messenger bots in place of email marketing and customer care agents.

It has proven very beneficial in business because it will increase your revenue and cut the costs or in simple words, it will transform your business, no matter what business you’re in. It doesn’t need assistance because it works by its own.

Currently, Facebook messenger bots have just changed the entire marketing game.

Particularly people are looking for Facebook Messenger bots to use. Facebook Messenger bots are currently spreading like a good craze.

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Now if you are thinking about what’s Facebook messenger bots and how to use them or what are their importance etc. then read this article till the last line you will get all answers of your question with comprehensive awareness and tactical skills about Facebook Messenger bots.

What is Facebook Messenger Bots?

Facebook Messenger bots

In simple words, a messenger bot is a part of automatic messaging software which use artificial intelligence to do conversation, get information, provide information, ask questions, segmenting, etc with people.

Your customer can just type a message like they used to do with a friend rather than calling or opening different web pages.

Bots are programmed as per the customer’s perspective: friendly, accessible time-saver.

They will provide an answer to your question by understanding that and will execute your tasks too.

On the monthly basis, approximately 1.3 billion people are using Facebook Messenger and the Facebook Messenger Bot is a kind of chatbot which is present in the Facebook Messenger, so, now you can imagine that how many people get converses with your bot.

Facebook Messenger bots1

If you have been used Facebook, then probably now you have knowledge regarding the Facebook Messenger strategy. On Facebook Messenger bot you must scale that strategy.

Facebook was having 300,000 active messenger bots in 2018 proven by 2018 F8 conference, it is three times of year prior.

Now you must be thinking about questions like what the importance of these Facebook Messenger bots are, how to create and use them, etc…

hang on we’re now heading to find the answers of these questions only.

What is the Importance of Facebook Messenger bots for business?

Facebook Messenger bots2

You will get different types of major advantages after using Facebook Messenger bots that are written below:

  1. There will be a low barrier for you as well as for your target audience because 68 per cent of app users use this app, so Facebook Messenger is the third most used app in the world, as per available data.
  2. This field is still wide open with less competition. See this time approximately 300,000 chatbots whereas Facebook has 6 million advertisers.
  3. It can help you to reengage your customers. Facebook messenger can retain information and those details will help you to do extra things. Facebook Messenger can reach to your customers personally to offer them relevant content at the right time. It will save your money for paying for extra advertising.
  4. Facebook Messenger bots can save your time by providing store hours and directions and answering customer service questions too. It can start a live chat as soon as a user requests it or if the user wants to schedule an appointment it can do that too.
  5. A Facebook Messenger chatbot can handle the kind of customer service responsibilities that would normally be so costly in the market. For example, a dentist office bot, allows a patient to schedule an appointment, all without requiring a secretary or human interaction.
  6. Facebook Messenger bot is better than Email because it has less friction than Email. It’s a plus point of Facebook Messenger bot that they provide a seamless process with very little bit friction to their customers.

In Facebook Messenger, it is safe and comfortable to use them like other apps. The messages you will receive in chatbots must be short and easy to read & understand to everyone because they are purposely got prepared to look great and small.

Most important thing is that people likely open a message early than an email and every business want to get engage with their customers as soon as possible.

  • Facebook Messenger bots are more personal and interactive than another advertising place because this is two-way communication. Company is personally connecting with their customers without paying to any staff.

How to create Facebook Messenger bots?

Facebook Messenger bots

If you have knowledge about coding then it will be easy to build your own Facebook Messenger bots because Facebook itself offers a ton of documentation about to set up a bot but if you don’t know to code then;

There are different types of tools to create the Facebook Messenger bots, some of them are mentioned below with their capabilities and investment required. Many of them have integrations with the Hootsuite app.

7 Ultimate Facebook Messenger bots for business


Facebook Messenger bots

it is a chatbot builder with free tool features and with this, you can easily create a Messenger bot and develop a chatbot marketing strategy for your current start-ups or high-build business. It includes Live Chat Takeover, Custom Attributes, Q&A triggers, etc.

it also has a feature known as Chat Blast which is similar to Chatfuel’s broadcasting feature. In this, you can send messages to multiple users at a time.

In the MobileMonkey you also get an option to upgrade to ‘Pro’ plan so when you have learned everything which was available free on this then you can upgrade your plan to get access on valuable features like analytics, scheduling, etc.

but remember that MobileMonkey has been specially designed for non-technical users so, you don’t have to do coding.

Now follow these instructions to create a chatbot on MobileMonkey:

Facebook Messenger bots

You’re all done with the procedure now go and enjoy your benefits of Facebook messenger chatbot for your business. Yes, it’s that easy to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot for beginners.

Now you must create dialogues by going to dialogue section of the bot-builder. After creating dialogues, you should add widgets to that dialogue. Here you got 15 widgets and each of them has different kinds of features and customizations. They are written below:

  • Gallery
  • Image
  • List
  • Text
  • Attachment
  • Attribute
  • Email
  • Video
  • Navigate
  • Tag
  • Quick question
  • Form
  • Zap co
  • Gif
  • Typing

You can also create templates to save your time and increase the power of Facebook Messenger of bots for your business.

So, to create the templates click Templates options from the left menu and you will get the list of already building Messenger templates as you get in your mobile phones’ messages part.

If you want, you can also create your own templates there and save them.


Facebook Messenger bots

This is one of the enterprise levels which will provide you a bot exactly you will them about your demand. They have most clients from Consumer-Packaged Goods and as well as retail companies.

They can CatLog and host your products within the chat part by their chatbots that’s why they are famous in the beauty and fashion industries like Covergirl etc. 

The Bot Platform

Facebook Messenger bots

It is one of the most popular and trusted enterprises non-coding bot builder in the field of Facebook Messenger and Workplace.

The Bot Platform is famous for its analytics and segmentation capabilities for its customers. Some of their customers are Sony, RuPay, etc.


Facebook Messenger bots

It is the most basic chatbot tool, but it is good for beginners to start and learn basics to take sips of chatbot.

It gets used for simple responds for messages only rather than for heavy work.


Facebook Messenger bots

It is also from the category of enterprise-level and available for the sales, support and marketing chatbots on Facebook Messenger.

They also have high reviews from their use for their easy to access process, like for the chatbot builder Reply.ai has ‘drag and drop’ style.

They are having some cool features for their users for instance, audited security practices, internationalization and advanced analytics.

Their users are Samsung and Coca-cola etc.


Facebook Messenger bots

Chatfuel is one of the best self-serve platforms to build Facebook Messenger bots. People who don’t have knowledge about coding, chatfuel is good for them because they have an intuitive visual interface for that kind of businessmen.

They are having clients like Netflix etc. Chatfuel is also having a ‘pro’ subscription account like MobileMonkey.


Facebook Messenger bots

It is one of the most popular Messenger bot builders in the market. The main thing is that it is so easy to use, and it is designed for beginners with very easy functions.

You can prepare your very first messenger bot within very less time. you can try the free version of ManyChat in starting.

You will be allowed to use only to 3 custom fields and 10 tags in that free version of ManyChat while in the paid version you will get unlimited custom fields and tags.

To truly realize the impact of Facebook Messenger bots will have on your business, you must give a shot to try it soon.

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