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18 AWESOME Contact Form Plugins for WordPress in 2023 (Updated)

Contact Forms are a very reliable option for your WordPress website to get new clients or provide support to your users. Nowadays, contact forms are mandatory for every business niche to add a trust factor for your clients or users such that they can contact if something goes south.

How to create a contact form in WordPress?

Well, All you need is to add a new contact page in WordPress and publish the page with the help of one of the plugins listed below.

Contact forms are not only good for collecting complaints or getting new clients, but it also lets you connect with a top online professional to gain new opportunities for business.

For example, on January 4th, I got a mail from our kwebby contact form (From one of the elite bloggers online), stating that they want to collaborate with us for some project he is working on, when our conversation goes ahead, it was very interesting project which make me want to proceed further.

Therefore, as you read above, the contact form is a necessity nowadays.

Reasons why you need contact form right away;

  • Trust Factor for your clients or users.
  • Ease of collecting queries for businesses.
  • Categorically Divide your contact form.
  • Customizable.
  • Gain Reputation.
  • Respond faster.
  • Gain new opportunities.

WordPress as CMS is very customizable with an extensive database of plugins and themes which give us so many options to choose from them.

Following are the list of Contact form WordPress Plugins;

  1. Gravity Forms (Recommended)
  2. Contact Form 7 (Free)
  3. Contact Form by WPForms (Freemium)
  4. Form Maker by 10Web (Freemium)
  5. Forminator Contact Form (Freemium)
  6. Everest Forms (Freemium)
  7. Contact Form by WD (Freemium)
  8. Formidable Forms Builder for WordPress (Freemium)
  9. HappyForms (Freemium)
  10. Smart Forms By Rednao (Freemium)
  11. Contact Form by BestWebSoft (Freemium)
  12. Contact Form by Supsystic (Freemium)
  13. Quform – WordPress Form Builder (Paid)
  14. FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder (Paid)
  15. eForm – WordPress Form Builder (Paid)
  16. NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder (Paid)
  17. ARForms: WordPress Form Builder Plugin (Paid)
  18. Super Forms – Drag & Drop Form Builder (Paid)

1.Gravity Forms (Recommended)

Contact Form

Gravity forms, the brand, is the most recommended and used WordPress plugin world wide. It has all the elements needed to satisfy one’s need. There’s no doubt why this little plugin loved by many famous online marketers or bloggers.


  • Easy to use visual editor form creator.
  • 35+ Form field available.
  • Pre-built form templates gallery.
  • Conditional Fields (Show/Hide Fields Based on User Selection).
  • File uploads option.
  • Spam protection
  • Set automatic replies, emails and track your submissions.
  • Save the form and continue later option.
  • Inbuilt Calculator.
  • Limit Number of entries per user.
  • Front-end WordPress post creation option.
  • 100+ Free Addons to customize your form your way.
  • Unlimited user agents.
  • Track form submissions.


  • Paid Software.
  • Heavy Plugin.

This is by far the best and most recommended by online marketers as there are an infinite amount of opportunities to build custom form even for registration or regular queries from your employees or users. They also have step by step documentation to help you further.

Click here to download Gravity forms

2. Contact Form 7 (Free)

Contact Form

Contact form 7, by Takayuki Miyoshi, is a simple contact form
loved by 5+ million users and its the best free form builder plugin in the market backed by many add-ons available for free and also some paid features also.

CF 7 is the most updated forms as it gets optimized and developed with new features every month. You can always check the latest releases here.


  • Easy to input fields.
  • Free to use.
  • Loads of documentation for newbies here.
  • Loads of fields are free to use.
  • Special tags are available for customization.
  • Hidden fields for categorization.
  • Other productive fields like quiz etc.
  • Loads of Extensions/Addons are available for free in the WordPress repository.
  • With shortcode, you can place your form anywhere on your WordPress pages.


  • Missing Visual Editor for advanced form creation.
  • You have to install different plugin addons for some fields.

Undoubtely, Contact form 7 is the best free plugins have in market with GPL (General public license) which lets you modify at your own convenience. It’s very friendly for the beginners who do not wish to pay for form features as it covered each and everything you demand from such a plugin.

3. Contact Form by WPForms (Freemium)

Contact Form

Contact form by WPForms is in the game since forever and its development periodically is excellent. Techs behind the development of this software deserve recognition as its the best WordPress form plugin in the freemium category.

What is a freemium?

Well, it means the product is available for free but with some paid options. E.g. Product is available for download for free but if you want to use some features like Payment addons, Conditional Logic etc then you need to buy their subscription.


  • Drag and drop form builder.
  • Prebuilt awesome form templates.
  • Conditional Logic (With premium subscription).
  • Instant Notifications.
  • File Uploads
  • Payment Addons (With premium Subscription).
  • User registration option for your guest.
  • Loads of add-ons available with your premium subscriptions and some for free.


  • Most of the features are paid.
  • Plugin becomes heavy with multiple Add-ons.

Contact form by WPFORMs are one of the elite premium plugin with free options for basic uses. This is second best paid option if you can spare few bucks for your blog. The drag and drop builder option make it the best among the lot.

4.Form Maker by 10Web (Freemium)

Contact Form

Form maker by 10web makes it to our top 5 list and is one of the best freemium plugins available with a market filled with ample features. All it takes is a click to add a contact form with its user-friendly interface.


  • Drag and drop builder.
  • 43 different form fields.
  • Embedding options.
  • Loads of pre-built templates.
  • Built-in themes for further customization.
  • Set automatic replies, emails and track your leads.
  • Mult-pagination form.
  • Conditional Logic.
  • Payment option (for premium users only).
  • File upload option (for premium users only).


  • Most of the features are available for premium users only.
  • The intuitive interface is not up to the standards if we compare to its competitor like gravity forms.
  • Heavy plugin with add-ons.

Form maker by 10Web is indeed in m top 5 freemium plugin list if you ask me. Its also cheaper with other options available in this category like WPFroms, gravity forms etc. Look at the demo of the contact form and judge yourself.

5. Forminator Contact Form (Freemium)

Contact Form

Forminator Contact Form by WPMU Dev is one of its kind. If you didn’t know who WPMU Dev is, then you must google it right now. They are in this field since decade developing awesome themes, plugins for WordPress.

Forminator is completely free but has some features which require you premium membership but they guarantee that If you cancel your FREE trial, you can keep Forminator Pro. Therefore, Its totally risk-free and you can continue using the pro version even after your FREE Trial.


  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Interactive Polls
  • You can create quizzes
  • It can perform informational calculations
  • Conditional Logic option
  • 30+ Fields option
  • send an email Option
  • It comes with development API in case you want to code something of your own
  • It comes with 1000+ Integrations like MailChimp, Hubspot, google sheets, trello etc
  • It has his own Gutenberg Block for front end posting
  • You can track email address and analyse your submitted messages or data via forms


  • Heavy Plugin
  • It requires you premium subscription if you want to enjoy uninterrupted services or for future updates

Forminator Contact form plugin is in my top 5 list as its been there since long time. Periodically updates and support is really awesome but the only thing taken back is its very heavy if you use multi addons or integrations like hubspot, trello etc as it consumes more resources of your hosting.

6. Everest Forms (Freemium)

Contact Form

Everest forms by WPEVEREST make out top 10 list due to its efficiency. It’s not at all free but it is very light plugins to use with drag n drop builder which make it user-friendly.

I used to use this little piece of the plugin but over the time many of its competitors come up with more advanced features so I had to shift, but they have also changed a lot since then.

You can check the demo of this product here.


  • Easy To use
  • Lightweight plugin
  • Unlimited forms in the free subscription
  • Drag and drop builder
  • 20+ free form fields available
  • Multiple column layouts
  • Pre-built form templates
  • Supports multiple email recipients
  • Translation ready
  • WordPress speed optimized


  • Limited options as compared to its competitors
  • Many Addons are available for premium users only

Everest forms are definitely in top 10 list as they consistently droping new features periodically. If you compare it to top dogs like gravity forms, wpforms or contact form 7 then it may not convince you but its speed optimization for wordpress is definitely a winner.

7. Contact Form by WD (Freemium)

Contact Form

Contact form by WD recently gained attention because of its durability. It’s not among top dogs, but it is making our top 10 list. It does provide so many basic features for free and is definitely a contender among other top dogs.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Conditional logic (Basic for free)
  • 30 + Available fields
  • Email options
  • 37 prebuilt themes to use
  • File upload option (Paid)
  • Payment Integrations (Paid)
  • Google Maps (Paid)
  • 40+ Add-ons (Paid)


  • Some basic features are also not made available for free users
  • Heavy Plugin
  • Basic conditional logic

To conclude Contact form by WD, Its one of the best freemium plugins due to its user-friendly interface and pre-built themes is cherry on top of the cake. But, many of the basic features like file uploads, Paypal integration which is made available for free for CR7 is included in premium subscription.

8. Formidable Forms Builder for WordPress (Freemium)

Contact Form

Formidable forms builder by Strategy11 will be another option for your form builder needs. It does have all the essential features that you need to get it started, but it also has premium add-ons like any other form of the builder.

It has all the features like single text fields, basic field options, file upload functionality, conditional logic system but what takes me back is even simple feature like PayPal integration (Which you can get for free with other plugins) is available in the premium version.

Apart from that, it is also very expensive as compare to others in the market but their support is top-notch. You can check out details about the features here.

9. HappyForms (Freemium)

Contact Form

Happyforms by thethemefoundry is one of the cheapest option available in the market as compares to other top contenders. The interactive interface and dashboard analytic board are well built and detailed.

Happyforms are loaded with features like drag and drop builder, dashboard analytics, live preview forms, multi-layout column options, 50+ pre-built templates and much more.

Happyforms starts with only 49$ which very cheap as compared to others and includes features like payment integration, Password protection, file upload options and many more. You can check out its detailed feature list here.

10. Smart Forms By Rednao (Freemium)

Contact Form

Need a free contact form with all the essential features like Conditional Logic, file uploads? Then Smart Forms by Rednao is your answer. It’s delightful to see such features are packed in free subscription, unlike others.

Check the demo of smart forms here and judge yourself. It is also very lightweight and can perform tasks faster but only features like calculations, email builder, is excluded from free subscriptions.

You can find details of the features here.

11. Contact Form by BestWebSoft (Freemium)

Contact Form

Contact form by bestwebsoft is in the market since a long time with few basic features and more in premium which makes it contender or an option for your web form needs.

This plugin is in compliant with GDPR, which makes it viewer-friendly. It also includes essential features like 30+ fields, single-line fields, phone number etc. for a free user with an option for premium users with intuitive add-ons.

You can check demos of their forms here and can also find the details of this plugin.

12. Contact Form by Supsystic (Freemium)

Contact Form

Contact Form by Supsystic is also another freemium WordPress plugin but packed with graphically engaging forms as you can check some of the examples here. I liked the themes they have built around it which makes it more appealing to the website visitors.

CF By Supsystic have all the basic features in the free version like Pre-built templates, 30+ fields, field icons, membership, google maps etc. But to be very honest, most of the features should be free like basic conditional logic, file upload system, subscribe checkbox field.

You can check features in details and subscription option here.

13.Quform – WordPress Form Builder (Paid)

Contact Form

Quform is one of the best selling WordPress Form builder in the ThemeForest marketplace loved by thousands of WordPress users. It does have the best graphically driven interface.

Quform is here stay, It’s just not the other Content form but loaded with features which you cannot imagine with continuous development for six years till now. They have some promising features like detecting duplicate entries, CSRF Protection, Popups support, pre-built bootstrap themes, 11 custom made templates and much more.

Possibilities are endless which make it one of the best available contact forms in the market. You can check all its features here.

14.FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder (Paid)

Contact Form

Formcraft V3 is one promising lightweight WordPress form builder which lets you create endless possibilities with no extra or yearly cost. Yes, It is a paid software but its also one time which is packed with amazing features.

Formcraft is my favourite after Quform and getting its due recognition in the Themeforest marketplace. It has awesome features like appointment booking, complex mathematic calculations, eye-catching analytical dashboard, one-page checkout, complex conditional logic.

Undoubtedly, It is indeed one of the best-Paid WordPress plugins right now with beautiful templates and eye-popping features. You can check all the features here and be the judge yourself.

15.eForm – WordPress Form Builder (Paid)

Contact Form

Are you looking for a complete WordPress form system without any yearly or monthly subscription in one plugin? look no further, eForm is here to satisfy all your needs.

eForm is packed with incredible features which can change the way Forms works e.g. Complex Mathematical calculations like Mathematical Evaluator on Matrix, Quizzes, Multi-Column or pages, engaging feedback forms, unique integrations like guest blogging registration form etc.

You can check examples of eform here.

16.NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder (Paid)

Contact Form

Wanna up your game with some animations or complex layouts in your forms? Nex-Forms is here to fulfil it with its unique features like animating form fields, building complex layouts and much more.

Nex-forms is unique in its own way with features like questionnaire forms, interactive forms, survey forms which is the best way to get leads for your business. You can check out its examples here.

17.ARForms: WordPress Form Builder Plugin (Paid)

Contact Form

ARForms is not just another WordPress Form builder plugin, its unique features make it stand out among other top dogs in the market. They also offer to try before you buy, which makes it more authoritative as compares to others.

ARForms with its unique features like PDF Download, Digital downloads, Signature Add-on, Multiple file uploads and also creative pre-built templates which makes it more intuitive than others.

You can check the examples here.

18. Super Forms – Drag & Drop Form Builder (Paid)

Contact Form

Super forms as the name suggests is indeed super among its competitor. What I like about this plugin is its superfast functionality even if its feature-packed which makes other form builders heavy on servers.

Super forms come with feature-packed e.g. Drag and drop builder, CSV downloads, PDF downloads, Pre-built templates, Import data from other forms, Signature add-on, Complex mathematic calculations, Conditional logic and much more.

You can check out its features here.

Therefore, these our top 18 lists of WordPress contact form builders, We have tested each and every before putting it out here and would like to conclude by suggesting that select only on the basis of your needs. Don’t get amazed by their feature list rather note down what your website really needs and select right from the lists.

If you want any other plugins to add please add a comment below.

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