June 18,2018
June 18,2018

How To Link Facebook or Twitter With Instagram

Instagram has become very popular in recent years among photography enthusiasts. We will learn How To Link Facebook or Twitter With Instagram in this tutorial. Instagram has attracted lots of marketing influencers in recent years. Influences use various methods to market and cash-in from their audience. It’s very important to know basics of Instagram Marketing before stepping into it.

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Link Facebook or Twitter With Instagram

There is various social media platform available on Instagram to integrate. Social Platforms Like Facebook, Twitter, VK Etc where you can post and share your Instagram Photo/Post. This will help you to save time and energy in order to post on every single social media.

Go to your Instagram Profile > Tap on “Settings” Icon

integrate instagram

Under Privacy and security option > Tap on ”Linked Account” Option

linked account

Then choose your social media accounts to integrate by logging into your account.

Then Click on continue and follow the process of integration. After successful linking click on the highlighted media account.


Then enable the following options by taping on each option.

link facebook


Repeat the same process for your other social accounts you want to be linked.

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