6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List)

Instagram for PC

Today We will review the best FREE 6 Apps For Instagram For PC in 2021. Almost all social media channels have the same kinds of features – whether you are using their desktop website or phone app. They deliver the same experience and you can usually access all the features of the website on both platforms.

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Instagram, despite boasting of more than 1 billion users over the span of a month, isn’t one of them.

For some reason, Instagram still hasn’t launched a desktop app. The web version of the platform is missing several features, and there is no way to access them outside of the mobile app.

TIP: You can also use Instagram for PC via chrome browser, Open Instagram.com, Then click press “F12” BUTTON and screen will go to developer mode, then toggle the “device” icon to choose your platform i.e. Mobile.

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 15

Since most of the users of Instagram are under the age of 24 years, the company has given precedence to smartphones over mobile apps. So much so that the functionality over a desktop is quite limited – you can only like and comment on photos, and there is no option even to access direct messaging.

It isn’t a problem to use the phone app when you are on the move, but if you are at home on your laptop, it can be a hassle to switch between your computer and laptop, just for one website, that’s where you need Instagram for PC.

Moreover, it becomes difficult for influencers and marketers to manage their content in this way. 

But thankfully, there are several third-party apps available on the internet which you can use for browsing Instagram on your PC. What’s more, they also have many features that the standard web version of the website simply does not support. 

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6 Top Free Apps for Instagram for PC

From a much better functioning search option to tools that make it easy to use multiple hashtags – these apps are going to make the life of every Instagram user much easier:

Semrush’s Instagram Scheduler

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 16

Semrush is a powerful online marketing suite designed to help businesses maximize their online visibility and reach.

It offers a range of tools and services to improve SEO, content promotion, social media marketing, and analytics.

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With Semrush, businesses can easily track their performance across multiple platforms, analyze the competition, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop strategies to drive more website traffic.

The intuitive interface makes it easy for users to quickly master the features of the platform.

Semrush Social Media Poster allows users to create visually appealing posts with ease and post them on various social media channels with just one click.

It helps users increase their reach by connecting with users across different networks and sharing content tailored specifically for each channel.

With this tool, businesses can instantly engage with their audience in real time and make sure that their content reaches its desired target audience.

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 17


  1. Semrush provides users with detailed insights about their social media presence, such as follower demographics and engagement metrics.
  2. It offers a suite of features to help users optimize their posts for maximum visibility, including hashtag recommendations and scheduling options.
  3. Users can monitor conversations related to their brand or industry, allowing them to respond quickly to customer inquiries or negative comments.
  4. The tool allows users to measure the success of social media campaigns through its analytics feature, enabling them to make data-driven decisions about future campaigns.
  5. It integrates with popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube for easy content sharing and tracking across multiple sites.


One con of the Semrush Social Media Tool is that it is a paid feature, which may be cost-prohibitive for some users.

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Semrush is the number one digital marketing suite which has billions of data in one place. checkout semrush here.

Instagram Official App

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 18

The Instagram app for Windows is the official application of the popular photo-sharing platform.

With this app, users can easily access their favourite photos, videos, and stories in an intuitive and secure way.

Through its unique user interface, users can conveniently scroll through their feeds, discover new content, share posts with friends, and keep up to date with the latest trends.

Whether you’re a casual user or a power Instagrammer, this official Windows app offers a great experience for all types of users.


  • With Instagram Official App, You can manage, and login into multiple accounts.
  • You can also upload media, i.e. Photos, videos, stories etc.
  • You can also post reels just by uploading any video, it will turn into reels for Instagram.
  • Easy to use and navigate interface.
  • Ability to apply filters, crop and edit photos directly in the app.
  • Instagram’s features include Stories, Direct Messages, and Explore page.
  • Ability to upload multiple photos or videos at once.
  • Live video streaming feature.
  • Integration with other Microsoft services like Cortana and Xbox Live.


There are no such cons for the official app as Instagram has added many features for the app which was not available for previous versions as it was mobile only app.


Instagram for PC

Ramme is a lightweight desktop app that provides you with a user interface that is practically identical to the Instagram iOS application. You can download the app from github.com, and it offers an excellent experience for Instagram users who can’t afford to compromise on image quality and app functionality.


It is highly recommended for influencers and brand ambassadors for whom image quality is of utmost importance. 

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You can access almost all the features of the social media website on this that are otherwise inaccessible to desktop users. You can create stories, upload photos, and even send direct messages, all within the same app.

Moreover, Ramme is very easy to handle. You will be able to get started on this app within minutes. All you need is the primary .exe file from GitHub, and you can begin ‘gramming.

There’s no need to work through any complicated installing process, and the whole service runs without dragging down your PC performance. This makes it easy to store Ramme on a USB stick or download it to use temporarily on a shared computer.

The app is very lightweight and runs smoothly too, and you’ll rarely come across any performance issues. It’s also possible to resize the Ramme window on your desktop and everything on the screen adjusts to fill the window without any hiccups.

Uploading images with this app is a breeze. Simply click the ‘+’ icon at the bottom and then browse through Windows File Explorer to find the photo or video you want to upload.

The app is a great alternative for people who want to access the features of the social media platform without having to pick up their smartphone every single time. It is buttery smooth, it runs flawlessly, and it is lightweight – what more can you ask for?


Gramblr Instagram for PC

Gramblr is a free Instagram desktop application which provides all the characteristics you may need in order to upload photos and videos to Instagram for PC. 

There are a number of reasons why this app is gaining so much popularity. First and foremost being the built-in uploading tools. These tools help you go through a number of steps to touch up your photo before uploading it. This is certainly the best app for Instagram for PC.


Though these filters are quite similar to those we find on the Instagram smartphone app, you also have an additional advantage of selecting from filters that are exclusive to the Gramblr app. 

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 19

The controls for focus, saturation, lighting and sharpness that are provided on this app can add a fresh look to an image and bring to life a photo that would otherwise be dull.

After you’ve edited your photo, you can add a caption, a location, include hashtags, and then click post.

One of the most interesting features of this app is that you are given the option to add 60 likes from real users immediately to any of your image or video uploads.

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 20

Therefore, not only is Gramblr useful to upload new photos and videos, but it’s also a very powerful tool for growing your follower count.

Another unique and interesting feature of this app is that it allows you to arrange automatic scheduling of your posts.

Many apps have this option, but people face problems with other Instagram post schedulers because these apps push the photo and caption to your phone at a certain point and you’re then forced to manually upload it.

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 21

But with Gambler, there are no such restrictions with third-party tools and the client essentially hooks straight into the Instagram API to post images on your behalf.

This means that as long as the Gramblr client is up, any scheduled posts you’ve set will automatically be posted at the scheduled time.

Additionally, it’s ‘auto like feature’ tool can be beneficial for growing your Instagram account. With this, you’re able to automatically like pictures on Instagram to grab the attention of new users.

You can choose photos with specific hashtags so that you’re always targeting a specific audience. After that, you can press ‘auto-like’ and as long as the Gramblr client is awake, your profile will automatically like new posts.

You can also boost each post you make with Gramblr. You’re given 60 free likes and regularly get free coins that can be spent on more likes. You can also pay for coins to get more likes.

The app claims that these likes are from real users. All Gramblr users can gain coins by liking those in the ‘earn coins’ queue. By liking another user’s photo, you’ll get 5 coins, and you can add a like on your photo for 10 coins.


But great arises with some shortcomings. Gramblr too has some issues.

Firstly, there are rarely any updates and the developers are hard to get a hold of.

Secondly, the features that Gramblr uses are technically against Instagram’s terms of service, but because Gramblr goes straight through Instagram’s API, the auto like, post scheduler, and like boost feature sit in the grey area.

Thirdly, you run the risk of having restrictions on your account or a complete ban on it owing to the excessive use of marketing tools. Another downside of this app is that you cannot use it to add stories or to message other users.

IG: DM Instagram Direct Messages on Desktop

4. IG:DM Instagram Direct Messages on Desktop Instagram for PC

As we have already established, accessing Instagram is fairly easy on the mobile, you just have to download the app from the play store. But to access Instagram for pc is a nuisance, especially because you can use most of its features like surfing and liking posts, viewing stories and sharing, but you cannot access your DMs.

It’s not possible to view or even reply to them. This is where IG:DM comes into play. It allows you to reply to the messages in your inbox on your desktop.

IG: DM is an open-source project and is not affiliated to Instagram in any way. It has a single feature that is to take you to your inbox.

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 22

It does not offer any other services like using your timeline, viewing stories, surfing news feed etc. You can talk to anyone on Instagram and that’s about it.

However, you can view the media sent to you in your DMs or share any media from your system.

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 23

If you click on the user name of your friend, it will open their profile on your default browser. Sure, it does not give you everything in one place, but if your primary requirement is accessing your messages and chatting on Instagram, this app gets the job done.

Moreover, since it comes without any ads, the user interface is very neat and fairly simple and easy to understand. 

One of the coolest features of this app is that it shows you people from your follow list who are not following you back. Whether we admit it or not, we do check if people we are following have also returned the favour.

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 24

And it can be a tedious process to switch between the two lists bad figure out who left. Almost all of us have wanted this feature in the actual app for ages, but that may take some time. Until then, there is IG: DM.

This app is also great for people who want to access the whole of their social media messengers in one place.

You can now have Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram messengers all on your laptop without compromising on any of the features. IG:DM has over five million downloads.

If you like this app, you can donate to its developers on their website. It is available on Windows, macOS, Linux.


Later Instagram for PC

Later is the number one marketing platform for Instagram. This app provides you with an opportunity to plan and schedule your Instagram posts for up to a month in a single sitting.

Later, you can upload your favourite moments directly from your desktop or computer. Moreover, it is not limited to a separate account or platform – you can manage all of your profiles on all the social media platforms on the web. 

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Later, you can invite your entire social media team to help you with uploading your content and planning your posts. The user simply needs to add the team on their account and they are ready to go.

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 25

The auto-publishing feature by Later is one hundred per cent secure since it is an Instagram Partner and uses Instagram Graph API for publishing. Therefore, safety is the number one priority for this app.

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 26

You can rest assured your data is completely safe and your account is never under the threat of being banned when using Later, unlike other third-party apps. 

Later also allows seamless syncing of your pictures from your phone, Google Drive, Dropbox, laptop etc. It creates labels on its own, so you can search through all your photos and videos in a jiffy.

It even helps you gain followers by letting you know what is the best time to post. Moreover, the app can track your likes, followers and clicks using Instagram Analytics and display them on command for analysis.

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 27

The app has a number of subscription plans. These are divided mainly into two categories, for individuals and for businesses.

The individual section is subdivided into two sections, one of which is free for everyone. This free subscription entitles the user to schedule 30 posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and 50 posts for Twitter.

The other plan is paid for and costs $9 per month. It allows you to schedule 100 posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and unlimited posts for Twitter.

6 Best Apps for Instagram for PC in 2023 (Updated List) 28

In both of these individual plans, you can make one social profile per platform with a single user. In the business section, plans start from $19 per month for start-ups to $49 per month for established giants. You can schedule unlimited posts on all the platforms in most of these business plans. 

Later is one of the best Instagram apps for desktop that keeps you organized and helps you grow. It can be downloaded from the official website of Later.

Hope you liked these top 5 Free apps for Instagram for PC, if you have any query please list it below and we will try to answer all of it.

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