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19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business

In this digital world, launching your business on social media platforms is a must to do and Instagram is one of the most popular platforms to reach out to your audience and promote your product/service. 

But the question that every business owner has is, what to do on this platform and the answer is simple: create engaging content. But again how to create one? What is the best way? 

If you are looking for all the same things then this article is just for you. 

If you are a business owner, we can guarantee that every month you ask yourself, what to post? or you spend way too much time trying to figure it out & plan it out. 

In this article, we’re going to walk you through over 19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas that you can use every single month on repeat, to keep your Instagram channel fresh, engaging, helpful & valuable to your audience. Then let’s hop into it.

Why is content planning important? 

The content planning collects all marketing assets and data that will be needed to achieve the goal.

Content planning ensures that you understand what you are working toward and that your content is helpful to your audience.

It improves ROI and you can identify what’s working on your target audience – and refine as you go. It also keeps on a track that you have a consistent flow of content. 

Here are the 19 Amazing Instagram Content post ideas:

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 21

1. Quote 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 22

Quotes are a great way to show what you’re working towards, it’s a kinda feel-good post we all love to see. In this full of rush and negative world, sometimes we just need some positive and inspirational words to soothe. 

Inspirational quotes do the same thing. This creates a positive and trustworthy relationship between you and your followers. You need to make it simple, yet appealing to your followers just like the above from Ranveer Allahbadia’s motivational quote.

If you are thinking that this can be a great way, then how about creating one? Or something that your brand’s voice would say? You can use the Canva app to create your own graphic image. And don’t forget to mention that person’s name who originally said it. 

2. Repost your customer’s content with your product 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 23

This type of content shows a user is using your product or taking your advice. It’s an easy and simple way to make new content. Find this type of post and reshare it in your feed. This is an excellent way of word-of-mouth marketing.

Reposting shows that customers can trust your brand. It also can earn you goodwill. This we can call user-generated content. 

For example, the above post from Anatomie shows how comfy the fits are! They can be used for travelling also. Though they only sell single products which are the clothes on their site, they never run out of content ideas because they repost customers’ unique content with their great marketing strategy!

3. Carousel Educational post 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 24

Did you know carousels are an excellent way to give a free value to your audience by sharing some helpful resources? With the help of the carousel, you can share your message when just one post can’t do the right justice. They just have to swipe left to read it out. 

As there is a lot you can do in the carousel, including – showing them step-by-step processes, how-to content, suggestions and problem-solving questions. showing them multiple products to help a single problem, various photos and videos, etc. 

The above post from Visit Italy shows how interesting the carousel post can be by using pictures and bold fonts to highlight the information. Use pictures in your carousel to make it more catchy and interesting. 

4. DIY Tutorial posts 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 25

According to market research, it shows that DIY tutorials have a great impact on people. If you are using

Instagram for business, a DIY tutorial is always helpful. You can post how to use a new product or a new way to use an old product or with help of some material, how to make one?

Just like the above post from Anna. It can be anything but only has to be related to your expertise. 

5. Game Challenge 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 26

Post a brainstorming, fun game activity related to your brand or business. It engages the audience in your community. You can post it every weekend or as per the content calendar.

But remember it is a relevant post to your business and audience interest. This business idea will give the current customers a sort of entertainment. 

Make sure your audience is interested in this type of post and having some fun with it.

For example, Alex Cattoni & Copy Posse posted a fun word search game. 

6. Customer Testimonial 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 27

A testimonial is a statement that shows qualities of some or we can say a short formal review. If you are receiving some kind of words from your clients then take a screenshot of it and post them in your feed. 

It helps you to show the new customers that your existing customers love you- in their own words.

You can even ask them to record a short video that will add more value to your business. The above post from Veera is the best example of it. 

7. Feature Employees 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 28

Content that focuses on employees who have been hard-working, excellent in their work, creative and making your business run at high speed can be featured in your feed. It shows the audience behind the scene work and the human side of your brand which makes them trust you more. 

Want some ideas?

Pepper Content shares pictures of their employees who have been working with them for a long time and reaching some heights.

Feature employees can give benefits to your user to invest in your business and also get trusted by people. 

8. Festival posts 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 29

Customers love to enjoy the holiday spirit and if your business is giving these vibes, then this season you are going to swim in the profit pool. It doesn’t matter what holiday you are giving special attention to, it can be Diwali or any unofficial National Mother’s Day

Take the best advantage of it and make posts that will make an immediate impact on your audience. Do some market research to know which are the festivals your target audience celebrates and grab a chance to win their heart. 

In the above post, Myntra took advantage of it and posted some festive vibes to engage the audience. This is the best way to promote your business during the Festive season too. 

Pro tip: Always remember, when it’s seasonal posts, use Instagram hashtags. They are directly relevant to current situations and hence more customers can get attracted by them. 

Learn how the Instagram hashtag works, Tap the link. 

9. Shop/ Office Tours 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 30

If you have any physical store or office then show it off on your Instagram feed. You can make a post about it or can shoot a reel. In this way, people know that you have a physical store or office. 

Here is an example of it from Penguin India, where they show how cosy and aesthetic their office is! 

Want to set up your online business? Here you can learn How to build your small business. 

10. DIY Reels (Post to feed) 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 31

What could you teach your audience in just 30 seconds?

Here’s the DIY reel from mCaffeine that shows how you can Reuse your product as your mini storage! Just like this, you can share some DIY tips and tricks on how to use your favourite product for repurpose to engage with them on a helpful level.

As we said above, such reels are value-oriented as well as promote your product too. 

11. Your Achievement 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 32

Sharing your achievement helps you drive more sales and promote your business on Instagram as well. Include your users in your achievements and celebrate with them. 

This gives you more content and encourages people to follow you. You can share your small achievements like hitting 10k followers, hiring new people, opening eCommerce stores or progress in your business or upscaling your business, etc. 

Here, the above post from Humans of Bombay shows their achievement from how far they come! It builds trust in your business and also people get inspired by it.

12. Sneak Peek at your new product/ service 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 33

With all the interesting and fun content, don’t forget to promote your products! If you are planning some new product or service to launch, give a sneak peek post about it. 

This will create some mystery about the product/service and the audience will get excited about it. These posts work great as they lead users to follow your page. 

Meraki does the same thing by leaving buyers in excitement to purchase their beautiful handcrafted dupattas. 

13. Caption this- Let the user fill it 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 34

Give your audiences a lift to engage with your business and that’ll happen when you give them a reason to participate. Make a post about your niche or

business-related and let the audience caption it by fill-in-the-blanks. This will be some fun post and make your followers participate in this, leading to an increase in your followers. 

VUsports creates some fun content to engage with their audience. You can also put some video content and let them caption the video posts in the comment section. 

14. To-do list 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 35

It is always interesting for the audience to see what their favourite brands are working on. Give them a snap about your inside working plan by sharing your to-do list or planner. From this followers feel connected to the business. Put it on your Instagram stories or make a feed post. 

Also, make them tag you in their stories and repost their stories on your Instagram feed, this will be an interactive post which encourages them to follow you. 

Just the above post from White Canvas shows the perfect example by posting their to-do checklist which also promotes their brand too.

15. Timeline ( Flashback) 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 36

One of the quickest ways to establish trust and gain your audience’s loyalty is by showing them your journey. Followers love to see the journey of business content. 

It creates transparency between you and your followers that allows them to feel like they’re getting to know you from the start. This builds trust and creates refreshing, healthy relationships with brands. 

Humans of Bombay create a reel on their CEO’s journey, which shows her dedication and hard work towards his work. 

16. Meme ( Related to your business) 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 37

As you all know, nowadays memes are not just funny pieces of content, they are the most effective marketing tool. They create humour as well as a point to be notified. If you post a meme on your feed, then it will

connect with your audience. Because no one can resist a meme. 

Memes are the most re-sharing posts, so don’t forget to mention your brand’s name on them.

Gen-Z generation is most into memes and fun stuff as they understood the message in one quick reaction. This way you can reach out to your potential customers. 

Always remember the post would be related to your brand and not offensive. The above post from Nykaa did a great job. 

17. Host a Giveaway – With your hashtag 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 38

If you want a lot of engagement and quick turnover for your brand, then giveaways are a simple method to increase your reach and gain more potential customers. Giveaway will get the audience talking about your brand and it will directly lead to word-of-mouth marketing that can convert into a strong market image. 

For audience attention, you can offer a prize that is related to your business, it can be winning any of your products. It will not only attract existing monthly users

but also the general population through word-of-mouth marketing. Your main motto is to get engagement and turn non-buyers into your actual customer. 

The above post from Plum does it right by offering a mega makeup giveaway. Always remember to clearly mention the rules for entries and how to follow them. This idea covers a larger audience. 

Pro tip: Use your brand hashtag to get more engagement. This is the best Instagram marketing strategy to get more leads. Instagram hashtags work excellently in getting the most from it. 

18. Events ( Save the date) 

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 39

This will be a twist in the social media takeover. It’s fun when people also start to know about influencers or niche related people through an event or Instagram live. You can take some interesting topics to discuss or any successful personality in your area to speak about. 

If you have any upcoming events and want some attention, then share about them in your stories and when it’s over, put this in your highlights.

Mlsa Developers Conference did some amazing work here by taking some guests in their feed. 

You can also set up a reminder when the event is about to begin, with the date and the time. This will help to never miss the event. 

19. Respond to questions (QnA Posts)

19 Amazing Instagram Content Ideas for your Business 40

If you are receiving too many questions about your product and business-related then answer them in your stories or make a post about it or you can put these questions in your highlights also. 

You can answer their questions weekly by putting the, ask your question stickers in your stories. Through this, you can help them to solve their doubts and interested people can start following you. 

The theoludapos did the same thing by answering a question from followers on Instagram posts. This will solve lots of problems daily.

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Now you don’t have to worry about posting on your Instagram feed. As you can see, Instagram is an absolutely stunning marketing strategy that has dominated social channels. Don’t just get yourself into one type of content. With changing algorithms, coming up with fresh ideas is just close to no, but we hope these 19 amazing ideas for your businesses will help you get more engaged with your audience without being pushy. And this idea will never run out of time. From all the fluff, the main reason is to give them quality content on a regular post basis.

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