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Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024

Let’s get started on improving our SEO rankings by involving social media.

Oh! You don’t know how to do that? Sit back and relax. We will highlight how to do it and explain to you how you can use social media to enhance your SERPs.

For starters, social media is collaterally related to search engine optimization (SEO). It does not directly impact the SEO ranking but can be a very effective strategy, if included in your journey, of being ranked higher on SEO.

The reason is engagement on social media nowadays is huge and using social media platforms to display the presence of your brand and content can prove to be one of the best ways to improve the traffic on your websites.

Social media platforms have search engines that expose the accounts or content or tags to the audience and builds connections with peoples in a positive manner.

This is the purpose of social media which can be useful for digital marketers to increase the SEO of their website through organic search results.

Introducing a new concept often creates a cluster of questions in our minds. We are also curious to get answers correctly and improve our knowledge and understanding.

Below mentioned are some of the commonly asked questions when coming across this topic:

  • How do you incorporate social media and SEO strategies?
  • How does SEO link to social media?
  • Do social media links count as backlinks?
  • Which is better, SEO or social media marketing?
  • Do Hashtags help SEO?

You will be able to understand more about this topic and get answers to your out-of-curiosity questions.

The Importance of Social Signals

Social signal is a term you don’t hear every day but defines how many likes, comments, the audience you have reached, hashtag usage etc.

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 1

As you can see above, ranking factors of Search signals by Searchmetrics report.

Social signals do not directly relate to your website’s SEO, but they ultimately affect your website.

Content on your social media profile adds some output to your overall SEO strategy.

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 2

The more hashtags you use, the more likes and comments you get; the more likes and comments you get, the more audience engagement on your social media platform.

This engagement can prove to be worthy as it shows the presence of your brand and creates brand recognition among the audience, which you cannot target just through website SEO.

When you have the right content for your audience, it will perform well on any platform.

One cannot just pick up content and post it on profiles of any of the social media platforms. That wouldn’t be the fair and optimum usage of the platform.

The right way to choose which type of content can get maximum engagement on which social media platforms.

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 3

As you can see in the above example of TMZ’s post on Facebook about Kanye’s controversy where they place the link to know more of the same news at the bottom of the description.

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 4

If you check this strategy on their pages, you will see the number of shares it gets to social media platforms like in above snapshot.

The easiest way to explain it is you cannot post the subtitle of your video content on Spotify, you need to have audio content.

Similarly, on Facebook, you cannot put a short video and expect the content to reach more audience. Still, if you post a long video on Facebook, there are chances that it gets the attraction of a huge audience.

If you are constantly making content for all the social media platforms, you can simply make video content and then convert it into subtitle for blogs, audio for podcasts, and short video on Instagram and use it as a link too, for email marketing.

You just need to understand through accurate research what type of content is widely seen by the audience. This can skyrocket your social media marketing strategies, ultimately affecting your SEO.

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You can use links on your social media profiles to connect with other platforms.

Incorporating your social media profile to get engagement on your business website can be very profitable and open-ended.

Adding links in your social media profile description or bio can be the right way to use links because when we visit someone’s social media platform, we try to get short information about them.

Using your website’s backlinks on your social media platform is a great way to get exposure to a broad audience.

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 5

As you can see in the above example of Linkin park’s profile on Instagram, where they have linked a page to their website in the bio to keep their fans updated about the latest news and bits of their future endeavours.

Backlinks can be of great significance as they can be accessed by the audience which doesn’t follow you or isn’t your regular visitor. Backlinks repute your content as worthy of referring to others.

This makes the visibility of your website gets wider, and the possibility of getting organic traffic on your website, which directly affects the SEO, gets elevated.

Not only just the backlink of your website but also what type of content you have can be displayed through your posts.

You can post about your product or services and add links and the right number of tags to attract an audience of that genre.

More organic traffic

Generating traffic is a must to make your content get more exposure, and every time the audience wants to read a blog or wants information on a specific topic on which your blog is based, then they will only come to your website.

Retaining the audience for a longer period also creates a sense of connection. The regular audience can even recommend the website to their peer group.

For example, if you search for latest news on google you will see results like below, depending on your geographical area;

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 6

Click on any of the link of latest news which is there and copy the URL;

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 7

Now paste the same URL on facebook to see how many people are actually sharing the news;

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 8

As you can see, it was shared 3 hours ago and gets shared multiple times which increases its social signals and ultimately ranks higher in search engine.

You create unique and high-quality content that will attract the audience. High-end specific audiences or low-end audiences are targeted according to the rarity of your content.

Social media strategies give you the advantage of impacting the audience, which you cannot target on just one platform.

The basic idea of sharing content on various social media platforms is pinpointing a variety of audiences available on different platforms.

Organic means naturally, which means that you are gaining the audience’s trust through quality, informative, user-friendly, and original content.

The target audience will not hesitate to visit your website’s social platform if you provide relevant content. Every piece of content matters, as consistently providing high-quality content can build trust among the audience.

Providing clarity for your potential customer is the work of an audience intelligence platform. It provides in-depth information in the form of an audience intelligence report and helps build SEO strategies.

Engagement is Key

To keep improving your social profile, you must post and engage on your website’s social platforms.

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 9
A report by Sproutsocial

A growing social media account has consistent engagement and posts. The target audience can get wider once the algorithm of that social media post, hashtags, or account is cracked.

This can ultimately pave the way for the organic and heavy growth of the content, which can prove to be one of the best plain content marketing strategies.

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 10

You can download the full report here.

This social content is exposed to a broad audience which means it can also be recommended to the most interacted people with social profiles in their list of connections.

This content marketing on social media is nothing but linking your social media sites to improve the SEO of your website.

Social media platforms can also become your customer base; hence, social media marketing is necessary.

The constant engagement on the platform improves the chances of social shares, which means getting your content shared on social media platforms.

Engagement is the most critical activity in social media marketing strategy as it can immensely help attract social traffic.

Customer Support & Feedback

The customer immediately responds to the social media sites or channels in comment sections. This can also be regarded as a customer review as they openly express their view over the product and service’s content you have provided.

Social media is a platform where people are broader and feel comfortable expressing their honest views and opinions.

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 11

As you can zomato uses different handle which is dedicated to customer feedback and support.

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 12

If you see the care handle, you will get to know people gets support from them instantly, which is, I think, the best way to reach and give support.

Customer loyalty cannot be gained just by giving quality service or products. The after-sales service also counts in it.

A brand is recognized for its quality service, but loyalty is gained by taking care of the customer even after the trade of products and services.

Customer feedback can create a huge alliance with your brand. The feedback or responses of the customers or peoples helps the brand know about their drawbacks and allow improvement as per the public’s demand.

People are now well-educated to make rational choices using their knowledge. Customer review is important for the people who are checking out your website.

These reviews are the first things new audiences go for to check public satisfaction towards their content. People judge the brand’s content based on these reviews.

A maximum percentage of reviews weighing on the positive side will increase the chances of creating trust among the audience.

Importance of Hashtags

Your content’s traffic depends on the valuable content you present to the audience. The broader audience can be targeted with the usage of proper keywords.

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 13

Businesses use the audience intelligence process to understand their audience in more detail. Audience intelligence technology is the best way to enhance your social media efforts toward content marketing.

Social content is nothing but social media posts that grabs the audience. Online visibility of the social content to the targeted audience can be even further improvised with the help of stuffing keywords below the social media post.

They are known as hashtags or tags. When we specify certain keyword terms or phrases using hashtags, the search engines display your content to the potential audience. Most eyes caught are by the prioritized keywords segment.

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Visibility in search engines can be modified by segmenting the audience, i.e., creating a sub-group for a better understanding of the audience.

Target keywords play a crucial role in creating search visibility. You can use a keyword intelligence process to help you determine which keywords would be more advantageous for you long-tail keywords or short-tail keywords etc.

Performing extensive research on the keywords that the competitors are bidding on is also necessary, as you can use such competitive keywords for your content.

Knowing your competitor can help you to build more unique and profitable SEO strategies for your content marketing.

People trust what they see and hear.

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 14

Social media platforms can be your best testimonials. With positive comments and replies to your posts, you can win the audience’s trust toward your brand’s reliability.

Positive and negative responses can also be handled calmly and responsively, giving the agitated customer satisfaction and making your brand reliable.

These social signals act as social proof that clears the doubt out of the customers’ minds about the brand being fraudulent or distrustful.

How To Incorporate social media Into SEO Strategy in 2024 15

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Word-of-mouth marketing is the best marketing. The people recommend the brand to their close ones, creating a chain of recommendation, which can be very precious for your search rankings.

The search engine ranking works per the audience’s demand and visits to your website. Buying the product or service is not mandatory once you visit the website, so once recommended, people will search your website and go through all these testimonials and the content you provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the above tutorial didn’t answer your question then we laid down some frequently asked questions which may come into your mind in the blog below;

Why are SEO strategies important?

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is important because it allows you to reach people and ensure that the content you provide them is of high quality.

SEO strategies are ways to improve your websites, including organizing website content, keyword research, backlink generation, ranking higher, quality content, metrics, insights to improve where we lack, etc.

What is social media marketing?

Marketing is displaying the content of a business in the best way that is out there to create awareness about your brand.

Marketing has many concepts and has even introduced methods of advertising the business’s content to people or potential customers.

Social media marketing is using social media platforms to broaden the marketing boundaries of our

content and reach more people out there.

Which is better SEO or Social media marketing?

SEO and social media marketing both can prove very important and worthy in content marketing. Both have their benefits and disadvantages as well.

To compensate for and reduce the disadvantages of both methods, usage of both concepts can cause a huge impact on your business website.

Using both concepts and having a success rate of 80% is better than using any one of them and having a success rate of 60%. 

Which social media is best for SEO?

You cannot compare any social media platforms to each other in terms of targeting the audience. the reason is the usage of social media platforms differs from region to region.

For example, in India Tik Tok is banned so you cannot expect to reach Indian people or the people in your nearby region with that platform.

If any social media platform is less popular, still it can get you a different audience than the popular one and widen your reach to the audience.

It’s a different scenario, If the question is about which types of content should be uploaded on which platform.

The short videos can be uploaded on TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp status, YouTube shorts, etc. you just need to find the right content for the right platform.


Social media can be of great importance when it comes to creating brand awareness and reaching more people. SEO can help a lot but by adding social media as an additional weapon you can sharpen the chances of getting ranked on the SERPs.

Promoting your content on various platforms using the right content can make sure that you are working in the right direction. It can also approve that the goals you are targeting can be accomplished and even broken through.

You can reach more audiences that your website SEO couldn’t reach. It’s better to have small contributions from each platform than keep big expectations through only one.

Social media can create a huge impact on gathering and reaching more audiences. You create quality and rare content, and the people will use your content or marketing strategies as an example using your website’s direct link or inbound links.

This will create link opportunities that will value your content and build an image within the audience or customers.

Once you get comfortable with handling all the social media platforms for improving your SEO, your brand will get recognized and your chances of appearing on the SERPs will grow immensely.

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