March 23,2018
March 23,2018

7 Secret Ways To Get Facebook Likes For Free

Recently, Facebook Mastermind Mark Zuckerberg shared news among his followers of bypassing 2.1 Billion userbases by 2017 which rose by 47% from 1.4 Billion in 2016. Social Media Plays a vital role in business marketing strategies nowadays due to increasing number of users of all age in social media platforms as it becomes easy to interact with their loved ones through an app or a website which does give a load of opportunities to the business operators to take some benefits out of it. Its important for any business to market their product and services or for professionals or bloggers to grab any opportunity to showcase their work to a larger audience, Therefore social media plays important role in that strategy.

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In this tutorial, I will reveal some secrets to get as much facebook likes you can get from REAL people, The process can be slow but it does take some time to build the quality audience that is interested in your business/product.


First, Let me discuss some bullet points which you have to Avoid in order to build quality facebook page as some of the webmasters does pay to cheap services on Fiverr and other websites in order to get thousands of likes for free which useless for any type of Facebook page until and unless you just want to show off to world how awesome is your likes but in reality, no one even know that page even exist.

  • Quality Over Quantity – I always prefer 10 people who are interested in my work, a product rather than 1000s who are there to make fun of it. so always prefer quality over quantity which does apply to any business strategy. Therefore every Facebook posts should be of top quality over spamming your page posts with meaningless links, images or videos.
  • Don’t BUY Likes From Third Party Marketplace – There are various services open by spammers (Like In Fiverr, Freelancers, SEOClerks etc) in order to sell you thousands and millions of Facebook for some money but you need to know that those profiles are created by some Autobots which doesn’t have any impact on engagement with your posts.
  • Stop Spamming –  Do not spam with your facebook page URL by commenting on other pages which do result in reporting your page for spam by various people or other page owners. You need to be patient in order to build your audience.

So These are some points to be noted somewhere in order to build perfect facebook marketing strategy.

7 Secrets To Get Facebook Likes

Watermark your images

Brand your images with your Facebook URL In order to get more impressions generated by it. For Example, If people love your work and want to share on WhatsApp or other mobile messengers or any other social media platform, They tend to share that image only, If you FB Page URL watermarked on it, then you can get some trackbacks to your facebook generated by those impressions. Therefore, Branding your content is important in order to gain likes.

Pin Your Posts

Pinterest plays a very important role in order to post your ideas on Pinterest app/website to get more and more visits to your facebook page. it’s likely the most convenient and free way to get likes to your facebook posts. Pinterest is an app/website where people share their ideas or pin their ideas and get recognized by many users searching for the same. It’s really useful in order to get more exposure to your facebook page.

Reddit Takedown

Reddit is web content rating platform where users create subreddits of particular topic i.e. Quotes, Food, Youtube, Movies etc and share links to their subreddits in order to gain karma and engage with those topics with other users. So Sharing your facebook link or an image (watermarked) to one of related subreddit which does give you more exposure to your fan page.

Social Platforms

Its no Secret, But it does help to increase impression on your page, share your Facebook post or an image to Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social bookmarking sites and build an audience to your facebook fan page, It does not only increase your facebook page value but also increase its rank on google.

Niche Engagements

Engagements are important, Explore other big pages, domains related to your niche and start engaging with their userbase and leave your facebook URL there which does help more and more people to engage with your page in order to increase your page recognition around facebook.

Collaboration (Share For Share Strategy)

Collaborating with other related fan pages for share to share are very common these days. In order to collaborate with big pages in lieu of some commission or mutual share strategy will give you some recognition on their page and drive some traffic on your fan page. Therefore, Its simple way to get more likes on your facebook page.

Contests/Share To win Strategy

Contests are a great way to build an audience to your fan page, For example, give away some goodie for shoutouts on your page whoever share the page and pick the random winner of your choice or by using a third-party website like here to pick a random commenter to win those goodies. Its easy way to get the wider audience at cost of none.

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