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High-quality websites in the eyes of Google

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024

In today’s generation, internet exploration is immensely popular and common. People get search engines free of cost on their devices which they use daily from searching for the meaning of a word to reading blogs.

In a way, other people are gathering information to improve their knowledge.

Websites play a very important role in providing information to the public. It also provides downloading services, subscription services and blogs. Well-built and clean websites are liked by everyone.

The scrolling speed, content, popularity of the website etc. create a great impact on people and build a reputation of that website in the minds of people. After being comfortable with the website for its build quality, updated content and searching quality, internet explorers tend to visit the website every time they come across a query.

Once the impression is made, the explorers also informally advertise and refer it to their close ones. That’s how important having a high-quality website is, especially in this generation where everyone is aware of the internet and much deeper concepts about working of websites and the internet.

High-Quality Websites 101

High-quality websites are based on the below categories:


In this section, we will dive into a different aspects of content to which Google tends to give priority among others.


What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 1

There are times when you are searching for short yet informative, but you may feel annoyed if you don’t find such content and instead come across a lengthy one.

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Well, the company or admin of the website should be aware of the length of the content he/she must post and its limitations. There are times when your content should be prolonged and times when it should be compressed.

You can count length using our Word Counter or Word Counter pro to evaluate your content.

Adapting these changes according to the topic and situation can make a huge difference in making the website attractive. It also depends upon the audience that you attract and their demand.

High-quality content is nothing but providing accurate, fast and quality sources of the information expected by the users.

Easy-to-read content is most likely to be fully read by the audience as it can be completed in an instant. If any website content is copied, then the website owners have the authority to claim the copyright. It can immediately be called to action through AI (Artificial Intelligence) if related to text, dialogues etc.

Unique content

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 2

Thinking out of the box is not a quality everyone can acquire. The more unique yet simple your power of displaying the information the more it will affect the quality of the website.

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Uniqueness can be defined as displaying common information in such a way that it forces the minds of the reader to fall deep into that topic or make them instantly like the way of your presentation.

It is simple to understand but difficult to put into action. The admin of the website has to look for different angles to make the content beautiful, just like a photographer makes the same image look more elegant from a different angle.

You can check your content if its unique or not using our Plagiarism Checker pro;

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 3

There is a catch in the attempt to become independent creatives. There is also a difference between uniqueness and irrelevance.

A review of the audience can help them know about their experience on the website. A survey carried out to do so after every update can help to increase the quality of the website with the feedback of the visitors.

Black-and-white themes which are geometrically designed can prove to be unique and classy. The awesome website may also get nominated for an award-winning. It can be awarded for a single feature or the website’s overall performance and build quality. AI can also be to blend creativity and create designs for projects and blogs.

Optimized Content

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 4

A website that utilises all the resources to make it the best is optimized. Optimization of a website is often levelled up by trial and error methods with total control regardless of disturbing the current experience of visitors.

There are multiple Plugins available to check or audit your content for optimization, we recommend using Rankmath which is quite popular and gets the job done.

Websites should always be updated with the latest information available about their niche. Using AI on the website and giving the client a unique way of tracking their progress and orders on the website can be helpful.

Updating the website as per the current events and ongoing process for any interaction on the website can increase the digital engagement experience of the audience positively. Optimizations can attract a great audience with their new features, navigations, network connectivity improvisation etc.

Websites have optimizers which can help them rank higher according to the content on the site. It is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Developing cleaner designs with every optimization can be very helpful. Using SEO strategies, a website can be made more expressive towards the search input of the internet explorers which can make the website visible to the audience in one of the higher choices.

Increased traffic on the website is a result of high-quality optimizations made on the site.

Content Formatting

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 5

Proper arrangements of the elements in a website are a crucial part. Being creative and different with your website’s arrangement can also help attract an audience and give them a quality experience. Quality formatting of a website can make it captivating and readable.

A well-organized website can attract many visitors as it helps to understand them and operate it with ease with no complications.

The HTML and CSS codes should be used systematically while the formation of the website to build a well-organized website.

Heat maps can be used to strengthen the website with digital graphical elements. In which 2d geometric designs can be used to format the website cleanly and appealingly.

Design companies are quite experts in keeping the website clean. Formatting the website can benefit in keeping in front the visitor’s various choices.

For example, when you visit a mobile brand website there are choices for the visitors about the various variety of smartphones and their variants.

Content Media (images, videos)

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 6

Media plays an important role in making the website colourful, more understandable, relatable and imaginary. Videos or images related to the content help to create a better understanding of the topic.

For example, adding crowdsourced videos or images about the exercises you are recommending to your audience will help them understand more about what information and benefit they are getting out of reading and viewing the content on your website.

Funny images, an array of images, creative common images, farming images and GIFs can entertain the audience, not to a greater extent but enough to stay interested in scrolling more on the website.

Eye-catching cheesy stock images can be purchased from the providers but you can also get royalty-free images which can be used easily and care-freely. Media can be of huge help in enhancing the website to improvise it to a high-quality website.

The audience loves to have imagery media while going through the information on the website. If the website is enhanced more with limited auditory elements then it will heavily help in the growth of the website traffic.

Media can be used to create beautiful and incredible imagery of art displayed on the site. The human tendency of being curious about watching media is more than reading an article. This simple modification can result in an escalation of your website.


What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 7

Transparency is providing knowledgeable yet simple content to visitors. Inserting big and complicated words in your website content doesn’t always help to show the quality of your website but understandable words can do.

Websites are easily available to almost every individual these days so not every individual’s vocabulary is great. Hence, making the website’s information significant and simple can help it reach more audiences.

Relatable content for what the audience is seeking an advantage the popularity of the website. The terms and conditions of the website should be stated and eligible to everyone without any discrimination based on any region, caste and gender.

Nowadays, every activity of the order can be tracked by the user itself from the website about their product or services and such transparency can help in the engagement experience of the user. The transparency of a website is quite a simple feature which can raise the quality of the website to a good level.

Website’s Design

In this section we will look into different areas of website design which google tests and index better or higher than others.

Mobile-first Design

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 8

As the title suggests, the web developers must look forward to designing the website for smaller devices first and then eventually moving on to the bigger screen resolution devices. You must be wondering how this can help to increase the quality of websites.

You can conduct mobile friendly test here.

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 9

Well, going from smaller screen resolutions to bigger helps to focus on the key elements of the websites which can avoid the disadvantage of having bugs on the website on different devices. Mobile-first is a design process which can be stunningly executed to improve the overall experience of the audience.

It was first proposed by the Ex-CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, that the web developers should start focusing more on the mobile designs and cohesive themes of the websites at a conference. This immensely improved the experience on the websites of the users. Graphic design tools can use to better the website for each screen size.

Page Speed

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 10

The speed of pages on the website must be smooth. The loading speed of pages differs on websites and the fast speed makes the website stand in “high-quality” marks. According to Google, under two seconds is the best loading speed for websites.

You can check your webpage’s page speed here from google’s pagespeed tool.

Or you can check it using our Page Speed Checker tool.

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 11

It feels quite satisfactory when you glide on the website’s pages easily without any lagging issues.

The smoothness of the page is a very important aspect which can help the website to grow and boost the user experience.

A website should be built with better quality and not be just stressing more about the cover pages and avoiding the conditions of the other ones because each page and its working is equally important for the growth of the website.

The transitions between the changing pages can also be a small thing which can build a better opinion about the website.

Text to HTML ratio

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 12

Text to HTML ratio is the text displayed on the website using HTML coding to the HTML codes used to design and insert the text on the website. An unnecessary high proportion of HTML codes can make it harder to modify while reviewing.

You can check it using Our Code to Text Ratio Checker tool here.

It can also cause a major error on the website through simple mistakes in the HTML codes. Removing unwanted codes, white spaces, and comments on codes can help to improve the Text to HTML ratio.

To design the websites, executing only the necessary HTML codes with CSS codes can make a huge difference.

Using only the HTML coding can make a big mess. CSS can help put more life into the website while if the same work is forced to be done from HTML, it can take quite long codes and confusion.

CSS focus on the colourful and decorating side of the website. The text-to-HTML ratio is as important as any other element mentioned for making the website a high-quality one.

Ease of navigation (UX)

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 13

Navigations are used by the user to navigate the website to other links and sources on the same website. They should be predictable and if you want to think out of the box and be unique, try to keep it simple with its unique features.

If navigations are not predictable and clear the users may get confused or agitated due to the complications. Users should be able to find each and everything they wish for, easily.

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Navigations, if straightforward, extensiveness can be avoided by the users as long as the categories and subcategories are well organized systematically. The best website stresses giving the audience an engaging and immersive experience.

The users need to have a simple, comfortable and fun experience on the website to retain them for a longer period and maintain the reputation of the website with updates and new features.

User-friendly advertisement

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 14

Websites advertising products and services are a way of earning through promotion. Websites are accessible to everyone on the internet so having user-friendly advertisements is important. Promotions which are age-restricted often repute the website in a substandard way.

Having user-friendly promotions can be beneficial in such a way that for every click your website can get paid. Advertisements can increase the revenue of the website drastically. It can also help the website to grow positively.

The advertisement should be authentic and not vague. Advertisements on the website don’t make it inferior to any other sites, it is only for promotion and adding revenue to the website.

Promotions can be done for the products and services from the same site to grab the attention of the audience and lure them into buying it, giving them fancy coupons and offers. Websites may also get awarded for their speciality which can also increase the reputation of the website.


In this section, we will lists technical aspect of a website which google prefers over others.

SSL secured

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 15

SSL is a security service added to the website. It works in such a way that whenever you visit an SSL-secured website your data is secured and cannot be intercepted by anyone.

Adding security to your website should be one of the top priorities as huge user data is present while engaging the users. The data remains private as the protocol is between the web browser and servers. The encrypted data cannot be easily exploited by hackers or attackers.

You can check if you are using a valid SSL using our SSL Checker tool here.

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 16

Having SSL security can be advantageous yet at the same time may have determinants which can be exploited by hackers but not it is quite difficult to exploit.

Security gives users a sense of safety over the usage of the website carefreely. Securing the data can be valuable in the case of certain websites.

For example, health care service providers having websites would not want the data of their users to get leaked as some clients might be personal about their health conditions. Interactive websites also need to get a highly secured system to cover the data of their users.

Policies and terms

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 17

Terms and Policies can be of great significance as it is an agreement which holds legally together, the website and its users.

The users are compelled to follow the terms and conditions mentioned. Return policy, Try and return policy, 30 minutes delivery etc. are some of the examples of policies proposed by the admins for their visitors.

Some agreements are altered while engaging on the website due to several factors meddling.

The alteration of agreements is done with your permission as websites are mostly based on client-side engagement. Inventing unique policies can allow your website to gain high-quality traffic in a short period.

Copyright restrictions are very strict as websites wouldn’t want their content to just get copy pasted. Website making, development and maintenance take a lot of effort and if anyone just takes it freely then it won’t make sense to give so much time and thought to developing the website.

The audience is made available with action buttons to take action for certain queries related to the procedure of the website. The policy must be unique and appealing which will instantly make the user change their opinion or alter them, then and there.

Structured data (Schema)

Data structuring is everything in its right place with proper organization of data. Structured data is extremely organized and understood accurately by the operating systems.

You can test your website’s schema data using Google’s own Rich Results test tool.

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 18

Quantitative data is a type of structured data which helps the search engine easily recognize the search result and display the answer.

The manipulations, modifications and search can be easily executed of such data. Name, pin codes, numerical vice data etc. are an example of structured data.

You can also use plugins like RANKMATH to automatically populate values for your schema data needs.

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 19

Unstructured data is nothing but keeping data stored regardless of the size data. It is unorganized and wildly stored data which can be useful but not recorded or arranged in a categorized manner. The website of the businesses being their business model can have an extensive list of a wide variety of categories and subcategories.

These pointers can be handy if you are pursuing to gain quality traffic on your website. Putting in imagery, structured data is like a chocolate bar with several same-sized pieces joined together by the chocolate maker.

Having this tasty example surely has given you the idea that data is chocolate, structured data is a chocolate bar and the web designer is a maker of chocolate. That is the simple justification of structured data.

Link trustable resources

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 20

Websites should be trustworthy and not ransom which can be the audience have faith in taking action on the sites. The quality of the website can also be determined by how the site does not harm the device in any way when accessed.

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Anti-virus detects the sites which might malfunction and bug your computer with viruses which can harm the devices.

Websites should be authentic, optimized and updated. Trustable resources are most liked and tend to gain heavy exposure quickly as compared to pirated sites.

Resources mentioned on the website should be genuine because sometimes the users may get the inconvenience of getting inappropriate information or results.

Structured internal links

What are High-quality websites in the eyes of Google in 2024 21

Internal links are links which are to other pages or other products existing on the same website. The link structuring can help to simplify the travelling process of going from point A to point B on the same website.

Not only providing links is important but also organizing them is significant so that it doesn’t jump on different results. Image mapping is a concept that can be applied through HTML codes. A feature which can be useful to modify the website is where the audience can click on the image which is linked to a hyperlink through HTML.

A website can be upgraded using simple means available already in a creative way. There are types of various websites where internal linking is very crucial.

For example, a furniture designer, George Nakashima, has many types and subtypes of furniture and beautiful forestry on his website. Structured internal linking can be very handy for such websites as there are various suggestions below the product page for other categories of furniture which is trending on his website. Image source of the same image displayed to the users is important for business blogs/websites.


These were some of the pointers which can help you to improve the quality of your website. As we all know, first impressions matter and a website is the first impression of businesses these days.

Therefore, it is significant to make sure that a website abides by all the rules and regulations so that there are no issues in the future. If you have a website, make sure to check if it meets all the requirements of a high-quality website. If not, start working on it now so that your website is up to the mark in 2022!

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