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How To Buy Cheap High DA PA Domains in 2023 (Updated) 2

How To Buy Cheap High DA PA Domains in 2023 (Updated)

You Must be tired of searching domain for your blog or a website for the idea you have been browsing right? Unavailability Is Bitch, isn’t it?

How To Buy Cheap High DA PA Domains in 2023 (Updated) 3 Well, If you want to buy cheap domain available or recently deleted that suit your business or blog identity plus on the top of that if you get a domain but have high Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) value, It will be like cherry on top of the cake isn’t it?

If yes! Then Read on.



In This Guide, I will let you know how to get cheap domains with good links profile and decent DA PA Domains matrices which will give you boost to your rankings right from start.

But, Keep-in-mind that “Age” of domain will be refreshed at the time you buy that domain. Therefore, if you are looking to buy aged domains, Then this isn’t for you! But links will always be there and you can use that juice for your benefits.

“Okay, I Got it, But what is DA/PA And why is it relevant?”

Well, Google Algorithms doesn’t not only depend upon your content or some optimization but also collective work of link building with no-follow or do-follow links and pingbacks which give your domain or pages some authority that juices your domain or page to the higher in the search engines.

DA PA Domains

As you see in above screenshot, DA/PA values, and mozrank.

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DA PA is matrices determined by MOZ.COM to analyze your domain’s [.com/.net/.org etc] authoritative value that calculate you’re on and off-page optimization to your root domain i.e. Google Reviews, Testimonials, Recommendation by other sites etc. Whereas, Page Authority determines your content value on the pages of your domain which does involve various factors like content itself, pingbacks, copy-proofing, Google ranking, Trust factors etc.

So Basically, What we concluded is that, Creating a link profile is prominent and if you get a domain which does have decent DA/PA Values then it will do your 50% of optimization as all you have to do is put up some content, optimize your pages and BOOOOM! You’re done!

“Ok, So Enough Talking, Show me already?”


Go to > Expired Domains > Sign up for free (Trust me, It’s Worth it!)

sign up

After Sign Up, Login to your account > Dashboard

pic2 Here you can see deleted Domain’s List.

Now, If you’re searching for local domains i.e. your country code then select accordingly;

Check your local domain extensions here!

Read full guide on how to choose a domain name to get an idea what to see in domains and much more factors to keep in mind.

Now, Click that keyword in “Search Box” like below;


Now click on “BL” (Stands For Backlinks) option to see it in high link profile domain.

pic 4

Click on “show filter” link above table;


Afterward, check the “Deleted Domains” option in domains lists column.


Now Copy domains which are available and put it somewhere to test their DA/PA Value.


Next, Copy All domains and posted here to check DA/PA Value of these domains;


Therefore, you can see I have searched for some from the example I have taken and I found two domains with a higher value which can be used for the targeted keyword;

SolidGoldDogfoodReview.com – For Dog Food Reviews – 3.30 Rank HOT*

WholefoodPancake.com – Pancake Recipe – 0.50 Rank

banchuanfood.com – Banchuan Food – 1.50 Rank

Therefore, this way you can get your domain in the cheaper way!

As I’ve said before if you’re looking for high aged domain values then it’s not for you, you have to look domain auctions or any other marketplaces for that.

This is a very simple way to get high DA/PA domains at registration Price.

Ok, Now What?

Now, After you finalize your domain, copy and buy it with your favorite registrar!

Afterward Start A Blog or website and start earning already!

Resources You Will Need In The Process;

Contact us, If you want us to do everything for you. We have varieties of services available. 

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