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How to Use Instagram's Story Camera Widget on iOS

How to Use Instagram’s Story Camera Widget on iOS

Do you love sharing your moments with your Instagram followers through stories?

Ever wanted a quicker, simpler method to get to the Instagram Story camera on your iPhone?

If you answered yes, then you’re in luck! Instagram has recently introduced a new feature for iOS users: the Instagram New Story Camera Widget.

This widget allows you to launch the Instagram Story camera directly from your lock screen, saving you both time and effort.

In this article, we’ll guide you through using the new widget, explain its benefits, and highlight other fresh features on Instagram for iPhone users. Keep reading to discover how to enhance your Instagram stories with the Instagram New Story Camera Widget!

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What is the Instagram Story Camera Widget?

How to Use Instagram's Story Camera Widget on iOS 1

The Instagram New Story Camera Widget is your shortcut to sharing moments on Instagram stories in a snap! Imagine you’re walking, you see something amazing, and you think, “This has to go on my story!” With just a tap on your iPhone’s lock screen, where the widget sits like a mini version of the Instagram story camera icon, you’re ready to capture and share. No more unlocking your phone, searching for the Instagram app, and missing the moment. This widget is like a magic button for your storytelling, making it easier and faster to share your life as it happens.

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Why do you want this on your iPhone?

Because it makes storytelling spontaneous and authentic. You catch the real, unfiltered moments of life, those fleeting experiences that make your stories unique. It’s not just about saving time; it’s about capturing life as it unfolds, without missing a beat.

With the Instagram Story Camera Widget, introduced in the latest version of the Instagram iOS app, your storytelling becomes as instant as your experiences.

This new feature is part of Instagram’s push to make sharing and creating as seamless as possible.

Remember, it works only if you have the Instagram app installed on your iPhone, and it’s available to all iOS users who love to create, share, and connect through stories.

Isn’t technology amazing?

Plus, if you’re into quick, fun videos, you’ll be thrilled to know this update also supports sharing to Instagram Reels, the platform’s short video platform.

Now go ahead, give it a long press on your lock screen and see your stories light up with life’s unmissable moments.

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How to Add and Use Instagram Story Camera Widget?

How to Use Instagram's Story Camera Widget on iOS 2

To add the Instagram New Story Camera widget to your lock screen, here’s what you need to do:

  • Long press on your lock screen until the Customize option appears.

  • Select Customize, then Add Widgets.

  • Scroll to Instagram and choose the Story Camera widget.

  • Save your changes by tapping Done.

To utilize the Story Camera Widget:

  • Simply tap on the Story Camera widget on the Iphone Lock screen.

  • You’ll be directed to the Instagram’s Story camera.

  • Capture photos or videos, apply filters and effects, and share your story with followers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Story Camera Widget on my iPad?

No, the Story Camera widget is specifically designed for iPhone users. Make sure your iPhone runs iOS 16 or later to enjoy this feature.

Is it possible to customize the Story Camera widget on my lock screen?

Unfortunately, customization options for the Story Camera widget aren’t available. It keeps its sleek design and iconic look on your lock screen, making it instantly recognizable.

Will the Story Camera Widget be available for Android devices?

Right now, the Story Camera widget is an exclusive feature for iPhone users. It’s tailored to integrate seamlessly with your iPhone’s lock screen for an effortless experience.

Does using the Story Camera Widget have an impact on my phone’s battery life?

No, the Story Camera widget is designed to be efficient. It doesn’t drain your battery because it activates the Instagram app only when you tap on the widget. This means you can share your moments worry-free!


In wrapping up, the introduction of the Instagram New Story Camera Widget on iOS is a game-changer for everyone who loves sharing their life in real-time. This new lock screen widget is not just another feature; it’s a gateway to instant storytelling. Think about it, you can now capture and share directly from your lock screen with a single tap.

No fuss, no muss. It’s a direct line to bring your experiences to your followers without the scramble of unlocking your phone and navigating through apps. And for those who were wondering about something similar like a Snapchat camera widget, this tool brings a unique spin by integrating Instagram’s flair right into your daily moments.

While the app clip tool brought us a taste of this immediate interaction, this new widget specifically for the Instagram story camera directly on the lock screen sets the bar even higher. For iPhone users, these lock screen widgets, including the very latest Instagram addition, open up a realm of possibilities to stay connected and creative. Think about how this simplifies sharing – it’s innovation at your fingertips. Remember, keeping up with the latest in app innovations ensures you don’t miss a beat in this fast-paced digital world.

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