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How to Use the Everyone Tag on Facebook (Do & Don’ts)

Facebook, as one of the most widely used social media platforms, offers several features that increase visibility and encourage active participation within Facebook Groups. One such powerful tool is the Everyone Tag feature.

The Everyone Tag is essentially a notification tool that alerts members about a new post in the group, thereby inciting engagement and interaction within the Facebook group space.

It is especially impactful for group admins as it allows them to reach all the members with important announcements or discussions, making it a key part of any content strategy.

It also serves as an effective mechanism to spotlight specific group members and their valuable contributions, casting them in a more positive light.

This guide aims to explain how to use the ‘Everyone Tag’ on Facebook effectively. Following these instructions will help ensure that your Facebook group posts are seen by a wider audience while maintaining a positive light and fostering a more engaged community.

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What is the Everyone Tag?

The ‘Everyone Tag’ is a unique feature available in Facebook groups that allows the group admins to tag every member in a single post.

This tag ensures that a notification is sent to all group members, drawing their attention to the particular Facebook group post.

It’s a valuable tool for group admins to amplify important announcements, facilitate discussions, and foster active participation within the group.

How to Use the Everyone Tag on Facebook

Here are the steps to use the ‘Everyone Tag’ in your Facebook group:

Open the Facebook app

For the optimal experience, make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app installed on your mobile devices.

Go to your Facebook group

Navigate to the Facebook group where you want to use the ‘Everyone Tag’. You can do this by typing the group name in the search bar or accessing it from your news feed.

How to Use the Everyone Tag on Facebook (Do & Don'ts) 4

Create a new post

Click on the option to create a new post within the Facebook group. This usually appears at the top of the group’s page, below the group name and your profile picture.

How to Use the Everyone Tag on Facebook (Do & Don'ts) 5

Start typing your post

Type the information, question, or announcement you want to share with the group. For active participation, consider asking an open-ended question or sharing something that encourages comments from other members.

Tag everyone

Once you have written your post, you can tag everyone in the Facebook group. To do this, type “@everyone” in the body of your post. This should prompt a drop-down menu where you can select the ‘Everyone Tag’.

How to Use the Everyone Tag on Facebook (Do & Don'ts) 6

Note: Only admins and group administrators can use the ‘Everyone Tag’.

Review your post

Before you hit send, be sure to review your post. Ensure that it aligns with the group’s purpose, and remember that every member will receive a notification about this post. Overuse of the ‘Everyone Tag’ could lead to members leaving the group, so use it strategically to maintain group popularity.


Once you are satisfied with your post, click on the ‘Post’ option or the arrow icon for the post. This will share your post with everyone in the Facebook group, and each member will receive a notification.

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Use of Everyone Tag

The Everyone Tag is a powerful tool when used strategically. Here’s how you can leverage it for different purposes within your Facebook group:


When you’ve got an important announcement to share with all group members, the Everyone Tag comes in handy. Whether it’s a pivotal update, a new feature, or a change in the group’s rules, using the Everyone Tag ensures that all members are notified.

Discussion Engagement

Want to encourage active participation within your Facebook group? Use the Everyone Tag in posts with open-ended questions. This will notify everyone in the group and invite more comments, fostering an engaged community.

Highlighting Members

Occasionally, you may want to highlight a group member for their contributions. Use the Everyone Tag so that all members can join in expressing their appreciation.

Promoting Content

If you’ve got content that is highly relevant and useful for your group members, use the Everyone Tag to amplify its reach. This is particularly effective if you’re trying to drive sales or attract potential customers.

Achieving balance is crucial when it comes to tagging individuals in a Facebook group post. It is important to tag only when necessary to maintain a positive atmosphere and keep members engaged.

The ‘Everyone Tag’ should be used in a manner that respects the preferences of group members, preserves the group’s popularity, and ultimately fulfills the group’s purpose.

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Some Considerations

While the Everyone tag can be a useful tool, it’s important to consider whether or not it’s appropriate for every post. You may want to reserve this tag for more general updates or posts that are relevant to a wide range of people in your network.

Additionally, keep in mind that using the Everyone tag means that your post will be visible to everyone on your network, so be sure to avoid sharing any sensitive or personal information.

The group admins need to use the ‘Everyone Tag’ feature responsibly to avoid spamming the members’ notification settings and news feeds with every new post. Not all members may appreciate being tagged in every group post, and overuse could lead to members leaving the group altogether.

What to Do and What to Avoid

Here are some best practices and common mistakes to avoid when using the ‘Everyone Tag’ on Facebook:

What to Do

  1. Create Posts That Encourage Participation: Craft posts that invite comments or discussions. This will keep group members engaged and active within the group.

  2. Tag Members Strategically: Use ‘@everyone’ judiciously to make sure all of your members are notified about important updates or announcements.

  3. Remain Engaged in the Comments Section: As a group admin, it’s important to stay active in the comments section of a tagged post. This encourages further participation and ensures a lively discussion.

  4. Keep Your Promise: If you’ve made an original promise to only use the ‘Everyone Tag’ for important posts, stick to that promise. This maintains trust within the group.

  5. Admin Mentioned: Make sure the original post mentions that the admin tagged everyone. This provides transparency and keeps members informed.

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What to Avoid

  1. Avoid Tagging Members in Every Post: Overuse of the ‘Everyone Tag’ can lead to notification fatigue, and members may choose to leave the group.

  2. Avoid Tagging in Non-Relevant Posts: Ensure the post is of significant relevance or importance before deciding to tag all members. Irrelevant posts can annoy members.

  3. Avoid Ignoring the Comments Section: If members comment on a tagged post, ensure to reply or react to the comments to show that their feedback is valued.

This ultimate guide should provide you with all the necessary information to leverage the ‘Everyone Tag’ effectively in your Facebook group.

Remember, the goal is to foster an engaging and active community, not to overwhelm members with constant notifications.

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In conclusion, the ability to comprehend and utilize the ‘Everyone Tag’ in Facebook groups is a significant skill for group admins on this platform. This feature plays an instrumental role in fostering active participation within the group, enhancing the group’s popularity, and ensuring that key posts reach every member of the Facebook group.

Furthermore, admins must remember to respect individual preferences and privacy, a principle that forms the cornerstone of how Facebook groups work. In essence, the strategic use of the ‘Everyone Tag’ can help a Facebook group stay relevant, keep members engaged, maximize the reach of posts, and facilitate a vibrant community online.

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