June 23,2018
June 23,2018

How To Remove Facebook Friends In One Click

In this tutorial, I will let you know how to remove Facebook friends in one click. This is the most asked question as you may have like 1000 friends and cant delete at once. You don’t have to buy anything like auto-bots to do this job as simple chrome extension can do it.

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Things You Required To Remove Facebook Friends

  • Google Chrome
  • FB Toolkit By Plug Ex – Here
  • Logged In Facebook Account On Desktop.
  • Internet Connection

Install Toolkit For FB by PlugEx Chrome Extension

Go here > Install Toolkit For FB for Your Chrome

remove facebook friends

After Installation Restart Your Chrome. It is very important to restart as its precautionary measures as it may not work without it.

Log In Your Facebook Account

After restarting Google chrome, Login to your Facebook account in order to remove friends.


Launch Toolkit For FB by PlugEx

After login to your Facebook account, You have to launch chrome extension you have downloaded by clicking on the icon in your chrome extension bar.


Scroll Down To Removal Tools and then click on Unfriend Multiple/All Facebook Friend Option

delete multple

Remove Facebook Friends At One Click

Afterward, the new interface will open, Click on select all option if you want to remove all your friends. Alternatively, Select Multiple Friends

select fcebook friend

It will start by removing your Facebook friends. You can cross check to click on their profiles.

start removing


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