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Top 50 Profitable Niches For High traffic On Google in 2023 (Updated) 1

Top 50 Profitable Niches For High traffic On Google in 2023 (Updated)

Searching for Profitable Niches?

Your mind may be riddle with loads of queries regarding how and which niche should I select to get instant and high volume traffic right from start isn’t it? Well if you’re looking for easy traffic to target and want to start your blog or website with easy traffic generating niche then read on!

Firstly, You don’t have to be an expert about the following niche or category you going to work as it is easy as it sounds, with a little bit of marketing and optimization you will be getting quick traffic in the due course of time.

“Wow That’s Good News, Let’s Get Started”

What is Niche BTW?


 is the web category that focuses on a narrow group of people in a larger market with a common specific interest i.e. Food, Technology, Reviews, News, and journalism etc. In layman terms, it’s a web category for whom you may be providing services and information or selling products, Writing tutorials online with the help of content management systems (Like WordPress, Drupal) or any web based scripts.

Well, Selecting a niche shouldn’t be hard as it should be;

  • Of Generic Interest.
  • Easy to market/promote.
  • Viral content based.
  • less competitive one (Recommended).

Its so easy to select isn’t it?

Now, Give it a thought, think about anything which you like to share to the web community whether its food recipes, your reviews on movies/music, personal thoughts, sharing your photography or which can benefit the most web population.

Ok, so enough talk isn’t it?

Let’s get to the topic!

Profitable Niches

By Profitable niches,

I Mean, not many blogs or website targeting these niche such that you may like the idea of creating it and get visitors in no time!

There are many generic-niche but with high competition e.g. News, Technology as if you google these terms look at the value of these pages;

Profitable Niches
Taken From Semrush Magic Keyword Tool
Profitable Niches
Keyword: Technology, Taken from the semrush magic keyword tool

As you can see above KD% (Keyword Difficulty) Is above 90% which will be hard for a newbie like you and even for me to rank higher in search engines.

“Ohh, That’s gonna be hard”

Well, that explains a lot to stay away from these niches until and unless you’ve big bucks to spend to dominate your competition.

What to Do Then?

Well, Its simple equation;

Equation 1
less competitive niche + Average/High Traffic volume = Easy To Target Traffic

Top 50 Profitable Niches are;

  1. Download (Music/Movies/Guides/E-books)
  2. Amazon Affiliate (Choose A Category > Create a site)
  3. Reviews (Tech/Movie/Internet/Software)
  4. Adult
  5. Photography (Wedding/Food/Travel)
  6. Viral Content (Videos/Images)
  7. Minecraft (Tutorials)
  8. Games (Tutorials/Live Gameplay)
  9. Facts (Life/Science)
  10. Celebrity (Trending Affairs/Pictures/Photo Shoots)
  11. Mobile Games (Reviews/Tutorials)
  12. Mobile Apps (Reviews/tutorials)
  13. Costumes (Season Generic/Halloween/ Heroes)
  14. Interior Designs (Home/Commercial)
  15. Accessories (Female Bags/Bangles/Fashion)
  16. Trending Blogs (Search On Google Trends and Create blog posts)
  17. Video Blogs
  18. Jokes (Generic)
  19. Entertainment (Memes/Trolls)
  20. Fitness
  21. Multi-Blogs (Let you host blogs for people)
  22. Dating Tips
  23. Affiliate Product Marketing (Pick Any Niche from Clickbank or likewise)
  24. Tutorial Websites (Designing/Windows/Coding)
  25. Free Logos, Banners, HTML Designs (Full Sources)
  26. Travel Blogs (With Vlogs)
  27. Comics (Storyboard)
  28. Video Tutorials (Adobe/Sony/iMovie)
  29. Photoshop Tutorials (Giveaway/Free Templates)
  30. Health Blog (Tips/Explanation)
  31. Link Directories (Specific Niche
  32. Chocolates (Types/Reviews/Recipes)
  33. Country-Specific Food Recipes (Iranian Recipes/Indian Recipes)
  34. Lights (Products/Interiors/Reviews)
  35. Sound Systems (Products/Reviews/Tutorials)
  36. Tiny Homes (Viral Content)
  37. Historical (Facts/Ruins)
  38. Jobs (Local Jobs/Classifieds)
  39. Consultancy (Services)
  40. Voice Over (Sell Your Voice Talents)
  41. Free Proxies (Service)
  42. Toplists (Links/Products)
  43. Guitar Lessons
  44. Makeup (Tutorials/Products)
  45. Baby Care (Games/Products)
  46. Discount (Coupons)
  47. Kitchen Products (Knives/Table Sets)
  48. How-to (Blog)
  49. Furniture
  50. Sports (Product/News/Apparels)

It’s a long list to choose, isn’t it?

Well, I have targeted each and every niche which available out there and people are searching for it.

Note: Don’t Buy Niche Specific Domains, Always start with keyword e.g. Sports apparel, Sports jerseys, sharp knives, Download books, etc.

Personal Opinion

I don’t get it, when people say, “I want to start some news blog or technology blog about their latest trending news or tech products” and I always respond with one word, “ WHY?”, I mean what’s the point even to start something which is already there with high competitive value and millions of search results.

“You Don’t want to listed in last page, Is It?”

There are thousands of keywords out there which are untouched or no one even knows about it!

The equation will be;

Equation 2
Find Niche = Find Keyword + Les Competition + Average/High Volume Traffic = Success!

 I prefer niche with at least 3.000 Traffic per month with less competition.

Tools to search for keywords are;

Now you may get the point of profitable niches and how to get it started!

More Resources;

If you need help regarding anything contact us now or comment below for further assistance.

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