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Search Engine Optimization

Starting a blog

or website is easy but getting users or customers to your site is hard isn’t it? That’s why you are here right? Well, That’s where experts like us come when you struggle ranking your website or blog to your targeted audience in search engine giants Like Google, Bing, Yandex and many more.

Search Engine Optimization – The Basics

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization, It’s a method to optimize your website or a blog in such a way to rank higher in search results to get more exposure to your blog or a website. In Layman Terms, When you search for some keyword lets say “Kwebby” In google and it popped up on the first page which is the result of SE Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Now that was an easy term, isn’t it? But when you search for “Food Blog” and it shows billions of results but whichever ranked higher is the result of SE optimization. It’s a method or you can process to analyze search engine algorithms or matrices according to your website niche and get ranked accordingly by using various methods.

Food Blog

Ok, So How To Do SEO?!

Well, that’s a tricky question which is hard to answer, to be honest not because it’s not possible to rank higher in top niche but work that needs to do to rank in the first page of search engine giants. It requires ample amount of hard work, Tactics, Marketing Roadmap i.e. Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc and patience to see results slowly on search engines. It’s a long process and it does take its own time and search engine giants like Google, Bing uses this factor to build trust as if your site is worthy to rank higher or not.

Understood, Now What It Takes To Rank in TOP 10?

Well, In short, it takes time, hard work and more hard work to get your site listed on top 10. Well, To be very frank, It’s not a piece of cake. We won’t give you false hope on this even I don’t deny that you can’t rank higher in search results as its all about timings and concrete roadmap to get success.

Some of the tips to start SEO Friendly Sites;

Content Marketing Tips

  • Create your blog or website on SE Friendly content management systems like WordPress, DLE Etc.
  • Analyse your niche and its competition on SE.
  • Lay down your unique ideas somewhere.
  • Use those unique ideas and update your blog with long contents.
  • Content is key for Google. Therefore, Start updating your blog once in a week at least.
  • Always Put your focus keyword In H1, H2, H3 and BOLD format while writing your content to let Google detect what your blog is all about.
  • Use More infographics for the visual experience of your visitors.
  • Keep your page speed higher and minimize CSS, HTML or any static delivery using CDN.
  • Make your website responsive if it’s not already because of google Mobile-First Index.
  • Create AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages Projects) for your site to boost mobile traffic.
  • Make your writing engaging not just words (Try to interact with the reader with your blog).
  • Create 4 Pages – About us, Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer (Or Affiliate Disclosure if you’re going to start Affiliate Blog).

So above are some tips to start your project with some tips to get accepted by google, bing etc.

Ok, So this is it? Nothing more?

Well, Above mentioned points are part of ON-Page Optimization where you can optimize your content, blog posts on the spot.

It also involved OFF-Page optimization which is the crucial part of your website’s optimization process which includes;

  • Creation of backlinks.
  • Directory listing (For Business).
  • Google Mapping.
  • Create and manage Link Profile (NO Follow Or Do Follow Links).

Well, Off-page requires time and patience which is also an effective way to generate traffic and trust factor in search engine’s eyes.

Note: Generating Bad Links from Bad sites can cause penalty and loads of Red flags in the eyes of Google.

Here is SEO hierarchy;

Keyword Analysis > Start  A Blog > Mobile Responsive > Page Speed > ON-page > OFF- Page > Success!

Man, Its lot of work, What do you offer?

If you think you can’t handle this amount of work then leave it to us and we will manage your website from scratch to success.

Kwebby’s Search Engine Optimization Services


Kwebby offers complete SEO services starts from creation of your blog or website, manage your content (If required) and building high authority backlinks for your websites. All your headache’s of getting your site ranked in google will be ours as we have a drug to kill these headaches you know!

Our Services Includes;

  • Website/ Blog Packages (Create SEO friendly Blog/website).
  • Content Management.
  • Keyword Analysis.
  • Keyword Ideas to rank.
  • On-Page optimization.
  • Supercharge your website with SPEED.
  • Off-page optimization (Includes, Backlinks, Link profile, Directory Submission for local SEO).

We also offer single project-based services;

  • Website Package (SEO Friendly Website).
  • On-Page Optimization.
  • Off-Page Optimization.

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