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Do Blog Comments Help SEO? – READ BEFORE YOU DO!

Blogging is the best way to interact or engage with your customers or users around internet. Every blogger craves attention and for that we start practicing SEO. There are two planet surrounding SEO, White Hat and other one is Black hat.In this blog, I will be discuss about the most used link building tactics in SEO I.e. Blog Comments."What is it?"Well, Its an old technique to build No-Follow links in comment section of blogs related to niche. Sadly, Nowadays it is being overused by webmasters which gives spam signals to google."Ok, Wait, What is No-Follow Links?"No-Follow link is an attribute which signals to not follow ranking of certain links to search engine. It is first introduced by Matt Cutts (American Software Engineer worked at google) and Jason Shellen (Internet entrepreneur who was the founding product manager of Google Reader) in 2005 to categorize these links to reduce spam results in