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Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024?

Bright Data network is one of the leading proxy providers company that has seen booming growth over the past eight years. The company has been able to establish its branches across the world.

It has introduced features such as residential proxies, Data-center IPs and Mobile IPs, Data collection automation features, and a spectacular data set product line.

Bright Data network is also known for founding an ethical committee to check data usage.

In this article, we will review the Bright data, covering the features, proxy testing and much more.

What is the Bright Data network? 

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 1

In our current time, we are all aware of how often we are required to share our data with every other platform. Be it an app you’re installing that requires access, a website that asks you to accept cookies, or perhaps while making a payment at any stores. 

The commonality in all of these situations is the idea of data collection. But ever wondered what happens to these data collected from you and millions of others?

How do companies benefit from it, or how do they work around so much information

To serve such concerns, networks like Bright Data come to the rescue. Bright Data’s network is known to be the world’s number one web data platform with the largest proxy pool that offers a range of services to its users, backed with research and strategy that has successfully brought the required results to the clients. 

Bright Data’s network helps its clients work around data collection, monitoring and analysis with its algorithms that have proven to assist the business get tangible results and making data-backed decisions to increase their revenues. 

Starting with the name Luminati network, the company has witnessed booming growth over the past eight years and is now branded as Bright Data’s network.

Over the years, the company has been able to establish its branches across the world. It has introduced features of residential networks, Data-center IPs and Mobile IPs, Data collection automation features, and a spectacular data set product line, along with founding an ethical committee to check data usage. 

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 2

In the digital times where businesses have cutthroat competition with one another, the Data Scraping tool from Bright Data’s network is something that can save a lot of resources.

Additionally, the SERP API tool is claimed to have a success rate of 99.99%. It has real-time updated data, which can be extremely useful for ranking higher on search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, Yandex etc.

Bright Data also provides residential, Datacenter, and Mobile proxies with data services like these. Over the years, it has been awarded multiple awards for being the industry leader for proxy networks, providing utmost customer satisfaction and curating the best public web data collection tools. 

How does Bright Data work? 

How to Understand Your Dashboard | Bright Data How-To Video | Proxy & Web Data Collection Tutorials

Bright Data has a straightforward process to get its users onboard and start working with them. With its comprehensive features and range of tools to offer, it lets the user decide and choose their exact requirement and the tool or feature that can help them the best for accomplishing the target. 

Bright Data has a library full of resources covering everything one must have a question about before paying for it. Its 7-day free trial lets the companies try their plans before paying for them.

This is an excellent option as one can check for the speed, features, and results claim that Bright Data makes and genuinely experience why it is known as the world’s number one Data and largest proxy pool Network. 

Once they have a user onboard, they are also allotted a dedicated Account Manager or a Dedicated Enterprise specialist based on the plans the user has opted for.

This is one of the significant features as there is always an expert on board with you that guides you with the right way of doing things and becomes your go-to contact person if there is an issue. 

In case of any technical fault or if the user feels stuck and unable to figure out the software features, they can always approach the customer service team that is available 24/7 for their queries and concerns. 

The commendable part of Bright Data’s work is that every data scraping and proxy feature is entirely legal and causes no trouble to users for breaching any norms.

Despite its vast network in almost 195 countries, it strives to maintain the standard and keeps the legal aspect as its top-notch priority. 

Due to such noteworthy features and result-driven processes, Bright Data has now been able to work with some of the top companies and their popular websites like Forbes, Yahoo, Bloomberg, Business, Gartner, Dataversity and a lot more.

This is proof of its high-quality features and the trust that global business leading companies have for Bright Data’s Network. 

Bright Data Features 

Welcome to Bright Data’s Residential Proxy Network!

Bright Data is the number one data network because of its largest proxy pool and features covering the all-around data collection, research and extraction process. Find out about them and their usability, which lets the company embark on their growth. 

Shared or Exclusive IPs

Bright Data’s network offers Shared IPs and Exclusive IPs to its users, each of which has its benefits. Buying an IP can be highly beneficial to companies to safeguard their details.

For instance, one can go ahead with purchasing a shared IP as an entry point. Since it is shared with multiple others, it helps significantly cut down utility costs. 

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 3

Having a shared IP can provide you with an add-on benefit to the user of being able to change the IPs whenever required without having to worry about being flagged. 

However, on the other hand, the accuracy and reliability are decreased if compared with an exclusive IP. Exclusive IPs can be a great option if the company aims to target specific domains and provide the utmost security to the data with absolute access over the browsing history.

Type Of Proxies

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 4

Proxies enable businesses to access data from various sources without revealing their identity. Bright Data provides different types of proxies to its customers and is known to be the best proxy network in the world;

if You’re looking for Residential Proxy Network, Datacenter Proxies can be used on millions of websites, then Bright data’s name comes for such proxy services.

The data collected through multiple kinds of proxies is legal and only accesses data available on an open source data network. Find out about various types of proxies and how each one has a different utility from the others. 

Which Proxy Network Type is Best for Your Business | Bright Data (Formerly Luminati Networks)
  • Residential Proxies –  Residential proxies are the type of Proxies that belong to individuals at real locations. Having Residential proxies have the advantage of unlimited concurrent sessions with access to any site worldwide. With Bright Data’s Residential proxy network, you can access extensive public data without revealing your identity for 195 countries across the globe or any Major City. The best part is its feature of rapid output even while accessing large-scale data. 
  • Mobile Proxies– Mobile Networks proxies mask the actual address of users that let the entire data collection process routed through their mobiles. Since it has an element of individuality, these proxies are extremely expensive compared to others. But, they are highly reliable, and detecting or identifying such proxies is almost impossible. Mobile proxies are known to have the best IP reputation and let you overcome even complex location restrictions. 
  • Data Center Proxies – If the idea behind getting a proxy is the extraction of simple data retrieval tasks, then opting for Data Center Proxies can be the best choice. Datacenter Proxies operate by merging multiple IP address traffic through a centrally located server. This is usually a comparatively inexpensive proxy type due to its ability to perform less complex tasks. 
  • ISP Proxies – ISP Proxies are almost similar to  Residential proxies because they use the servers located in the Data centres but through different locations. These are very efficient in maintaining anonymity and speed of functioning. 

Open Source Proxy Manager 

How to Install Proxy Manager on Windows | Bright Data  Tutorial | How-To Video | Residential Proxies

Managing multiple proxies in real-time while tracking your operations can be tricky. To simplify the process, Bright Data’s Open Source Proxy manager can be an effective software for managing all of it without having to invest in creating one for yourself. 

Bright Data’s Open Source Proxy Manager helps optimize the proxies’ bandwidth even while one chooses to integrate multiple proxies. It helps reduce costs and keeps a check on the crawler logic management. It also enables its users to track all the requests sent in and out of a proxy server while maintaining structured logs for the same. 

Proxy Manager can be used for session management and previewing the entire traffic in real-time. Because of its multiple benefits, this open source tool is handy in multiple industries like Travel, SEO, Finance, Market research, E-commerce, Real Estate, multiple aspects of Digital Marketing and a lot more.

All the features mentioned above are of great help to the employees of the companies in various sectors that have all their important strategy decisions relying on the data extracted and retrieved through proxies by Web Scrapping. 

The Unlocker

Welcome to Bright Data’s Web Unlocker!

The Web Unlocker is a tool that works on a Data Center or Residential IP address and gets through all the blockades of the website by its automation.

It scrapes data very effectively by solving all the captcha codes or cookies designed by the website to secure it from bot intervention. 

The Web unlocker by Bright Data is designed to do the entire proxy management, retrials and even fingerprint unlocking by itself. The automated unlocker has become the go-to tool for web developers because it saves a lot of time with its website agent determination feature. 

In certain high-end websites, the design is built to create tight security against crawlers by automating the bots to develop new blockades to obstruct.

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 5

However, with Bright Data’s Unlocker, one can even bypass such roadblocks with its auto-adjusting feature in real-time that also ensures absolute anonymity despite its complexity. 

The Unlocker is so aptly designed that it unravels the restriction and immediately alters itself to get through it. Often, it is taken into comparison with self-managed proxies.

But some of the aspects in which Bright Data’s unlocker tends to outperform the other are its ability to unblock automatically, solve the Captcha codes, have an automated retrying mechanism, process the asynchronous requests for specific domains and handle the markup changes in the site that are designed for better security. 

Proxy Browser extension

A proxy browser extension is an extension that helps you change your IP address manually using the option from the toolbar. It is a helpful tool if any company employee or individual tries to collect the data manually without any automated intervention. 

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 6

It helps you keep the anonymous mask on by constantly rotating the IPs for various locations worldwide at an extremely fast pace. This straightforward tool gives the user increased control over the sessions, resulting in high-resolution targets. 

The best part of the Proxy Browser extension from Bright Data is its integration with the proxy manager, so one can access the manager’s features and control the operations over the tip of the finger. 


Search Engine Crawler | SERP Data Collection | Bright Data

The SERP API tool and the data network utility are among the most crucial and necessary tools for the digital marketing industry. Because of the constant changes in the algorithms of the search engines, it is difficult to position your business’ blog on the top few results.

Knowing the basics of search engine optimization and efficiently using the SERP tools is all one would require to ace the process. 

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 7

The knowledge of using SERP API can be rewarding because it is made in a way that it constantly updates itself to the changes in the algorithms and aims to show the results to the user after customizing multiple variables that are relevant to the specific user.

Thus, the results will be precise rather than generic, mainly based on the search engine history, location and user preferences. 

The most valuable part of using the SERP API is the format of the results. The data is delivered in JSON or HTML format only, making it even easier to work around the trends and patterns. The API provides the actual results regarding multiple search engines in significantly high volumes.

The user can do all this without getting worked up about being located or blocked, with Bright Data’s high speed and accuracy in providing SERP API.

Bright Data For Scraping 

Introducing Data Collector - Bright Data’s Scraping Tool | Scrape Any Website Without Code

Bright Data has a data collector web scraping tool that lets its users collect data from open source platforms in a very structured and easy way. This process can be done manually also but is generally highly time-consuming and not automated, which can create hurdles if there are blockades from the recipient website. 

Considering these, most companies prefer automated data scrapping tools like Bright Data, where one can get the required data without any manual investment of time and resources.

Some additional features that make using this data scraping tool much more convenient are the no-code algorithms, automated data structuring after it is scraped from the website, and much more. 

Due to its multifunctionality and result-driven technology, Data scrappers are used by multiple industries for various purposes.

Some of the important places where it is used extensively are for collecting stock market data, collecting travel data from various agencies, collecting data for Search engine optimization to rank well and ace digital marketing, testing websites, and in the eCommerce industry, where there is a constant in and outflow of products, and a lot more. 

Using Bright Data’s web scrapper comes with the advantage of getting through even those websites with highly complex security obstructing most other scrappers.

With its automation, the web scrapper can learn the obstacles and even alter itself to enter the website to be scrapped to fetch the required data. 

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 8

Anyone can use the scrapper or Search Engine Crawler by simply following three simple steps: 

  1.  Do research which website would have the relevant information you’re looking for and choose one for the process. 
  2. Decide upon to most important aspects of the data that will be scrapped- the frequency, i.e. in real-time or scheduled, and the format like HTML, Excel, CSV or Jason.
  3. Lastly, decide where you’d like the data to be sent. It could be anywhere like Google cloud, API, Azure or more. 

With these three simple steps, one can ace the process of Web Scrapping with the perfect target data and with the least manual effort. 

In case you do not know much about the segment, Bright Data also provides some data templates that are ready to download and collected from existing sources. These web scraping templates come extremely handy for someone who is just getting started or wishes to tailor their personalized web scrapper using the IDE. 

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 9

These templates include information from popular websites like Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Google Maps, Google Analytics, and more. With all these fantastic features, Bright Data’s web scrapper is considered one of the best tools professionals use to collect and analyze their data from third-party websites and software. 

Bright Data Proxy Speed Test

We have PING tested ISP proxy from Bright data using their Proxy Browser extension and using Fast.com as the output and here’s the result;

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 10

Keep in mind that speed depends upon your ISP speed too, my ISP speed is 100mbps and the outcome was 96mbps using their ISP Proxies which is I think is brilliant.

Bright Data Integrations 

Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Adidas, and many other prominent firms have adopted Bright Data as a data gathering tool. Apart from its superior web scraping capabilities, Bright Data has an advantage over other data collection solutions because of the various connections it supports.

You can find all the information regarding Bright data integration with browser or mobile or their own tool by logging into your account, navigating to the left menu and clicking on “Integration”;

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 11

Customer Service

What’s the use if Bright Data’s users face issues with data collection from specific websites and you don’t get customer service right? The Bright data team has strong customer service that is always willing to help and support you. You can directly reach out to their customer success team by starting a chat or writing an email;

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 12

You will be able to see Bright Data’s contact info on their Frequently Asked Questions page or you can open ticket to get support;

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 13

Pricing and Plans

The pricing of Bright Data’s web scraping services starts at $500 per month for small-scale data collection with up to 10 million pages. They also have an enterprise plan for larger scale projects priced at $5000 per month, which can collect up to 100 million pages.

Bright Data Review – Worth it or not in 2024? 14

You can try Bright Data with 7-Day Free Trial here.

Bright Data Pros and Cons 

Every company, product, software or service is bound to have its own set of pros and cons, irrespective of how efficiently it can perform its claims. Similarly, Bright Data, despite being the world’s number one Data Network with Proxy Infrastructure, has some Pros and Cons too. 

Some of its pros that make it the best data network across the world are: 

  • All Features under one roof benefit- The Bright Data network has many features that cater to all industries with every need for data. 
  • Straightforward interface to use – The software interface is pretty easy and simple for most data collection and analysis features. 
  • It has a variety of proxy servers to choose from – Bright Data is one such platform where you get to choose the proxy server that fits your requirement perfect; one can choose to go for Residential proxies, ISP Proxies, and Mobile Proxies or even Data Server Proxies. 
  • It has access to the world’s largest IP Pool- With so many customers worldwide, it has successfully expanded its network of proxies and is currently the largest IP Pool owner. 
  • Unbeatable Proxy Network speed and control- The Proxy Network has an excellent speed that makes the workflow easy and provides excellent session control to its users. 
  • A trial period for its users to test the usability – One of the best features of Bright Data is that it lets its potential users try their hands on its software for seven days to check if it matches their requirements. 
  • 24/7 Customer support feature – At any given point, if a user is stuck, or is unable to comprehend the data or any feature, then the customer support is right there at any hour of the day. 
  • Legal and ethically strong base – All data scraping and proxy networks are legal and ethical, and it never causes any trouble to their users while scraping data from other websites across the internet. 
  • Very effective data collection – With its data collection tool, it has a record of getting the best data collection results for clients across the globe. 
  • Best for Residential proxies – Residential proxies have been one of the best features of bright data, and it has also received multiple awards for this proxy type. 
  • Targets a wide range of locations across the world – With its widespread proxy and data network, it has been able to cover a wide geographic range of locations
  • Spectacular results for Data scraping – Using the tools like browser extension and unlocker, Bright data gets excellent results from data scraping for any industry irrespective of the complex algorithms. 

With so many pros, there are also some cons that some users point out about Bright Data. Although the pros are way too many to outweigh the cons, let us quickly walk you through the flip side. 

  • Not so pocket-friendly rates – Bright Data is not known to be the cheapest service provider in the segment for price comparison with its competitors. Although it is mainly because of the precision and claims it does for the results, it can be a little hard on the pocket for many clients.
  • No options of customized pricing for selected features – Despite having multiple pricing plans, the company does not have the feature of having customized pricing where the user is billed for the selected features they opt for, out of so many. This makes it a big con about Bright Data as it might charge the user for a service bundled up in a price plan but is not valuable for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bright Data Scam or legit?

Bright Data is an entirely legit website leading the Data network industry for several years. Over the years, the data company has a proven database of millions of satisfied clients worldwide and has won several awards globally that can be considered legitimate proof of existence considering all legal and ethical aspects required. 

Is Bright Data Free to Use?

Yes, Any feature or tool from Bright Data is free to use, but this is only for the first seven days of the trial. After that, the user will be billed per their plans and the pricing option they have opted for from their payment details. One can cancel the subscription before the beginning of the 8th day, i.e. the first day after the free trial if they do not wish to continue using the Bright Data network. 

How Much Data Can Bright Data Extract?

Bright Data can extract all open source public data using the proxy manager. It is equipped to manage all the blockades that might come your way and constantly alter itself to integrate into the software from which the data is extracted. 

How Can Business Benefit from Bright Data?

Every business is run based on numbers and data in all aspects. With Bright Data’s tools, one has access to the data of other websites and companies, which can help significantly in making business decisions and observing the trends to strategize the marketing plans accordingly. Thus, with proxy network and data collection tools from bright data, businesses benefit greatly irrespective of the industry they’re based in.

How does Bright Data safeguard the resources of the end user?

Bright Data has firm ethical and privacy policies that mention the data collected from the user’s end and how it is used. So, one can rest assured of privacy concerns while working with Bright Data. Read more about it here or you can use their customer service.

How can I use IPv4 proxies with Bright Data?

To use the IPv4 proxies with Bright Data, one must ensure their IPs are in the suitable form. This step is required because the IP addresses in Bright Data are constantly changing to maintain anonymity, and thus, changing the proxy settings will make your device’s IP address into the IPv4 format.

Alternatively, contact their customer service for more details on Residential Network or Types of Proxies.

Is it possible to use the Proxy Manager through API?

Yes, it is possible to do so. Using a crawler, API or browser extension is always recommended when working with Bright Data’s Proxy Manager. 

How is Bandwidth calculated?

The bandwidth calculation is based on the total data transmission to and from the targeted site. 

What happens if a website bans the IP address?

You get banned from visiting the page if the website bans an IP address. To tackle such situations, you can use Bright Data’s unlocker tool. One can also consider getting a proxy network that will prevent the website from locating and banning your IP address; thus, the ban will not be a trouble anymore. 

What happens when my usage goes beyond my minimum account commitment?

Each user must pay the decided sum at the beginning of the month based on the selected pricing. During the month, if the usage goes beyond the minimum account commitment for which the amount is paid, then the user must pay for the additional user to continue using the features and tools from Bright Data. 

Final Bright Data Review

Bright Data is still Data Powerhouse used by Fortune 100 Companies, But drain your pocket faster ;)

With multiple features and the world’s most significantly widespread proxy pool and network, Bright Data has become the go-to option for users for reliable proxy service providers which we have covered in this bright data review. Over the years, it has constantly upgraded and automated most of its features, i.e. Residential Proxy Network, and Brilliant Customer Service, making the life of its users more effortless than ever. 

Although it is not highly affordable for every user out there, it is undoubtedly the most reliable because of its trusted security, result-driven technology and geolocation targeting ability that delivers the required data to its clients. 

With its many advantages and expertise, it is undoubtedly the best data and proxy platform worldwide that one can always vouch for. 

Therefore Our Bright Data review score is 5/5. 

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