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Turnitin Review – Is it Worth Your Bucks?

Turnitin Review - Is it Worth Your Bucks? | Kwebby
Turnitin Review - Is it Worth Your Bucks? 2

In this Turnitin Review, We will explore different areas of Turnitin which is industry standard Paper checks for plagiarism, AI content detection etc.

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  • Turnitin's Originality Report is a standout feature
  • Turnitin helps students enhance their writing skills
  • Turnitin enables peer reviews
  • Turnitin offers Industry standard AI detection tool
  • The tool allows teachers to grade papers directly on the platform
  • The company provides robust support for users


  • For industry Use Only
  • The assignment submission process can be a bit complex

Turnitin is a leading plagiarism detection software that has become instrumental in the academic and professional world. This review aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of its features, usability, and effectiveness for both educators and students.

With its sophisticated algorithms and expansive database, Turnitin aims to maintain academic integrity by detecting unoriginal content in student papers, theses, and reports.

But how well does it perform?

This review will explore these aspects in detail, to provide potential users with a well-rounded understanding of what to expect from this platform.

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How it works

Turnitin functions as a cloud-based service, making it easily accessible to users across various devices and platforms. Students submit their papers into the system, where Turnitin scans the document against its extensive database of academic papers, websites, and other relevant sources to check for any instances of plagiarism. The results are presented in an Originality Report which highlights any matching or closely paraphrased text.

One key feature that sets Turnitin apart from other programs is its grading tools and feedback options. Instructors can provide constructive feedback directly on the student’s paper, which opens in a new window, using voice comments and written annotations. This immediate, interactive feedback allows for a dynamic learning process, helping students understand where they’ve erred and how they can improve.

Turnitin Review - Is it Worth Your Bucks? 3

The service also includes a grammar check tool, adding another layer of review to ensure the student’s work is of high quality. Furthermore, Turnitin facilitates peer review, allowing students to review and provide feedback on each other’s work, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Overall, Turnitin proves to be a powerful tool not just for educational institutions keen on maintaining the originality of students’ work, but also for students striving to enhance their writing skills. By making the process of submitting, grading, and reviewing papers efficient and intuitive, Turnitin appeals to both educators and students alike.

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Features of Turnitin

Turnitin offers several features that make it stand out from other plagiarism detection software. Apart from its comprehensive database and interactive grading tools, here are some other noteworthy features:

Extensive Database

Turnitin boasts a massive database of over 70 billion web pages, 69 million journal articles, and 190 million books making it one of the most comprehensive plagiarism detection tools. This ensures that no matter how obscure or unique the source is, Turnitin has a high chance of detecting any instances of plagiarism.

Easy-to-use Interface

The user-friendly interface of Turnitin is designed to make the process of checking papers simple. Students can easily submit their work, and instructors have access to all the necessary tools for reviewing and providing feedback.

Customizable Settings

Turnitin allows instructors to customize settings such as the types of sources that are searched, exclusion options for quotes and references, and whether or not students can view their Originality Reports. This allows for a tailored experience depending on the specific needs of the educational institution.

Originality Reports

Turnitin’s Originality Reports are one of its most useful features. It helps teachers and students identify any matching or closely paraphrased text, promoting academic integrity and accountability.

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Own Work

The software facilitates students and teachers to focus on ensuring the work produced is original and unique. With its advanced algorithms, Turnitin provides detailed information on any similarities found in the submitted work.

Teaching Tools

Turnitin provides various teaching tools such as grading tools and feedback options, which foster an impactful learning environment. This feature helps students learn from their mistakes and improve their writing skills.

Site Management

Turnitin’s site allows educators to create and manage classes effectively, making it a helpful tool for organizing coursework and assignments. Educators can also access reports and other essential data to get a better insight into students’ progress.

Due Date

The platform allows educators to set due dates for assignments and discussions, promoting timeliness and efficiency. This feature is especially useful for instructors who handle large classes with multiple assignments.

Educational Resource

With its expansive database and thorough plagiarism checks, Turnitin has become an essential resource in university education. It not only helps maintain academic integrity but also acts as a teaching tool for students to improve their writing skills.

Citation Assistance

The software also checks for proper citations, ensuring students’ work meets academic standards. It helps students avoid unintentional plagiarism and reinforces the importance of citing sources.


The software ensures that each person is accountable for the originality of their work. This promotes ethical practices and fosters a culture of honesty in academic communities.

AI Content Detection

Turnitin’s new feature of AI content detection feature reviewed more than 65 million papers in their recent study here. If you’re an institution and want to find out if students use ChatGPT to answer, you have the tool here.

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Pros and Cons of Turnitin


  1. Turnitin Originality: Turnitin’s Originality Report is a standout feature. It helps teachers detect plagiarism in student assignments, ensuring original work is submitted.

  2. Writing Process: Turnitin helps students enhance their writing skills. The immediate feedback helps them understand their mistakes and improve.

  3. Peer Feedback: Turnitin enables peer reviews, cultivating a collaborative learning environment where students can assess each other’s work.

  4. Grade Papers: The tool allows teachers to grade papers directly on the platform, streamlining the process.

  5. Support: The company provides robust support for users, including training resources for both teachers and students.


  1. Turnitin Reviews: Some users have expressed concerns about Turnitin storing submitted work in their database, raising questions about the ownership of the work.

  2. Submission: The assignment submission process can be a bit complex, particularly for first-time users.

  3. Access: Access to certain Turnitin products and features may require additional fees, which could be a deterrent for some institutions or individuals.

  4. Computer Requirements: The program requires a modern computer with an internet connection, which may limit its usage in areas with limited resources.

  5. Program Limitations: The tool may not detect properly cited work, which could lead to false positives in the Originality Report. This requires teachers to review the assignments in detail to ensure accuracy.

Cost of Turnitin

Turnitin offers different pricing options based on the needs of institutions, educators, and students. While exact pricing is not publicly disclosed and is usually customized based on the scale and requirement of the institution, it is known to provide different packages tailored for high schools, higher education institutions, and even businesses.

For individual students or teachers looking to use Turnitin, the cost can vary and it is best to directly contact Turnitin’s sales team for a quote. It’s important to note that while there might be an upfront cost, the benefits of ensuring academic integrity and enhancing students’ learning experience often outweigh the expenditure.

Effectiveness of Turnitin

Turnitin has proven to be highly effective in detecting plagiarism and improving academic writing skills. A study conducted by Southeast Missouri State University found that students who had access to Turnitin significantly improved their citation practices and reduced instances of plagiarism compared to those who did not have access.

Additionally, Turnitin has been actively used by over 15,000 institutions globally and has a 99% customer satisfaction rate. This further solidifies its effectiveness in promoting academic integrity.

How to use Turnitin effectively

To use Turnitin effectively, follow these steps:

  • Submission of Work: Ensure your document is in a Turnitin-compatible format (e.g., Microsoft Word, PDF, or plain text) before submitting.

  • Check Originality Reports: Once you’ve submitted your work, wait for Turnitin’s Originality Report. Review the report for any highlighted text, indicating potential plagiarism.

  • Review Feedback: Utilize the feedback provided by Turnitin on citation errors or possible instances of plagiarism to improve your work.

  • Use Grammar Check: Leverage Turnitin’s grammar-checking tool to identify and correct any grammatical errors.

  • Peer Review Feature: Participate in peer reviews if this feature is enabled. This can provide valuable feedback and improve your writing skills.

  • Revision Submissions: Use the option to revise and resubmit your work. Turnitin allows multiple submissions, each generating a new Originality Report.

  • Proactive Learning: Use Turnitin as a proactive learning tool. Study the feedback on each assignment to understand your mistakes and avoid them in future tasks.

  • Citation Assistance: Utilize Turnitin’s citation assistance to ensure you are correctly citing sources, which can help avoid unintentional plagiarism.


In conclusion, while Turnitin does come with an associated cost, it’s an investment in maintaining academic integrity and enhancing the writing capabilities of students. Pricing is customized based on the scale and requirements of the institution, making it flexible and adaptable to different educational contexts.

Although the program might require an initial financial outlay, the comprehensive suite of features and tools it offers — from plagiarism detection to citation assistance and peer feedback — ensures that it provides value far beyond its cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Turnitin improve writing skills?

Turnitin provides immediate feedback on assignments, highlighting potential instances of plagiarism, grammatical errors, and citation mistakes. This allows students to understand their mistakes and learn from them, thereby improving their writing skills.

What is the role of peer feedback in Turnitin?

Peer feedback is a feature in Turnitin that allows students to review and assess each other’s assignments. This promotes a collaborative learning environment and helps students learn from their peers, further enhancing their writing skills.

Can you explain the writing process using Turnitin?

The writing process using Turnitin involves several steps. First, students submit their work in a compatible format. Turnitin then generates an Originality Report, highlighting potential instances of plagiarism. Students review this feedback, make necessary corrections, and can choose to resubmit their work.

How does Turnitin provide constructive feedback?

Turnitin offers constructive feedback through its Originality Report and grammar-checking tool. The Originality Report identifies possible instances of plagiarism, guiding students to understand where they may have overlooked proper source citations. The grammar-checking tool identifies and suggests corrections for grammatical errors. Together, these features provide students with detailed feedback to improve their writing.

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