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How to make an Image white on Canva

How to make an Image white on Canva (2 Methods)

Creating visually arresting graphics with a touch of minimalism is a breeze using Canva, particularly when you need to make an image white.

Whether you’re aiming for a sophisticated backdrop for a webpage, a standout cover for your social media, or simply a clean slate for further design elements, Canva’s user-friendly platform caters to both novices and seasoned designers alike.

Let’s embark on a journey through a simple guide that will show you how to transform any image into a pristine white version using the intuitive tools Canva offers. With just a few clicks, you’ll learn how to achieve the perfect design aesthetic you’re aiming for.

How to change the Color of the logo in Canva (Or any Image)

How to Make an Image White on Canva

Using Duotone

Step 1: Utilize Effects or Edit for Initial Adjustments

First, pick a dark background for your templates because you won’t see a white color palette on your image.

How to make an Image white on Canva (2 Methods) 1

In your pursuit of transforming a logo to an immaculate white in Canva, initiate the process by selecting your logo and tapping on the ‘Effects’ button at the screen’s bottom on a mobile device. For desktop users, click Edit image or Edit Photo button – a slight divergence from the mobile interface.

By starting here, you are positioning yourself to unveil the transformative power Canva harbors for your graphics, a first but crucial step towards a sophisticated finish for your design project.

Step 2: Embrace the ‘Duotone’ Effect

How to make an Image white on Canva (2 Methods) 2

Once within the ‘Effects’ or ‘Edit’ tab, scroll through the plethora of creative effects presented to you until you encounter the ‘Duotone’ option. Upon selecting it, you will navigate closer to achieving that desired stark, white look that can redefine the impact of your logo.

Step 3: Configure Duotone for a White Transformation

Having selected the ‘Duotone’ effect, you will be greeted by a variety of Duotone shades.

Choose one, and upon doing so, an icon will unveil to facilitate further customizations or you can use the “custom option”;

How to make an Image white on Canva (2 Methods) 3

. Upon clicking on “See controls,” you will be ushered into a new realm of refinement possibilities for your logo. In the custom options, you will get a Black and white filter, but don’t worry, follow the next step below.

Direct your attention to the ‘Highlights’ section within the ‘Duotone’ settings where you’ll be adding a new color.

How to make an Image white on Canva (2 Methods) 4

Select the white (#ffffff) option or pick a color from the design, ensuring consistency within your branding palette and it will become white background.

This change should be mirrored in the ‘Shadows’ area, thus culminating in an all-white logo that exudes elegance and simplicity.

Using Tint Effect

Step 1: Open Canva and Start a New Design

To commence your design project, navigate to Canva’s website and log into your account. Once logged in, click on the ‘Create a design‘ button, and select your desired design type. This will be the foundation upon which you will transform your image.

Step 2: Upload Your Image

With your new design open, proceed to upload the image you wish to edit. You can do this by selecting the ‘Uploads’ tab on the side panel and choosing the image file from your device.

Step 3: Select the Image

After your image is uploaded, click and drag it onto the canvas. Highlight the image with a click to ensure it’s the active object you’re editing.

Step 4: Use Remove Background for Transparent background (optional)

If your image has a background or other elements you want to remove, Canva’s ‘Remove Background’ feature can help. Simply click on the image and select ‘Effects’, then choose the ‘Background Remover’ option. Adjust the tool until you are satisfied with the transparent background.

Step 4: Apply Effects to the Image

Once your image is selected, you’ll find the ‘Effects’ button on the upper toolbar—click on this to reveal the transformative features Canva offers.

Step 5: Choose the ‘Tint’ Effect

Among the array of effects, locate and select ‘Tint’. This specific effect grants you the capability to modify your image’s color to a crisp white or any tint of your choosing.

Step 6: Adjust the Tint Settings

Adjust the tint settings by sliding the control to the right, turning your image into the desired white hue. Fine-tune other settings, such as brightness and contrast, to optimize the visual quality of your image.

Step 7: Save and Download Your Design

Satisfied with your masterpiece, you can now save your work. Click the ‘Download’ button and select your preferred format, like PNG or JPEG, to store your newly edited image.

By adhering to these steps with precision, you can effortlessly make any image white with Canva, adding a sophisticated touch to your projects. Remember, simplicity in design can lead to impactful and memorable visuals.

For Canva Pro users, the journey concludes elegantly as you prepare to download your all-white masterpiece. Simply click on the ‘Share’ button at the top and then ‘Download’ to possess your design.

This streamlined guide, cloaked in professionalism and persuasion, delineates the steps to recolor a logo to a pristine white hue, ensuring your brand’s message is conveyed with clarity and sophistication through Canva’s intuitive design tools. A minimalist yet impactful approach to design awaits you – give it a try today!# Additional Tips and Tricks

  • Canva offers a wide range of color options for the ‘Tint’ effect, allowing you to customize your image’s white hue according to your preferences.

  • When using the ‘Duotone’ effect, experiment with different highlight and shadow colors to create unique variations of white.

  • Don’t forget to save your edited image as a new file before downloading, so you don’t overwrite the original image.

  • Canva’s design elements, such as shapes and icons, can also be transformed into white with the ‘Tint’ and ‘Duotone’ effects. This can help create a cohesive and clean aesthetic for your designs.

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In essence, Canva empowers both novices and seasoned designers to reimagine the aesthetic of their logos against dark backgrounds, turning them to an elegant white with unassuming ease. This white effect enables a logo file to stand out with pristine clarity, particularly when set against deeper hues.

Whether working with PNG or preferring the precision of an SVG file type, the tools provided on the Canva website furnish you with unwavering control over the outcome. The practical charm of an all-white logo flourishes on varying file types, and when said logo is positioned on a dark canvas, its impact is undeniably magnified.

Navigate to Canva, and witness firsthand how the ‘Tint’ and ‘Duotone’ features can revolutionize your visual content, cementing the prowess of a logo white transformation in your brand’s visual identity.

Allow Canva’s intuitive design suite to guide you through a seamless conversion process that not only heightens your logo’s visual eloquence but also amplifies your message with clarity and a touch of sophistication.

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