How Do You Hyperlink on Canva?
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How Do You Hyperlink on Canva? (Mobile and Desktop)

Canva is a powerful design tool, empowering millions to express their creativity through visually striking digital content.

One of the features that make Canva exceptionally handy is its hyperlinking capability, enhancing the interactivity and connectivity of your designs. But how exactly do you leverage this feature to its full potential?

This guide will walk you through the process, illustrating how straightforward and beneficial it is to hyperlink on Canva.

Whether you’re a seasoned Canva user or a first-timer, this technique can significantly boost the effectiveness of your creations.

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How to Add Hyperlink in Canva on PC

The process of adding hyperlinks in Canva is simple. Follow these steps to create a hyperlink on your PC:

Open Canva

Start by logging into your Canva account and opening up a new or existing design. With Canva’s extensive range of templates and design elements, creating visually stunning designs is just a few clicks away.

Select your text

Using the text tool or selecting other elements such as images or shapes, you can easily add clickable links. Click on the text box or design element to which you want to add a hyperlink.

How Do You Hyperlink on Canva? (Mobile and Desktop) 8

Click on the link icon

After selecting the desired text or element, a floating toolbar will appear in the upper right corner. Look for the link icon (which looks like a chain), and click on it. This is where you insert links to your content.

Alternatively, you can press CTRL + K (for windows) or CMD + K (for mac) shortcut;

How Do You Hyperlink on Canva? (Mobile and Desktop) 9

Insert the URL

A pop-up window will appear where you can insert the full URL of the specific website, social media pages, or other online content you want to link to. Ensure you double-check the link to make sure it works correctly.

How Do You Hyperlink on Canva? (Mobile and Desktop) 10

Press Enter or Click Apply

After inserting the link, press enter on your keyboard or click the apply button in the pop-up window. Your text or design element will now become a clickable hyperlink.

Repeat the Process

Repeat these steps for all the hyperlinks you want to add to your Canva design. This simple process lets you create clickable links to your website, social media posts, PDF documents, and more in your Canva designs.

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How to Add Hyperlink in Canva on Mobile

Adding hyperlinks in Canva on mobile is just as straightforward as it is on PC. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Open Canva App

Launch the Canva app on your mobile device and log into your account. Open an existing design or start a new one. Canva’s mobile app offers the same stunning visuals and customization options as the desktop version.

Select Your Text

Tap on the text box, image, or any other element to which you want to add a link. The options for editing will appear.

How Do You Hyperlink on Canva? (Mobile and Desktop) 11

Tap on the Link Button

Look for the link button in the bottom menu bar, and click on “More Icon”. It resembles a chain icon, similar to the desktop version.

How Do You Hyperlink on Canva? (Mobile and Desktop) 12

Enter the URL

A pop-up window will appear where you can type in or paste the URL for the content you want to link to. This could be your website, social media profiles, a PDF document, or any other online content. Always double-check your links to ensure accuracy.

How Do You Hyperlink on Canva? (Mobile and Desktop) 13

Apply the Link

Tap ‘Apply’ or ‘Done’ on your keyboard to insert the link. The selected text or element will now show as a clickable link in your Canva design.

How Do You Hyperlink on Canva? (Mobile and Desktop) 14

Review and Save Your Design

Review your design once you’ve added all your hyperlinks to ensure the links lead to the correct pages. Then, save your work. Canva offers options to save as an image file or a PDF standard or PDF Print for designs with clickable links.

Adding clickable links in Canva on mobile not only amplifies the functionality of your designs but also allows you to effectively drive traffic to your other pages.

Remember, adding clickable links to your Canva designs can significantly enhance the interactivity of your content, driving more traffic to your online business, and fostering deeper engagement with your audience.

With Canva Pro, you gain access to unlimited storage, a wealth of stock photos, and even the ability to save designs as a PNG file or other file types.

These enhanced features all serve to draw attention to your content and provide a more engaging user experience.

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Why Do You Need to Create Hyperlinks?

Creating hyperlinks in your Canva designs is vital for multiple reasons. First and foremost, hyperlinks offer a bridge between your design and additional online resources or content, providing your audience with a comprehensive, connected experience.

Hyperlinks can guide your viewers to your website, blog posts, social media platforms, or any other online content, effectively increasing your digital reach.

Moreover, hyperlinks can serve as a call to action, encouraging your audience to engage more deeply with your content, whether that’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or participating in a survey. This not only enhances user engagement but also boosts the conversion rate.

Lastly, the inclusion of hyperlinks can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your designs. Instead of cluttering your design with excessive information, you can simply create a hyperlink, maintaining a clean, professional look while still providing access to additional content.

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In conclusion, learning how to add links and create clickable hyperlinks in Canva is a game-changer for creating interactive designs. The step-by-step process for adding links and creating hyperlinks is straightforward, whether you’re working on a PC or mobile.

Remember, hyperlinks can do more than just support links to external content. They can also serve as a powerful tool for drawing your audience deeper into your content, whether you’re creating designs for marketing, social media, or other professional projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add clickable links to images on Canva?

Yes, you can add clickable links to images on Canva. Just select the image, click on the ‘Link’ button, enter the URL in the pop-up window, and click ‘Apply.’ The image will now serve as a clickable link.

How many clickable links can I add to a Canva design?

You can add as many clickable links as you want in a Canva design. There is no limit, allowing you to make your design as interactive as you please. Just remember to keep your audience’s user experience in mind; too many links can be overwhelming.

Is the clickable link on Canva functional in every file format?

No, clickable links on Canva only function in specific file formats. When exporting your design, ensure you choose either a PDF Standard or PDF Print file format. These formats retain the functionality of the clickable links. Alternatively, if you share the design via a Canva link, the hyperlinks will remain active.

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