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How to Make Money on Canva

How to Make Money on Canva (11 Methods)

Earning money with Canva is easier than you think—all you need is a laptop, internet access, and a spark of creativity to create hundreds of dollars per month!

Most of these internet business strategies require little experience to get started, but others require connections and money to thrive.

Whether you’re looking to sell Canva templates, create social media graphics that dazzle, offer social media management services, or even make money with Canva through more innovative paths, the possibilities are endless.

This guide is specially crafted for those who recognize the potential in their Canva skills and seek to create templates, social media posts, or digital products that keep paying back.

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We’ll explore how you can leverage Canva’s template library, affiliate, and creator programs, and tap into the demand for editable social media templates and graphic design services.

Let’s get started:

Create and Sell Canva templates

How to Make Money on Canva (11 Methods) 1

Selling Canva templates presents a delightful opportunity to turn your design prowess into a steady flow of passive income. Choose the type of Canva templates you’ll focus on creating.

Read step-by-step guide – How to sell Canva Templates – Step-by-Step Guide

Popular options among creators and users alike include engaging social media posts, visually stunning presentations, professional client packets, informative newsletters, and eye-catching eBook covers.

By harnessing Canva’s robust design tools and tapping into your creative reservoir, you can craft templates that resonate with potential clients across various social media platforms and beyond.

The beauty of Canva templates lies in their adaptability; ensuring your designs offer ample customization options will make them invaluable to users who seek to infuse personal flair into their projects.

Once you’ve curated a collection of captivating templates, the path to monetization unfolds across platforms like Etsy, Shopify, Creative Market, and Teachable, where you can sell your templates individually or as comprehensive packages.

This approach not only diversifies your income sources but also amplifies your visibility in the digital market space.

Gradually, you can scale your success into a full-fledged Canva template business by leveraging your own website for promotion, harnessing SEO strategies to attract more eyes to your work, and potentially partnering with Canva through its affiliate or creator programs.

Remember, consistency in creating high-quality, versatile, and visually appealing templates will bolster your reputation, attract a broader audience, and enable you to achieve a sustainable income stream.

Design and Sell Printables

How to Make Money on Canva (11 Methods) 2

By channeling your Canva skills into the creation of digital products like engaging educational resources, sophisticated digital planners, creative journals, and vivid stickers, you’re not only offering value but also beautifying everyday tasks for your customers.

The allure of printables lies in their broad appeal, offering something for everyone, from bespoke social media graphics to organizational tools like planners and editable social media templates.

Getting started involves exploring Canva’s template library for inspiration, then applying your own twist with unique color palettes, fonts, and graphics. This process of creating Canva templates for printables such as coloring pages, logos, infographics, and even Pinterest graphics, demands an understanding of your potential clients’ needs and the latest trends on social media platforms.

Whether you choose to sell templates on marketplaces like Etsy or push them through your own brand via an own website or social media, success hinges on your ability to craft digital products that stand out.

Collaboration also presents a lucrative path. Partnering with bloggers, online course creators, or YouTube personalities by offering custom digital product downloads for their audiences can lead to a beneficial commission-based income stream. You engage in a creative process, they get exclusive content for their brand, and you both enjoy the financial rewards.

Become a Canva Contributor

How to Make Money on Canva (11 Methods) 3

Becoming a Canva Contributor is a golden ticket for talented graphic designers and artists looking to generate a stable passive income. As a contributor, you’re invited to share your original artwork—be it intricate vector illustrations, stunning stock photos, or unique stickers—with a massive audience of over 100 million Canva users.

What sets this opportunity apart is the attractive 35 dollars you’ll earn every time someone purchases your artwork. This model not only celebrates your creative freedom but also rewards your efforts and design skills.

Here’s the deal: to kick off, simply create a free Canva account and upload your creations. It’s essential that your artwork is original and complies with Canva’s terms and conditions, ensuring a smooth contribution process.

This platform is especially lucrative for those specializing in creating graphics such as social media posts, social media banners, and editable social media templates, catering to both Canva’s free and Pro templates users.

By aligning with the Canva Affiliate Program or Canva Creator Program, you amplify your reach, making your artwork accessible to a broad spectrum of users, from individual graphic designers and social media management services to online business entities.

Start a Print-on-Demand Business

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Starting a print-on-demand (POD) business with Canva is a brilliant move for graphic designers aiming to make money in a versatile and risk-minimized way. This business model allows you to leverage your design skills to create social media graphics, logo templates, editable social media templates, and more for merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, and hoodies without the overheads associated with traditional online stores.

Here’s how to make money and launch your venture into the POD world:

  • Identify Your Niche: The success of a POD business starts with pinpointing a niche that resonates with your interests and is popular on social media platforms.

  • Design with Canva: Utilize your Canva skills to create Canva templates and designs tailored to your chosen niche. With Canva’s drag-and-drop builder, creating graphics for a wide array of merchandise becomes easy.

  • Collaborate with POD Platforms: Once your designs are ready, partner with print-on-demand stores like Printify, Printful, or Sellfy. These platforms will manage the manufacturing, shipping, and customer service aspects, allowing you to focus on creating graphics and selling digital products with ease.

  • Market Your Merchandise: Leverage other social media platforms, your own website, and the Canva Affiliate Program to promote your products. Engage potential clients through compelling social media content.

  • Expand and Evolve: Continuously update your product line and design offerings based on trending topics, customer feedback, and evolving interests in your niche. This will not only keep your brand relevant and grow your customer base.

This approach to selling Canva templates and merchandise in a POD business setup provides a unique opportunity for Canva users to earn a passive income while exercising creative freedom. It is an innovative way to transform your passion for design into a profitable online business.

Design Logos for Small Businesses

How to Make Money on Canva (11 Methods) 4

Designing logos for small businesses represents a lucrative and creative opportunity for Canva users looking to make money with Canva. With the surge of new businesses entering the market, there’s a constant demand for unique and expressive logos.

Canva’s comprehensive features make it significantly easy for graphic designers to craft and sell Canva templates, including high-quality logo designs.

By following a few strategic steps, you can tap into this market:

  • Create a Portfolio: Begin by generating a collection of logo samples that showcase your design skills and creativity.

  • Utilize Freelance Platforms: Platforms like Upwork, DesignCrowd, and 99Designs are excellent venues where you can discover startups and small businesses in need of logo designs. Offer your designs at competitive rates to stand out.

  • Leverage Reviews for Growth: Aim for 5-star ratings and positive reviews, as these will be your best marketing tool. With a solid reputation, you can start targeting medium to large enterprises prepared to invest over $100 for a distinctive logo.

  • Seek Inspiration within Canva: If you’re grappling with a creative block, peruse through Canva’s extensive library of logo templates for inspiration. Keeping your creations original is crucial, so use these templates as a spark for your ingenuity, not for direct replication.

By harnessing the power of Canva’s toolset and following these steps, graphic designers can cultivate a thriving business focused on creating graphics, particularly logo templates, for an array of clients.

This not only contributes to your portfolio of digital products but also solidifies your standing as a Canva Creator, providing a sustainable income stream by selling digital products online.

Platforms for create designs and selling for logos;

  • Freelancer

  • Upwork

  • Fiverr

  • Creative market

  • Envato

The key is to continuously evolve your designs, stay atop trends in graphic design, and deliver exceptional service to your clients, fostering relationships that could lead to recurring projects and recommendations.

Promote Canva As An Affiliate

How to Make Money on Canva (11 Methods) 5

Promoting Canva as an affiliate unlocks a world of opportunity, posing a brilliant business model for those adept in social media management services and creating social media graphics. By tapping into the Canva Affiliate Program, you can essentially transform your influence on social media platforms into a lucrative income stream.

Here’s how to start making money with Canva through its affiliate program:

  • Sign Up for the Affiliate Program: Apply to join the Canva Affiliate Program. Once accepted, you’ll receive access to a variety of free and pro templates, editable social media templates, and graphic design services resources to help you promote Canva Pro.

  • Leverage Your Social Media Presence: Use your social media accounts to broadcast the benefits of Canva Pro. Whether it’s through Instagram stories showing off social media images you’ve created or tutorials on YouTube on how to make money on Canva, your goal is to illustrate Canva’s value to your followers.

  • Create Engaging Content: From detailed blog posts on your own website to social media posts that highlight Canva’s diverse offerings, create content that educates your audience about Canva’s benefits. Don’t forget to use your custom referral link for tracking.

  • Track Your Success: Use Canva’s personal dashboard to monitor your referrals, conversions, and earnings. This data can help refine your sales strategies.

  • Expand Your Reach: Don’t just limit yourself to one platform. Utilize email newsletters, Pinterest graphics, and even collaborate with other Canva users, to extend your reach and potentially increase your affiliate earnings.

By following these strategies, you not only stand to make a significant passive income but also help others unlock their creative potential with Canva Pro.

With Canva’s creative market constantly expanding, the potential for affiliates to make money selling Canva templates and promote the use of Canva’s templates is vast, offering an innovative path to financial success and creative freedom.

Design Ebook Covers With Canva

How to Make Money on Canva (11 Methods) 6

Designing eBook covers on Canva is yet another inventive way to make money using your creative skill set. For those with a flair for writing or a love for books, turning towards the creation of eBook covers can yield significant returns.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Explore Freelance Opportunities: Platforms such as Upwork and 99Design are teeming with authors in search of talented graphic designers for their eBook projects. This presents a great opportunity to work on various aspects of eBooks, including front covers, illustrations, and tables.

  • Publish Your Own eBook: If you have a story to tell, why not write and publish your own eBook? Topics can range from romance and horror to autobiographies. Design your eBook cover using Canva, and self-publish it on platforms like Amazon Kindle or Apple Books to earn commissions on your book sales.

  • Utilize Templates for Inspiration: Canva’s vast library of templates can serve as a starting point for your eBook cover designs. Whether you’re designing for clients or your own eBook, these templates can spark creativity while ensuring your designs remain fresh and appealing.

  • Market Your Services: Don’t forget to promote your eBook cover design services across social media platforms and on your own website. By showcasing your work and sharing Canva tutorials or tips, you can attract potential clients and establish yourself as a skilled Canva creator.

Whether you’re assisting authors in bringing their visions to life or narrating your own story, designing eBook covers with Canva not only satisfies your creative itch but also opens up diverse avenues for generating income.

Create and Sell Canva Courses Online

How to Make Money on Canva (11 Methods) 7

Creating and selling Canva courses online is an innovative way to share your expertise and help others improve their design skills, all while generating a significant income stream.

Here’s how you can get started in this exciting venture:

  • Identify Your Audience and Course Content: Determine whether your courses will cater to beginners, advanced Canva users, or both. By focusing on unique pain points and interests, you can tailor your content to meet the needs of your target audienc.

  • Develop Your Course Material: Craft a detailed script and create engaging presentations for each video tutorial. Incorporate practical exercises, guides, and Canva tutorials that showcase how to make money with Canva, sell Canva templates, or use Canva for social media management services.

  • Record and Edit Your Tutorials: With your course outline and materials ready, start recording your tutorials. Ensure your videos are clear, engaging, and provide value to your students.

  • Publish Your Course on Online Platforms: Platforms like Teachable, Udemy, and Skillshare offer excellent opportunities to reach a wide audience. Publishing your course on these platforms can help you tap into a community eager to learn about Canva, social media posts, graphic design services, and more.

  • Promote Your Course: Utilize social media platforms, own website, and email newsletters to market your Canva courses.

  • Grow Your Online Presence: As your courses gain popularity, enhance your presence on social media and other online channels. Share valuable content, join Canva-related discussions, and continue promoting your courses, affiliate links, and collaboration offers to increase your profits and establish yourself as a prominent Canva expert.

By tapping into the Canva creator program, selling digital products, and combining your unique design skills with effective educational resources, Not only do you empower others, but you also establish a rewarding online business.

Create Social Media Posts for Businesses

How to Make Money on Canva (11 Methods) 8

Diving into the realm of social media content creation presents a lucrative opportunity for graphic designers and Canva enthusiasts alike. Here’s how you can capitalize on this demand and make money with Canva:

  • Identify Your Niche: Begin by pinpointing brands or startups that resonate with your design style and values. By focusing on a specific niche, you can tailor your social media graphics to appeal directly to your ideal clients, making your services more attractive.

  • Showcase Your Portfolio: Utilize your own website or social media platforms to display your best Canva templates and designs.

  • Leverage Canva’s Features: Explore Canva’s free and pro templates to craft social media banners, editable social media templates, and other visuals that stand out. Your ability to create stunning visuals with Canva’s tools can set you apart in the competitive landscape of social media content creation.

  • Offer Comprehensive Packages: Expand your services to include social media management services, where you not only design but also schedule posts, write engaging captions, and develop a content strategy. This can significantly increase your value to clients.

  • Constantly Update Your Skills: Stay ahead by continually updating your Canva skills and keeping abreast of the latest design trends.

  • Feedback and Adapt: Listen closely to feedback from your clients and adapt your services accordingly.

Whether you’re offering digital planners, logo templates, or social media banners, the key to success in this dynamic field is innovation, quality, and responsiveness to the needs of your clients and the market.

Sell Your Design Skills on Freelancing Websites

How to Make Money on Canva (11 Methods) 9

Expanding your Canva skills into the realm of freelancing offers a fantastic avenue to make money with Canva. Start by marking your presence on freelancing platforms such as 99Designs, Fiverr, and DesignCrowd, which are treasure troves of design gigs waiting for the right creative mind.

Here’s how you can jumpstart your freelance graphic design career using Canva:

  • Build a Compelling Profile: Set up your accounts on these platforms and craft a profile that showcases your graphic design services, complete with samples of your Canva templates, social media graphics, and any relevant work that displays your prowess. Adding testimonials and details of past projects can significantly bolster your credibility.

  • Diversify Your Offerings: On platforms like Fiverr, tap into a wide array of services you can offer with Canva, from ebook covers and posters to logo design, editable social media templates, social media banners, and much more.

  • Seize Many Opportunities: In the beginning, apply for as many gigs as you can. Initially casting a wide net helps in garnering reviews and clientele. After establishing a base with at least four to five positive reviews, refine your offerings to areas like creating social media content, brand kits, or digital products, aligning with your expertise.

  • Aim for Long-term Partnerships: Excellence in your projects can transform one-time gigs into enduring relationships. Strive to exceed client expectations, setting the foundation for long-term partnerships.

  • Utilize Canva’s Resources: Leverage free and pro templates from Canva to create appealing designs quickly and efficiently.

  • Keep Skilling Up: Continuously upgrade your design skills and stay updated with the latest trends and features offered by Canva.

  • Network on Social Media: Use social media platforms not just for promoting your work but also for networking with other Canva creators and potential clients. Sharing your canva course, editable social media templates, or offering a shareable template link can attract more traffic to your own website or profile, opening up more opportunities.

By following these tips and leveraging the power of Canva, you not only carve a niche for yourself within the freelance graphic design community but also unlock the potential for significant revenue, paving the way for a thriving online business.

Publish Canva tutorials on YouTube

How to Make Money on Canva (11 Methods) 10

Launching a YouTube channel to publish Canva tutorials is an innovative and engaging way to share your expertise while also tapping into the lucrative potential of online video content. Whether you’re a seasoned graphic designer looking to expand your online business or a Canva creator eager to showcase your design skills, creating detailed, easy-to-follow tutorials can help you make a significant impact on both beginners and other Canva users.

Start by developing content that addresses common design challenges, such as creating social media graphics, logo templates, or editable social media templates, and dives deep into the nuances of Canva’s library and pro templates.

Incorporating SEO keywords such as how to make money on Canva, sell Canva templates, and create social media content into your video titles, descriptions, and tags can greatly enhance your visibility on YouTube and Google search results.

To maximize your outreach, engage with your viewers through comments, encourage sharing across social media platforms, and continuously promote your videos on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

By doing so, you not only build a community of Canva users and graphic designers but also open doors to making money through selling digital products, participating in the Canva affiliate program, and potentially securing sponsored content opportunities.

Remember, consistency in content quality and posting schedule, combined with strategic promotion and SEO, will drive your subscriber count up, increase your video views, and amplify your earnings potential.

Create a Canva course, offer free Canva account tips, or explore the depths of Canva’s template library—the possibilities with Canva tutorials on YouTube are endless, offering you a brilliant way to leverage your creativity, share valuable educational resources, and monetize your design skills effectively.

Other Canva Resources


In conclusion, harnessing the power of Canva unlocks a world of opportunity for both seasoned and aspiring graphic designers eager to make their mark in the digital age. By creating compelling social media graphics, selling Canva templates, and providing top-notch design services, you can tap into the lucrative side of this versatile platform.

Whether it’s through teaching Canva courses, participating in the Canva affiliate program, or crafting unique digital products, the potential for earning and impact is immense. Remember, success stems from continuously upgrading your Canva skills, understanding the needs of your potential clients, and leveraging the strength of social media platforms to showcase your work.

Make money with Canva not just as a side gig but as a thriving online business that stands at the intersection of creative freedom and financial success. By following the strategies outlined, you can transform your passion for design into a sustainable income stream, making money selling Canva templates and digital products while contributing to a vibrant community of Canva users and creators.

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