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About Google Cache Checker

Did you know that Google caches your website?

If you want to revert some element on your website, it's not always easy to find the original version. With this tool, all you need is up to 20 urls and click submit. You'll come to know the same!

This tool will help you find if google has cached version such that you can browse the old version of your website if you want to revert some element on your website. All in one place! It’s a must-have for any webmaster or SEO professional who wants their site indexed by Google as quickly as possible after changes are made.

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Check the number of search results that Google has cached:

This tool helps you find a correlation between what was changed on your website and how quickly Google refreshes its cache.

This tool will help you Save time by using google as your own personal search engine

Get a wide variety of content with just one click

Increase ROI on your marketing campaign and save money on SEO audits

Keep track of changes to your website without hiring outside help

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If you want to know if there are any cached versions of your website on Google, then the cache checker tool is a great resource. Simply enter upto 20 URLs and click submit to get an idea of what’s out there for anyone interested in browsing the old version of your site. This information can be helpful when re-designing or updating elements on your page such as contact info, pricing details, etc. Check it out today!