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How to Block a Number in 2 Taps (Android and iOS)

How to Block a Number in 2 Taps (Android and iOS)

Are you bothered by endless calls or texts from an unknown number, or is there someone you wish to avoid? Blocking a number on your Android and iPhone can be a simple solution to prevent unwanted communications, whether they’re spam calls or personal contacts.

This guide will walk you through the steps to effectively prevent unwanted calls and spam on your device, ensuring you maintain control over who can reach you through your phone.

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How to Block a Number on Android phones

Things to remember

The procedure for blocking numbers varies slightly among different models of Android phones, yet they generally follow a similar approach.

  • Primarily, you’ll want to navigate through your phone by tapping “Settings” within the phone app, proceeding to “Block Numbers,” and then adding the specific numbers you wish to block.

  • This method seamlessly integrates into your Android device’s call settings, empowering you with the ability to block unwanted calls, spam calls, and even anonymous calls directly through your contacts tab or messages app.

Here, you’ll find how to block a number on most popular android phones such as Samsung and Pixel.

How to block a number on Samsung phones

Step 1: Open your Phone App

How to Block a Number in 2 Taps (Android and iOS) 12

Locate the phone app from your Android cell phone, usually symbolized with a phone icon, on your Android’s Home Screen. This is your gateway to managing calls, including blocking unwanted numbers.

Step 2: Access the Menu

How to Block a Number in 2 Taps (Android and iOS) 13

Once in the Phone app, look towards the top-right corner of the screen for the ⋮ icon, representing the menu. A tap here reveals a drop-down menu with several options.

Step 3: Tap Settings

How to Block a Number in 2 Taps (Android and iOS) 14

Within the drop-down menu, you’ll find the Settings option at the bottom. Selecting this takes you into the call settings of your Android device, where various configuration options, including blocking numbers, are available.

Step 4: Select “Block numbers”

How to Block a Number in 2 Taps (Android and iOS) 15

Under the “CALL SETTINGS” section, roughly midway down the screen, you’ll come across the “Block numbers” option. This is where you can add phone numbers to your block list, shielding you from unwanted calls and spam.

Step 5: Enter the Number to Block

How to Block a Number in 2 Taps (Android and iOS) 16

After selecting “Block numbers”, tap the text field under the “Add phone number” heading. Here, input the specific number you wish to block from calling your Android phone.

Step 6: Confirm by Tapping “Done”

With the number now entered, finalize the process by tapping “Done”. This action saves the number to your block list on the Samsung device, effectively preventing it from disrupting you with calls.

To manage your blocked numbers list or to unblock a number, revisit the “Block numbers” settings. Each number you’ve blocked will have a trashcan icon next to it; tapping this icon will remove the number from your block list.

Additionally, for Samsung phone users, the Smart Call feature enhances call identification and blocking capabilities, including the option to block anonymous or unknown calls.

This feature, found within the Phone app’s settings menu, marked by the ⋮ icon, improves spam protection by allowing you to block calls not listed in your contacts by enabling the “Caller ID and spam protection” switch.

This proactive measure significantly reduces interruptions from incoming calls, fortifying your phone’s defence against unsolicited contact.

How to block a number on Pixel or Nexus Phones

Step 1: Open your Phone App

Begin by locating the Phone app on your Pixel or Nexus phone, typically identifiable by a phone-shaped icon on the Home Screen. This app is your primary tool for managing calls, including the ability to block unwanted or spam calls.

Step 2: Tap the ⋮ Menu

Look for the ⋮ icon, situated in the upper right corner of the Phone app. Tapping on this icon will reveal a drop-down menu, providing you with additional options.

Step 3: Tap Settings

From the drop-down menu, select the “Settings” option. This will direct you to a menu where you can adjust various call-related settings for your Android phone.

Step 4: Tap Blocked Numbers

Within the Settings menu, find and select the “Blocked numbers” option, positioned near the top of the list. This section is designated for managing the numbers you wish to block.

Step 5: Tap ADD A NUMBER

Click on “ADD A NUMBER” at the top of the Blocked Numbers page to proceed with blocking a new number.

Step 6: Enter the Number to Block

Type the phone number you wish to block in the text field provided. This action prepares the specified number to be added to your blocked list.

Step 7: Tap BLOCK

After entering the number, finalize the process by selecting “BLOCK”. This ensures that calls from the blocked number will no longer reach your phone. For added spam protection, you have the option to check the “Report call as spam” box, enhancing your phone’s defense against unwanted calls and spam.

By following these steps, users can effectively manage incoming calls on their Pixel or Nexus phones, leveraging features like spam protection and the ability to block numbers directly from the Phone app.

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How to Block a Number on iPhone (iOS Devices)

Blocking from Recent Calls

To enhance your control over incoming calls and maintain your peace of mind, blocking numbers directly from your recent calls is a swift and effective method. This feature is incredibly useful in stopping spam callers or contacts you no longer wish to communicate with.

Here’s how to accomplish this in a few simple steps:

Open the Phone app: Look for a white phone icon with a green background on your home screen and tap it to open.

How to Block a Number in 2 Taps (Android and iOS) 17

Tap Recents: At the bottom left corner of the screen, you’ll see a clock icon. This is the “Recents” tab, where you can view your recent incoming and outgoing calls.

How to Block a Number in 2 Taps (Android and iOS) 18

Tap ‘i’ next to the number you want to block: Find the number you wish to block from your list of recent calls. On the right side of the number, there is an information icon denoted as “i.” Tap on this icon.

How to Block a Number in 2 Taps (Android and iOS) 19

Tap ‘Block this Caller’: Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see the “Block this Caller” option. This option will be highlighted in red, indicating the function to prevent further phone calls, FaceTime calls, or messages from that number.

How to Block a Number in 2 Taps (Android and iOS) 20

Tap ‘Block Contact’: To confirm your action and add this number to your blocked contacts, tap on “Block Contact.” After this, the specific phone number will be blocked, ensuring you no longer receive phone calls, FaceTime calls, or messages from it.

How to Block a Number in 2 Taps (Android and iOS) 21

By following these straightforward steps, you can easily manage your incoming calls and maintain your desired level of privacy on your iPhone.

Adding Contacts to Block List

If you’re seeking to enhance your privacy and reduce interruptions from spam calls or unwanted contacts, adding contacts to your blocked list on your iPhone is a straightforward process.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you easily block a number:

  • Open the Settings app: Locate the grey cog icon on your home screen to open your iPhone’s settings. It’s essential to ensure your device is updated to the latest iOS version to access the most current blocking features.

  • Tap ‘Phone’: Within the Settings menu, scroll until you find the “Phone” option, generally positioned in the middle of the list, just below “Voice Memos.”

  • Tap ‘Blocked Contacts’ : Under the “Call Blocking & Identification” section, select “Blocked Contacts” to view and manage your list of blocked numbers.

  • Tap ‘Add New…’ : At the bottom of the “Blocked Contacts” page, you’ll find the “Add New…” option. If your block list is lengthy, you might need to scroll down to see this choice.

  • Select the Contact to Block : From your contacts list, choose the contact you wish to block. Once selected, they will immediately be added to your blocked list, preventing them from making phone calls, FaceTime calls, or sending messages to your iPhone.

How to Block a Number in 2 Taps (Android and iOS) 22

To add another number to your block list, simply tap “Add New…” again and choose another contact. If you decide to unblock a contact, tap “Edit” in the top-right corner of the screen, then tap the red minus sign next to the contact’s name, and finally, tap “Unblock” to remove them from the list.

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With the increasing necessity to guard against spam and maintain privacy, understanding how to block a phone number, manage blocked numbers, and utilize features like smart call and spam protection becomes indispensable.

Remember, maintaining control over your incoming calls, whether to block specific phone numbers or unknown calls, ensures a more secure and interruption-free mobile phone experience.

This guide aims to empower you with the knowledge to block numbers, manage your blocked contacts, and enjoy a more serene and focused digital experience without the hassle of spam calls or unwelcome communications.

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