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Have you ever been wondering if your domain is blacklisted or not?

You can use our blacklist lookup tool to find out! All you need to do is enter your domain name and check whether it's banned or not. It’s a quick and easy way to make sure that the domains you own are safe from spamming, hacking, and other malicious activities.

If your domain has been blacklisted, then we'll help get it removed so that search engines will rank it again. We also provide an email address for any questions about this service. So don't hesitate - just type in your URL now! 

Why is my IP address blacklisted?

A blacklist is a database of IP addresses that are believed to send spam. Emails from these IP addresses are either blocked or routed to the recipient's spam folder or handled accordingly.

Your IP may be in a single blacklist or multiple backlists. There is no centralized authority for that. Each blacklist is managed independently, and each has its criteria for listing or delisting the IP address in its blacklist.

The blacklist contains a record of known IPs that are not allowed to access content.

  1. The main reasons for an IP to be blacklisted are if you have a virus, malware or are being spammy.
  2. If you run a mail server that is not configured correctly, which results in sending spam, or you intentionally send spam, your IP address will eventually become blacklisted.
  3. One possible explanation for your error is that the email list you purchased from a third party contains many incorrect or spam email addresses.
  4. The majority of email receivers classify your email as spam.
  5. Someone hacked your email account and is using it for spam operations.
  6. The password to access your email account has been changed, so you can’t send out any messages or read the inbox without a new password.
  7. This is standard practice from our security team when they detect that someone else logged into an organization's mailbox by
  8. If your IP address is on the blacklist, even though you didn’t do anything wrong, it may have happened because most of the families that maintain them automatically add the DHCP-assigned IP to their databases. This also might mean that your current IP was linked to spamming from a previous owner and your ISP is not in any way involved
  9. Your website can be blacklisted and no legitimate site would want that. There are many reasons blacklisting might happen.
  • If you have been building links from spammy websites, it is likely because your website itself has some spam.
  • We have reason to believe that your website may be used to commit cybercrime.
  • Once the website is added to the search engine's blacklist, it will disappear from being available on the internet.

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The Blacklist Lookup Tool is a very helpful tool to check if your domain or URL has been blacklisted or not. This tool can be used for many purposes including checking whether the domain was banned from search engine rankings, finding out why you are getting dropped into weird places online and much more. All you need to do is enter your domain name and it will tell you right away if it’s on any of these spam blacklisting websites such as domcop, spamcop etc. If this sounds like something that could help improve your digital marketing strategy then watch our video below!