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How To Play Instagram Emoji Game

How To Play Instagram Emoji Game In 2 Taps

Dive into the world of Instagram and discover the hidden gem that is taking social media by storm – the new pong game on Instagram!

Whether you’re looking to add a splash of fun to your daily conversations or engage in a delightful competition with your friends, this secret game hidden within the Instagram app offers an innovative and interactive experience.

Designed exclusively for both iOS and Android users, the game can simply be played with the slide of a finger can earn you points or bring a laugh.

Are you ready to play, hit high scores, and enjoy the excitement of discovering emojis like the elusive French fries or the beautiful butterfly?

Let’s learn how to bring this hidden game to the forefront of your Instagram conversations and make every interaction unforgettable.

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How to play Pong Game on Instagram

Unlock the Instagram Emoji Game with a simple tap on any emoji sent in your Instagram DMs. This secret game, creatively embedded within the app, aims to keep users hooked on the app.

Ready to join in on this hidden game spree?

Here’s how to play it:

Step 1: Choose Your Emoji

Open a message from any of your friends on Instagram. Select any emoji and hit send.

Step 2: Transform Emoji into a Playful Pong Ball

How To Play Instagram Emoji Game In 2 Taps 1

After sending your chosen emoji in the DM, tap on it. The emoji metamorphoses into a bouncing ball.

Step 3: Engage in the Emoji Pong Game

A slider will appear at the bottom of your screen. Use your finger to slide this bar left or right, aiming to hit the bouncing emoji ball.

Step 4: Keep the Ball Bouncing

How To Play Instagram Emoji Game In 2 Taps 2

Your objective is to keep the emoji bouncing for as long as possible. Every hit earns you one point, but the game’s pace quickens after every five successful hits.

Step 5: Challenge Your Friends and Rack Up Your Score

How To Play Instagram Emoji Game In 2 Taps 3

Share your best scores in your conversations and challenge your friends to see who can achieve the highest score.

By following these simple steps, you can unlock a world of fun and games right within your Instagram messages.

The Instagram Emoji Game is a fantastic opportunity to engage with friends in a playful and innovative manner. Keep the game going!

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The Instagram Emoji Game emerges as a hidden gem that significantly enhances the social media experience. This secret game, ingeniously hidden inside the Instagram app, represents a fusion of novelty and nostalgia, appealing to both Android users and those on iOS.

With simple gestures like a slide of the finger across your screen, the universe of emojis—from the whimsical caterpillar emoji to the delightful butterfly—comes alive, adding an extra layer of fun to your Instagram feel.

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