How to get backlinks from Wikipedia
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How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024

Are you on a quest to boost your website’s SEO score organically and drive more traffic your way?

Well, getting backlinks from one of the internet’s giants, Wikipedia, can be a game-changer for you.

Wikipedia isn’t just any website; it’s a treasure trove of authoritative links visited by millions. Building Wikipedia backlinks is more than just an SEO strategy;

it’s about becoming part of a community that thrives on sharing high-quality content. Whether it’s replacing dead links, adding valuable external links, or becoming a Wikipedia editor yourself, this guide is your roadmap to getting those coveted Wikipedia backlinks.

You’ll learn how to find dead links, engage with the Wikipedia community, and position your content on relevant Wikipedia pages.

Get ready to elevate your website’s presence on search engine results pages (SERPs), all while contributing to the vast ocean of knowledge that is Wikipedia.

Stick with me, and soon you’ll see how to turn Wikipedia’s guidelines into opportunities for generating quality backlinks and driving organic traffic to your web page.

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Types Of Link Opportunities On Wikipedia

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 15

Imagine you’re on a treasure hunt on one of the world’s most visited websites, Wikipedia.

Your goal?

To find two special gems that could skyrocket your website’s presence on search engines.

These gems are known as “Dead Links” and “Missing Citations.”

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Dead Links

A dead link on Wikipedia is like a broken bridge that was supposed to lead to a treasure trove of information but now leads nowhere, showing a 404 error instead.

While stumbling upon a dead links or broken links might seem like hitting a roadblock, for you, it’s an opportunity disguised as a setback.


Because you can replace that dead link with a link to your website, as long as your page contains relevant, high-quality content (think informative blog posts or detailed case studies, not sales pitches).

How to find Dead link?

Simple go to or any search engines you use and type the following; “Keyword phrase” “dead link”

for our example, let’s say we’re search dead wikipedia links for “SEO” then here will be the code; “SEO” “dead link”
How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 16

And here’s an opportunity for you to build Wikipedia backlink as below;

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 17

Finding dead links can be as simple as checking the References section of a Wikipedia page for any mark that screams “permanent dead link.”

Or, you can speed up your quest by using tools like SEO Minion or WikiGrabber, which are like maps that guide explorers directly to the treasure.

Missing Citations

On the other hand, missing citations are blanks in Wikipedia articles where a source should be but isn’t.

Wikipedia loves facts supported by reliable sources, and sometimes, articles miss these vital supports.

That’s where you come in. If you have content on your website that perfectly fills that gap, add a citation to your site.

Just make sure your link is the key that fits the lock – relevant and valuable.

It might take a bit of judgement to spot these opportunities, but once you do, you become a valuable contributor to the Wikipedia community, all while guiding new visitors to your site.

In the world of SEO and link building, Wikipedia stands tall as an authoritative giant. Getting backlinks from Wikipedia not only juices up your website’s SEO score organically but also positions you as a part of an esteemed community.

Remember, tread carefully and prioritize relevance and quality in every link you place to ensure your contributions shine as examples of added value to both Wikipedia and your website.

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How to Edit a Wikipedia Page

Step 1: Open and Edit the Wikipedia Page

First off, let’s jump right into how you can start building those valuable backlinks. Navigate to the Wikipedia page you want to add your link to.

Look for the “Edit” icon button at the top of the page, and click on it.

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 18

Please make sure it’s not locked, if its locked that means you cannot build wikipedia backlinks on such wiki pages, it’s generally for a high or generic terms like SEO, like below is locked for editing for SEO wiki page;

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 19

By doing so, you step into the editor mode where the magic happens.

Step 2: Switch to the Visual Editor

For a more user-friendly experience, I recommend switching to the visual editor.

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 20

To enable this feature, just click on edit icon and select “Visual Editing” rather than source editing.

This awesome feature lets you see the changes you’re making as if they were already live, making it way easier to visualize the outcome of your edits.

Step 3: Making Your Edits

Now, you’re all set to make your mark. If you want to edit a specific section, simply click the “Edit” button next to the section title.

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 21

This takes you directly to the portion you want to work on – no need to scroll through the entire article. To add or update content, click on the text area where you want to make changes, and start typing. Use the formatting options available in the top menu to make your text look just right.

Step 4: Understanding Editing Restrictions

Before you get too excited, note that not all Wikipedia pages are open for everyone to edit. Pages that can’t be edited by regular users are marked with a padlock icon. This means you’ll have to look for other pages or sections without this restriction for your backlink building efforts.

Step 5: Familiarize Yourself With Wikipedia’s Guidelines

Last but not least, make sure to read up on Wikipedia’s rules and regulations. It’s crucial to know what is and isn’t allowed.

I highly recommend checking out Wikipedia’s Policies and Guidelines and the Help:Editing page. Staying within these guidelines will increase the chances of your edits being accepted by the Wikipedia community.

Remember, adding backlinks to Wikipedia should always aim to contribute valuable information to readers.

By following these steps and respecting Wikipedia’s guidelines, you’re not only enhancing your SEO strategy but also enriching the web with quality content.

How to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia

Step 1: Create Your Wikipedia Account

First things first, you’ve got to jump into the Wikipedia world officially. This means setting up your very own Wikipedia account.

It’s super easy and fast. Just head over to Wikipedia and look for the “Create account” button at the top right corner.

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 22

Trust me, it’s way better to edit as a logged-in user than to leave your IP address out there for everyone to see. Plus, it’ll only take a few minutes of your time, and bam, you have access to editing!

Step 2: Hunt for the Perfect Wikipedia Articles

Now, here’s where the real fun begins – finding the Wikipedia articles that are just screaming for your input. You might think, “Whoa, how do I even start?”

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. There’s this cool tool called WikiGrabber that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Just pop in your keywords, and it’ll fish out the pages with dead links or missing citations. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also manually search by using Google with a special query like; "your keyword" "Dead Link" 

and you will find broken links pages on search engines, when you open the specific page, open search dialogue box i.e. CTRL + F and search “dead” and you will find below;

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 23

It will be tagged as “Permanent Dead Link”, therefore, now it’s perfect time to start Wikipedia Link Building.

Either way, you’re on your way to finding gold.

Step 3: Add Your Links to Wikipedia Pages

Alright, you found where you can shine, now it’s time to actually add those links!

First, hit the Edit button at the top of your chosen Wikipedia page.

I highly recommend switching to the visual editor for an easier time. Next, find the spot you want to make brighter with your link, click “Cite”, and choose automatic citations for a smooth ride.

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 24

Just enter your page’s URL, and Wikipedia will do the citation magic for you. Once you’re happy with how it looks, hit “Insert”, and your link is part of Wikipedia!

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 25

Before you celebrate, remember to click “Publish changes”

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 26

and jot down a short summary of your edit. This helps everyone understand your contribution better.

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 27

And there you have it!

How to get backlinks from Wikipedia in 2024 28

You’re now an active member of the Wikipedia community, boosting your web page’s presence while contributing to the vast knowledge on the internet.

Keep those edits meaningful and watch as both Wikipedia and your site grow!

How Long It Takes to See on a Wikipedia Page

I know you must be wondering, “how long until my edits show up on Wikipedia?”

Well, give your curiosity a little break because you’re about to find out! Once you’ve hit that “Publish changes” button, your edits join the queue for review by the vigilant Wikipedia editors.

This could be as quick as a few hours or take up to a few days. Yes, waiting can be a bit of a nail-biter, but it’s all part of ensuring that Wikipedia stays top-notch and trustworthy.

If by chance your edits don’t make the cut, don’t sweat it. It might happen due to a variety of reasons like if the edits appeared spammy, inapplicable, or didn’t quite match Wikipedia’s guidelines.

On the flip side, if you’re focusing on link building, remember to tread lightly with blog links. Despite blogs being a fountain of information, they’re seen as less reliable in Wikipedia’s eyes.

But hey, it’s not the end of the road. Aim to link to pages within your site that scream credibility – think case studies or research pages. The golden rule here is: the more reliable your page looks, the better your chances for approval.

Remember, aiming for links from relevant Wikipedia articles or replacing dead links can significantly uplift your web page’s visibility and organic traffic. Just be patient, stick to the guidelines, and your efforts will soon pay off in improving your SEO score organically.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find dead links on Wikipedia pages for link building?

Finding dead links is like a treasure hunt, and it’s super important for building quality backlinks.

Use tools like WikiGrabber or just type ` “your keyword” + “dead link”` in search engines.

These dead links are golden spots for you to contribute valuable, high-quality content from your web page.

Can I create my own Wikipedia page to get backlinks?

You sure can, but it’s a bit tricky. Start by creating your Wikipedia account. Then, ensure you have quality content on your site that showcases authoritative links and original source material.

Remember, Wikipedia’s guidelines are strict, so your content needs to offer real value and be backed by credible sources.

If you meet these conditions, you can create a Wikipedia article about your topic. Be patient and aim to truly enrich the Wikipedia community with your contributions.

How long does it take for my backlinks to affect my SEO score organically?

Patience is key here! After you add your backlinks to relevant Wikipedia articles, it might take a while for search engines to crawl these changes and reflect them in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Generally, this could range from a few weeks to a couple of months. Stick with creating quality backlinks and engaging in effective SEO strategies, and you’ll gradually see a boost in your website’s organic traffic and SEO score.


In wrapping up, mastering the art of securing quality backlinks from Wikipedia isn’t just about boosting your website’s visibility—it’s about becoming a valuable participant in an ocean of knowledge!

Your Wikipedia account is more than just a key; it’s a tool for weaving your web page into the vast tapestry of information that is Wikipedia.

Remember, it’s about finding those golden opportunities, whether it’s replacing dead links or adding your link to relevant Wikipedia pages.

With patience, a keen eye for relevant content, and dedication to providing high-quality content, you can generate Wikipedia backlinks that not only enhance your SEO score organically but also contribute meaningfully to the Wikipedia community.

From making use of dead link opportunities to becoming an adept Wikipedia editor, the potential to boost your website traffic through dofollow and nofollow Wikipedia backlinks is immense.

Stick with it, follow the guidelines, and watch as your effort in building Wikipedia backlinks enriches both your web page and the world of Wikipedia.

Here’s to you, making your mark in the world of search engines, and soaring your site’s organic traffic through smart, innovative link building!

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