How to remove URL Field In WordPress Comment Form

Have you encountered link spammers in your WordPress comment section?. Well in this tutorial I will let you know how to remove those link spammers in WordPress Comment Form. WordPress Comment form has been widely abused. People nowadays depend entirely upon Backlinking. It leads to spam wherever they want using Bot software. WordPress is highly customized Blogging platform where you can customize a lot of options. Those link spammers look like below screenshot;

wordpress comment form

You can easily spot link spammers as they leave comment unrelated to your post. These type of link spammers exploit your link profile. You have to be in-ratio outbound links for your SEO goals. Too many outbound in single post leads to red flag in search engine algorithms.

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2 Ways To remove URL Field In WordPress Comment Form


Using Simple Code (Recommended)

There are many ways to lift those website fields in WordPress comment form. By Using Simple PHP code make it more reliable than adding plugins.

Go To > Appearance > Editor


Now on extreme right options, Select Functions.php and add following code after the last line;

[php]add_filter(‘comment_form_default_fields’, ‘website_remove’);
function website_remove($fields)
return $fields; }[/php]

It will remove the website field in WordPress comment form.

Using WordPress Plugin

Secondly, Removing fields in WordPress comment form by using a plugin.

Go To Plugins > Add New > Install and Activate Remove Field Plugin.

remove fields

That’s All Folks.

It’s one easiest way to solve your link spamming problem.