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How to add emojis to Excel

How to add emojis to Excel (3 Quick Methods)

In today’s fast-paced digital world, emojis have become more than just a fun way to express emotions in messages; they have evolved into a powerful visual tool that can make your Excel spreadsheets more engaging and easier to understand.

With Microsoft Office, specifically Excel, you now have the capability to add a touch of personality to your data, transforming mundane tables into visually appealing and expressive datasets. Whether you are working on an Excel file on your Windows computer, using Excel Online, or navigating through an Excel table on any device, inserting emojis can make your experience less tedious and more enjoyable.

This guide will walk you through various methods to insert emojis into Excel, utilising tools such as the emoji keyboard, formula bar, and even showing you how to paste emojis or use them as images in your spreadsheets.

By incorporating emojis in Excel, from adding a simple smiley face to expressing complex emotions or ideas with just a few clicks, you can enhance your data’s readability and make your spreadsheets stand out.

Discover how to add emojis to Excel, and bring a new level of fun and creativity to your data management and presentation skills.

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Add Emojis Using the Emoji Keyboard

The simplest and most user-friendly method to add emojis to your Excel spreadsheet is by leveraging the Emoji keyboard on your Windows computer or the Emoji picker on macOS.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to do this:

Begin by opening your Excel file and move to the exact cell where you wish to see the emoji. Make sure your cursor is positioned correctly within the cell for emoji insertion.

Windows users should activate the emoji interface by pressing the Windows key paired with either the period (.) or semicolon (;) key. Meanwhile, macOS users can access their emoji selection by pressing Control + Command + Spacebar.

How to add emojis to Excel (3 Quick Methods) 9

Once the emoji panel is active, pick the emoji that best fits your data’s narrative and click to insert it directly into your selected cell.

How to add emojis to Excel (3 Quick Methods) 10

Voilà! The emoji will now be part of your spreadsheet, seamlessly integrating with your data.

For those looking to fine-tune their choice, the emoji keyboard’s search functionality allows you to explore all the emojis and select the ideal symbol to convey your message effectively. Should you find yourself uncertain about which emoji to use, a deeper understanding of emoji meanings can greatly assist in your selection process.

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Use UNICHAR Function

In addition to the methods previously described, the UNICHAR function in Excel opens up another avenue for adding emojis directly into your spreadsheets by using their Unicode values.

This versatile function accepts Unicode decimals as input and returns the corresponding character, which can be an emoji, thereby allowing you to creatively incorporate emojis into your Excel data.

First go to our tool – HTML Character Codes Tool (10,000+ Icons) and double click to pick your emoji;

How to add emojis to Excel (3 Quick Methods) 11

You will get the code like this;

How to add emojis to Excel (3 Quick Methods) 12

Just copy the numbers, i.e. 128525, from the code you got. (Or you can also use “If function” to eliminate them).

Next, go to Excel, In your cell, enter UNICHAR function i.e. =UNICHAR(NUMBER), in place of number paste the number you got above;

How to add emojis to Excel (3 Quick Methods) 13

and press enter and here you get your emoji;

How to add emojis to Excel (3 Quick Methods) 14

Here’s a guided process to leverage the UNICHAR function for emoji insertion in Excel:

  • Begin by identifying the Unicode decimal of the emoji you wish to include in your spreadsheet. This information can readily be found on various online platforms, with the w3school’s Emoji list being a reliable resource.

  • Once you have the Unicode decimal, proceed to your Excel file and select an empty cell where the emoji will be displayed.

  • In the formula bar, type the UNICHAR function along with the emoji’s Unicode value. For example, to insert a laughing face emoji, you would use the formula `=UNICHAR(128514)`.

  • After entering the formula, hit the Enter key. Excel will then display the emoji in the selected cell.

If your intention is to place the emoji across multiple cells, you can simply duplicate the cell containing the formula.

To do this, copy the cell, then select the destination cells for the emoji. Right-click and choose Paste Special from the menu, subsequently opting for Values to ensure only the emoji itself (and not the formula) is pasted.

Additionally, Excel’s autofill feature can serve as a quick method to fill adjacent cells with the selected emoji.

Utilizing the UNICHAR function is yet another creative Excel tip, allowing for a wide range of emojis to be inserted into an Excel file with precision.

Insert Emojis From Symbols

Another effective method to add emojis to your Excel spreadsheet, especially if you are looking for a broader range of symbols or aiming for a more formal presentation, involves the use of the Symbol options.

Accessible from the Insert tab within Excel, the Symbols section presents a treasure trove of possibilities for enhancing your data.

To begin, simply click on the Insert tab, then proceed to Symbols, where you will find the option to explore various characters.

How to add emojis to Excel (3 Quick Methods) 15

By selecting Wingdings or Wingdings2 as your font choice, you’ll uncover a collection of emoji-like symbols that can add a unique flair to your spreadsheet.

How to add emojis to Excel (3 Quick Methods) 16

Wingdings fonts are renowned for their wide array of symbols, which, while not traditional emojis, serve a similar purpose by enabling visual expression within your data.

To insert your desired emoji or symbol into the spreadsheet, simply highlight it and click the Insert button.

This action integrates the selected symbol directly into your chosen cell, instantaneously bringing a new dimension of visual appeal to your data presentation. Wingdings exemplifies one of the many excel tips that can transform a standard table into a lively and engaging Excel table, demonstrating the power of visual elements in data communication.

Insert Emojis as Images

For those wishing to elevate their Excel spreadsheets with vibrant, colored emojis, the inclusion of emoji images is a perfect solution. This advanced method allows for full-color representations, enhancing your data’s visual impact significantly.

Here’s a streamlined approach to inserting emoji images into your Excel documents:

  • Initiate your search for the desired emoji image via a browser, ensuring it aligns with your Excel data’s narrative.

  • Save this image onto your computer, choosing a location that’s easily accessible.

  • Open your Excel file and pinpoint the cell where the emoji image will be most impactful.

  • Navigate to the ‘Insert’ tab, then direct your attention to the ‘Illustrations’ group, where you’ll find the ‘Pictures’ option.

  • Through the dialog box that appears, locate and select the saved emoji image, and then choose ‘Insert’ to add it to your spreadsheet.

  • Once inserted, Excel provides the flexibility to resize the image for a perfect fit within your cell or adjust its properties for enhanced presentation via the ‘Format’ tab.


In the digital age, the ability to communicate effectively and engagingly is paramount, and Excel has proven to be an indispensable tool in this regard. This guide has walked you through a variety of creative methods on how to add emojis to Excel, elevating your data presentation and making it more relatable and visually appealing.

Whether it’s inserting emojis through symbols on a Windows computer, embedding emoji images for a more vibrant look, or utilizing the UNICHAR function for a precise emoji insertion via Unicode values, each method enhances your Excel file in unique ways.

Leveraging these tips allows for a more dynamic and engaging spreadsheet, transforming monotonous data into something that captures attention and conveys emotions or sentiments effectively. Remember, the key to effective data presentation lies in not just the information conveyed but also in how it’s presented.

By incorporating these Excel tips into your data management practices—be it through direct emoji insertion, symbol exploration, or the application of formulas—you create spreadsheets that stand out and speak volumes.

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