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Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ

Keyword research forms the backbone of any successful YouTube content strategy. It essentially acts as the compass, guiding creators to understand what their target audience is actively seeking. This practice enables creators to tailor their video content, titles, descriptions, and tags to align with highly searched phrases, increasing their visibility in search engine results.

One powerful tool to master this craft is VIDIQ. VIDIQ is not just a keyword research tool, but a comprehensive solution for YouTube SEO. It provides insightful data about keyword search volume, competition, and overall score, all vital for making informed content decisions. The tool also offers a peek into trending keywords and the top-performing videos for those keywords, presenting invaluable opportunities for creators to capitalize on.

In sum, mastering keyword research using tools like VIDIQ is indispensable for YouTube content creators. It aids in attracting the right audience, skyrocketing engagement, and ultimately driving channel growth. Therefore, investing time and effort in keyword research is non-negotiable for content creators seeking to carve a niche in the YouTube universe.

VIDIQ for YouTube Keyword Research

When it comes to gaining an edge in the YouTube universe, VIDIQ stands out as a game-changer. But what makes VIDIQ so essential?

We have reviewed VidIQ in detail here, vidIQ Review 2023: How I Got 100k+ Views Using it?

VidiQ – Your Youtube SEO Assistant

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 1


  • All in one Youtube SEO Tool
  • AI Generators
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Data
  • Competitor Research
  • Channel Audit
  • SEO Tools
  • Video Title Optimization
  • Video Description Optimization
  • Advance Channel Analytics
  • Video Score Board
  • Live Stats Bar
  • Trend Alerts
  • Daily Video ideas
  • AI Coach


  • Limited Free Features

The tool offers a 360-degree view of the keyword landscape, empowering creators to make data-driven decisions about their content. It not only unveils the most searched keywords but also provides a comprehensive analysis of their performance.

With insights into factors like search volume, competition, and overall score, creators can tailor their content more effectively. The result? Enhanced visibility, increased engagement, and channel growth.

So if you’re on the path to YouTube success, isn’t it time you considered VIDIQ as your co-pilot? Remember, understanding your audience starts with understanding their search habits. And VIDIQ is the tool that brings this understanding to your fingertips.

Step 1: Determining Your Video’s Topic or Idea

The journey to a successful YouTube video begins with a clear and compelling topic. Your video’s topic should resonate with your target audience and be closely tied to the keywords they are searching for. Start by brainstorming a list of potential topics related to your channel’s niche.

Video topics depends on the nature of your channel, anyways, Below are some ideas to narrow your search for your next viral video;

  • Provide Answers to the Questions in the video.
  • Compare two products, brands, games, etc, in a video.
  • Use VIDIQ’s idea Generator for your Channel.
  • Usage of Adjectives, i.e. Best, Worst, Cheapest in your niche, and make it a video.
  • Listicle Videos i.e. Top 10, Top 5 etc.
  • Review Products, Games etc.
  • Giveaway Video in your Niche.
  • Share Personal Experience.
  • Utilize current events to video using Google Trends.

Remember, The goal is to provide content that gives some value to the viewers, ultimately gaining user retention and engagement to meet the end goal.

Step 2: Brainstorming Keywords

Once you’ve determined your video’s topic, the next step is to brainstorm a list of related keywords. These are the terms and phrases your target audience might use when searching for content like yours. Here’s how to do it:

Start with an essential list of words related to your video’s topic. For instance, if your video is about “Vegan meal prep for weight loss,” your initial list might include “vegan,” “meal prep,” “weight loss,” “healthy recipes,” and “diet tips.”

You can add phrase keywords like;

  • Best Vegan Meal prep
  • Top 5 Vegan meals
  • Mistakes to Avoid while preparing Vegan Meals
  • 5 Ingredients to include in your Vegan meals

Consider long-tail keywords. These are longer, more specific phrases that often have lower competition. For example, “easy vegan meal prep for weight loss” is a long-tail keyword related to the topic.

Also, think about the questions your audience might have about your topic and use them as keywords. For instance, “How to prepare vegan meals for weight loss?” or “What are the best vegan recipes for a diet?”

Lastly, don’t forget to include synonymous keywords. For example, instead of just “weight loss,” you might also include “slimming,” “dieting,” “losing weight,” etc.

In summary, a comprehensive keyword list requires thinking from your audience’s perspective, using tools like VIDIQ, and being thorough with your brainstorming process. This will not only help your video rank but also ensure it reaches the right audience at the right time.

Step 3: Utilizing VIDIQ’s Keyword Tool

Next, use VIDIQ’s Keyword Tool to generate a list of related keywords. Just enter your initial keywords one at a time, and the tool will provide a list of associated terms. For example, entering “vegan” might yield “vegan lifestyle,” “vegan diet,” “vegan recipes,” and more.

You can use VIDIQ’s Keyword tool, i.e. From VidIQ’s website or straight from your Youtube Studio using VidIQ’s Chrome Extension.

#1 Using VidIQ Web App

Login or signup to VidIQ here and after you login, You will see your dashboard, There navigate to “Keywords”;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 2

Now enter your Main Topic + Keyword as we discussed in Step 1 and Step 2, In this Example, we will search “vegan meal prep for weight loss” and press ENTER;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 3

Now, you will have list of blocks to analyze, which we will do in next section;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 4

#2 Using Chrome Extension

You can also use the VidIQ Keyword Tool from your Youtube Studio first, You need to install VidIQ Chrome extension here and go to your channel; you will see it on the top navigation bar;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 5

Click on the Hamburger Menu on top and select “Keyword Inspector”;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 6

In new Popup window, You can search for your shortlisted keyword, in our example, “vegan meal prep for weight loss“;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 7

Now, It’s time to analyze our keyword data.

Step 4: Analyzing Keyword Data

Now, let’s analyze the result from step 3, narrow down our keywords and find our winning keywords to make the next big thing on YouTube.

Keyword Difficulty

Suppose you run a fitness channel – your topic could be anything from “Five-minute morning workout routines” to “Healthy meal prep for weight loss“.Once you have a list, it’s time to refine it. Use VIDIQ’s Keyword Inspector to identify the search volume and competition for your proposed topics.

Take “Healthy meal prep for weight loss” as an example. If the search volume is high and competition is moderate, it indicates a strong demand for this topic. However, if competition is high, consider narrowing down your topic to a more specific niche, such as “Vegan meal prep for weight loss“.

Remember, the goal is to strike a balance between audience interest (high search volume) and your ability to rank in search results (low competition). By selecting and refining your video topic, you set the stage for a successful YouTube video that reaches your target audience.

In the first block, You will see Keyword difficulty meter for our keyword “vegan meal prep for weight loss”;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 8

As You can see the overall score is medium, and the search volume is around 2000 per month; therefore, this means we can consider this as our option, but if we are new to Youtube, then we should look out for more in the green area or low, competitive keywords. Therefore, We will narrow our search using the “Related Keywords”.

Related Keywords

By using related keywords, you can gain insights into what viewers are searching for when it comes to the topic of your video. You can use this information to ensure that you include all of the necessary subtopics and details in your content.

Additionally, looking at related keywords can uncover any content gaps in other videos related to your topic – allowing you to make sure you’re including all of the relevant information that viewers may be searching for.

Click on “All related keywords” to view the list of related keywords to our seed keyword;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 9

Next, toggle the competition tab to sort our table from low competition to high;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 10

As you can below, we found 5 low-competitive keywords for our main topic;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 11

Sroll down to get more keywords and start selecting from the checkbox from left and click on “Copy Keywords” or “Export” to download all from the list;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 12

You can further analyze the keyword by clicking on the related keyword;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 13


As we have discussed in Step 1 above you can use Questions to answer in a video as video idea; therefore, there’s a Question column in VidIQ’s keyword tool, which makes it easier to find questions related to our main keyword and answer them in a video to market our Youtube channel.

Go to questions section and click “View all questions”;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 14

Next, Toggle Competition Tab sort the table from low to high and start making videos on the questions you have shortlisted;

How to Research Keywords for YouTube Like Pro Using VIDIQ 15

Alternative Methods for Keyword Research

There are various other methods to research keywords to skyrocket your YouTube marketing, For example, Using YouTube’s own Analytics tool, Google Trends and third-party apps like vidIQ or Tubebuddy; but for this section, we have already written an article in detail, Youtube Keyword Research – Get 1m+ Views Finding Right keywords! , You must check out more methods where you can get millions of views and subscribers using the practices described in the blog itself.

How can I integrate keywords into my YouTube video effectively?

Integrating keywords into your YouTube video effectively is a crucial step towards increasing your video’s visibility and drawing in your target audience. Here are some strategies to do just that:

  1. Title: Incorporate your primary keyword into your video title, making it both relevant and enticing to potential viewers. Remember, your title is the first thing your audience sees, so make it count!
  2. Description: Your video description presents ample opportunity for keyword integration. It should offer a comprehensive overview of your video, and naturally include your main keyword along with related terms and phrases.
  3. Tags: Tags provide an excellent platform for including your keywords. Use your primary keyword, related keywords, and even long-tail keyword phrases that potential viewers may be searching for.
  4. Closed Captions and Subtitles: Incorporating keywords into your closed captions or subtitles can also improve your video’s SEO. As YouTube auto-transcribes your video, making sure your keywords are spoken in your content can help.
  5. Chapters: If your video is longer and has multiple sections, use keywords to define your chapters in the video description. This not only improves SEO but also enhances user experience.

Remember, while keywords are important, they should always be used naturally and make sense in the given context. Keyword stuffing can lead to a poor viewer experience and may even violate YouTube’s terms of service. Steer clear of overuse and focus on creating high-quality content that provides value to your audience.


In conclusion, thorough keyword research is pivotal to achieving success on YouTube. It is the backbone of your content strategy, guiding you to understand and cater to your audience’s needs.

By leveraging a tool like VIDIQ, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of keyword performance – including search volume and competition. This empowers you to make data-driven decisions, tailoring your content to enhance visibility and drive engagement.

Not only does this approach attract the right audience, but it also fosters channel growth. So, isn’t it clear that mastering keyword research is a non-negotiable step towards success on YouTube?

Remember, a journey of a thousand subscribers begins with a single keyword.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can VIDIQ help in improving my YouTube video rankings?

Absolutely, VIDIQ is an instrumental tool for improving your YouTube video rankings. It does this primarily through its robust keyword research functionalities that provide insights into high-performing keywords. By incorporating these keywords into your video title, description, tags, and even your content, you increase the chances of your video appearing in search results, thereby bolstering its visibility.

Beyond keyword research, VIDIQ offers valuable features like competitor analysis, which allows you to understand what strategies are working for successful channels in your niche. This knowledge can help you refine your own approaches to boost your video rankings.

Moreover, VIDIQ’s SEO score feature evaluates your video’s optimization level, providing actionable suggestions to improve. With features like these, VIDIQ becomes more than a tool – it is your strategic partner in navigating the YouTube universe, guiding you towards enhanced visibility and higher rankings.

What are the key metrics to consider in YouTube keyword research?

When conducting keyword research for YouTube, there are several vital metrics to consider. Firstly, ‘Search Volume’ refers to the number of times a particular keyword is searched for on YouTube over a given period. A high search volume indicates a substantial interest from viewers, suggesting that creating content around these keywords could generate significant traffic.

However, high search volume often comes hand-in-hand with high ‘Competition’. This metric represents the number of videos on YouTube targeting the same keyword. If competition is high, it may be challenging to rank well and gain visibility over existing content, regardless of the keyword’s popularity.

Next, ‘Keyword Score’ is a comprehensive index provided by tools like VIDIQ, combining both search volume and competition. A high keyword score indicates a keyword with substantial search volume and comparatively lower competition, making it an excellent target for your content.

Finally, don’t overlook ‘Trend Data’. This metric reveals whether a keyword’s popularity is increasing, decreasing, or stable over time. While a trending keyword can provide a short-term traffic boost, evergreen keywords with stable trend data ensure consistent visibility over time.

In summary, effective keyword research isn’t just about finding popular terms. It’s about understanding the balance between search volume, competition, keyword score, and trend data to target the right keywords for your content.

Is VIDIQ’s keyword tool easy to use for beginners?

Yes, VIDIQ’s keyword tool is designed with both beginners and seasoned YouTubers in mind. Its user-friendly interface makes the process of keyword research a breeze, even for those who are new to the game.

The tool provides clear, concise, and actionable data, presenting it in easy-to-understand terms. It breaks down complex metrics like search volume and competition into comprehensible scores.

Plus, VIDIQ offers a wealth of resources to guide you along the way, from step-by-step tutorials to expert advice. So, whether you’re a novice YouTuber or a seasoned content creator, VIDIQ makes keyword research a more accessible, efficient, and productive endeavor. Isn’t it time you took your YouTube keyword research to the next level with VIDIQ?

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