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Best Real Estate WordPress Themes

7 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes to Try in 2024

Choosing the best real estate WordPress theme for your website is crucial whether you’re a real estate agent, a broker, or running a real estate agency. The right WordPress theme can elevate your online presence, making it easier for clients to browse listings, search for property specifics, and contact you for their dream home.

In a highly competitive market, having a user-friendly and visually appealing real estate WordPress website can significantly impact your business’s success.

Stay with us as we explore the top contenders in the realm of WordPress themes for the real estate business, ensuring your final selection helps achieve higher sales and satisfied clients in this dynamic industry.

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7 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes to Try in 2024 8

MyHome stands as a premier WordPress Real Estate theme, tailor-made for crafting engaging and user-friendly real estate websites that clients will find delightful and intuitive to use. Designed for flexibility and innovation, MyHome eliminates the need for prior coding skills, enabling you to construct professional and polished websites with ease.

After investing thousands of hours in perfecting its core features, we’ve ensured that MyHome is equipped with everything required to run a thriving real estate operation, whether for an individual agent or a full-scale agency.

We are so confident in the value our theme provides, we offer a free demo for you to explore firsthand. Features include:

  • Single Click Import – Easy access to six unique demos, 14 homepages, and numerous pre-set pages ready for use, streamlining the website building process.

  • Globally Adaptable – Easily translate text into various languages, adjust currencies, and toggle between imperial and metric systems. MyHome is also ready for right-to-left script.

  • Intuitive Page Builder – Our drag-and-drop system surpasses traditional methods.

  • Advanced Search Functionality – We have dedicated hundreds of hours to refine MyHome’s search functions.

  • Map Searches & Classic Searches – Incorporate dynamic Google Maps for an enriched browsing experience.

  • Keyword Autocomplete, Saved Searches, and More – Enhance user engagement with features like keyword suggestions, email notifications for saved searches, as well as the ability to compare properties, add favorites, and showcase related or nearby properties.

  • Design and Monetization Options – Customize your real estate website’s aesthetics with extensive design choices and monetize your platform with membership or package options.

MyHome empowers real estate professionals to create a standout online presence, manage listings efficiently, and meet the dynamic needs of the market.


7 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes to Try in 2024 9

Justhome emerges real estate theme as another stellar choice for real estate professionals aiming to enhance their online presence. This Real Estate WordPress Theme empowers users with the ability to self-manage their multiple listing services, bypassing the need for administrative access.

It simplifies profile and password management and handles payment backlogs seamlessly. Justhome stands out with its strong emphasis on monetization, offering an optimal blend of revenue-generating opportunities and insightful statistics, marking it as a powerful tool for any real estate project.

Whether scaling up for large portals or catering to smaller agencies, Justhome adapts effortlessly, customizable to meet specific needs through WordPress actions for easy addition or removal of features. It also has ability to add real estate properties in few clicks.

Comprehensive documentation and dedicated support ensure smooth implementation and ongoing operations.

Key Features Include:

  • Elementor Page Builder – Streamline site building with the leading WordPress page builder.

  • Private Messaging & Revolution Slider – Enhance communication and visual appeal.

  • WooCommerce 5.x Support – Ready for eCommerce integration to handle listing payments.

  • Elementor Widgets & Styling Options – Over 50 widgets for comprehensive customization.

  • Powerful Custom Fields Editor – Tailor search functionality to match unique business requirements.

  • Versatile Listing Presentation – Multiple layout options including Half Map, Grid, and List views.

  • Advanced Property Features – Including previews, bookmarks, reviews/ratings, and reservation capabilities.

  • WooCommerce Paid Listings & Contact Form 7 – Monetize your site and enhance user interaction.

  • Responsive & SEO-Optimized Design – Ensures your site performs well on all devices and search engines.

  • Comprehensive Language Support – Including RTL language support for global scalability.

  • Advanced Map Support – Google Maps, Mapbox, and OpenStreetMap integrated for detailed property location display.

  • Mortgage Calculator & Transaction Log – Extra tools for users to calculate finances and track payments.

Designed to offer a seamless, user-friendly experience for both real estate agents and their clientele, Justhome integrates cutting-edge features with flexibility and user control at its core.


7 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes to Try in 2024 10

Continuing the trend of high-quality real estate WordPress themes, HomePress stands out as a premium offering from StylemixThemes, powered by the innovative uListing plugin. Tailored for crafting stunning real estate listing websites or marketplaces, HomePress ensures your customers enjoy a smooth, engaging browsing experience.

This theme is designed to be user-friendly from both a front-end user and backend admin perspective, refreshing the way property management websites are perceived.

What sets HomePress apart is its integration of the uListing plugin, lauded as one of the best for real estate WordPress themes due to its exceptional design and functionality.

HomePress also introduces a hot demo switcher feature, allowing the seamless installation of new demos without compromising existing content.

Included in the theme is the built-in uListing plugin by StylemixThemes, heralding a new era for classified ads listing with its Listing Builder, Inventory Builder, and Unlimited Custom Attributes, propelling the HomePress theme into new heights of functionality.

General Features Include:

  • ULISTING PLUGIN – A groundbreaking classified ads listing plugin offering a cost-effective way to create a listing business on WordPress in minutes, built on Vue.js for a smooth user experience.

  • IDX Broker Plugin Compatibility – Seamless integration with IDX (internet data exchange) plugins, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

  • YELP! Plugin Integration – Discover and showcase nearby food, shopping, and services directly on your website.

  • Statistics Matters – Enable property page statistics for both property owners and prospective buyers, providing valuable insights to optimize listings for better engagement.

  • Easy to Get Started – Quick import of demo content, allowing for immediate customization and editing.

  • Radius Search & Geo Autocomplete Options – Enhance search capabilities with radius searches and geolocation autocomplete, tailored to specific countries.

  • Similar Properties & Nearby Places – Keep users engaged by displaying similar listings and local amenities via Yelp integration.

Property Features:

  • Varied Listing Templates – Opt from over 10 listing templates, configurable as lists or grids, for a tailored browsing experience.

  • Single Property Layouts – Choose from more than 5 layouts for individual listings, making it easier for users to connect with agents.

  • Advanced Search & Powerful Filters – Simplify property searches with customizable criteria and filters, focusing on details that matter most to clients.

  • Favorites, Mortgage Calculator, & Property Stats – Engage visitors with bookmark functions, easy mortgage calculations, and visible property stats.

  • 360° Virtual Tour & Compare Properties – Offer immersive virtual tours and comparison features to help clients make informed decisions.

Membership Features:

  • Payment Gateways Integration – Accept payments effortlessly with full support for PayPal and Stripe, ensuring transactions are smooth and secure.

HomePress facilitates a seamless bridge between real estate professionals and their clientele. It has emerged as the perfect theme for real estate agents and agencies aiming to create a dynamic, responsive real estate WordPress website.


7 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes to Try in 2024 11

Continuing with our exploration of top-tier real estate templates, Zoner emerges as a standout Real Estate HTML template, overflowing with innovative features set to redefine the real estate WordPress theme market.

Notably, Zoner is pioneering in its support for OpenStreetMap, marking it as the first template on ThemeForest to do so.

This trailblazing feature is complemented by the option to also utilize styled Google Maps, offering flexibility in map provider choice to real estate agents and agencies looking to tailor their website’s mapping experience.

Additionally, Zoner is at the forefront with its Parallax Map Scrolling and modern parallax effect for maps, setting a new standard for engaging and captivating real estate WordPress websites.

This unique attribute is certain to impress visitors and differentiate your real estate portal. For those who appreciate the Masonry effect on blogs, Zoner brings this visually appealing feature to property listings, further enhancing the aesthetic of real estate websites.

The template doesn’t stop there; it also allows for customization of markers and icons, with a variety of property type icons included, ensuring no limit to personalization.

Zoner’s impeccable responsiveness ensures a seamless browsing experience across all devices, an essential feature for real estate WordPress themes aiming to reach a comprehensive audience.

Key Features Include:

  • Google Map & OpenStreetMap Support: Choose between two map providers for the best fit for your real estate website.

  • Masonry Properties Listing & Parallax Map Scrolling: Innovative features that improve the visual appeal and user engagement of your site.

  • Extensive Choices with Over 30 Pages, 3 Homepage, and 3 Header Variations: Flexibility to build custom pages that meet specific real estate business needs.

  • Property Type Icons & Customization Options: Tailor your site with unique icons and an unlimited color palette for a personalized touch.

  • Bootstrap 3 & SCSS Based: For advanced users, offering detailed documentation and a foundation for sophisticated customization.

  • Retina Ready & Attention to Every Pixel: Ensuring your real estate website looks crisp and professional on all screen sizes.

With its user-friendly features, this template stands as a perfect theme for displaying listings and catering to the varied demands of the real estate market.

Whether it’s showcasing multiple properties, integrating IDX support for improved search listings, or leveraging advanced search capabilities, Zoner positions itself as an indispensable asset for any real estate WordPress project geared towards excellence and innovation.

WP Pro Real Estate 7

7 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes to Try in 2024 12

WP Pro Real Estate 7 stands as a pinnacle in the real estate WordPress theme domain, skillfully crafted for real estate agents, brokerages, and developers focusing on residential, commercial, and vacation properties.

Unlike merely a theme, Real Estate 7 forms a comprehensive suite with its CRM and IDX integration, representing a full-fledged solution tailored for the real estate sector.

This theme is engineered to amplify user engagement, capture an increased volume of leads, and secure a higher rate of potential clients through its front and backend functionalities, thereby amplifying commissions.

Since its inception in December 2008, as the real estate niche’s premium WordPress theme, it has accumulated vast industry knowledge by collaborating with countless real estate professionals globally.

General Theme Features

  • Customization capabilities: Allowing every aspect of your site to be fine-tuned via a live previewer. This feature ensures that changes, including logos, fonts, layouts, or color schemes, are exactly as envisioned before going live.

  • Responsive design : Outstanding visual display and smooth navigation across desktop and mobile devices.

  • 1-click demo import : The theme simplifies the website building process with this functionality, eliminating the fuss of dealing with XML files.

  • Supports co-listing: Allows multiple real estate agents to be associated with listings, alongside their contact details and social media links.

  • Showcasing properties with features : Real Estate 7 excels in showcasing properties with features like file attachments for floor plans or documents, custom Google Maps integration for powerful mapping, and an advanced search system for streamlined property searches.

Its customization doesn’t stop there; the theme affords vast opportunities to tweak the site to your heart’s content without requiring coding knowledge. Favorite listings, translation readiness, a variety of header options, sub-listings, custom widgets, and social sharing capabilities further cement its status as a top choice among WordPress real estate themes.


7 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes to Try in 2024 13

Immerse yourself into the modern era of property showcasing with NewHome, a distinguished WordPress theme carefully crafted for real estate professionals, property management firms, and businesses focused on property listings.

This theme revolutionizes how properties are displayed by offering an array of templates suitable for apartments, real estate agents, house rentals, and directories.

With NewHome, users can effortlessly search for properties using the advanced search functionality, and the theme’s full compatibility with MarketBoost IDX Plugin by iHomefinder enhances property visibility and engagement.

Creating a cutting-edge website for your real estate agency is now incredibly straightforward.

Theme Features Include:

  • User-Friendly Admin Interface: Navigate through the admin panel with ease, empowered by a one-click demo site import feature.

  • Customizable Homepage and Inner Pages: Choose from pre-designed layouts or create your own with Elementor Page Builder and Slider Revolution plugins, included to enrich your site at no extra cost.

  • Compatibility with Top Real Estate Plugins: Fully supports the Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX Plugin by iHomefinder, ensuring your website is equipped with the best tools in the industry.

  • Specialized Real Estate Modules and Custom Post Types: From properties listings to a dedicated user dashboard, everything you need to manage your listings and users is at your disposal.

  • Expansive Collection of Custom Shortcodes: Enhance your website’s functionality and design with an extensive range of shortcodes tailored for the real estate market.

  • Multiple Header Styles and Navigation Options: Customize headers and navigation to match your brand, with special attention to mobile and sticky header variations.

By focusing on the critical needs of real estate businesses, NewHome stands out as the best real estate WordPress theme for those aiming to create professional, highly functional real estate websites.


7 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes to Try in 2024 14

Konta stands as a premiere choice within the realm of WordPress themes, specifically tailored for construction and real estate businesses looking for unwavering digital performance.

To gain deeper insights into Konta’s efficiency, potential users are encouraged to visit the official theme’s website or sift through user testimonials, seeking any feedback about its performance metrics.

Engaging directly with the theme’s development or support team can also unveil crucial details concerning optimization capabilities and the factors influencing page load speed.

Remember, the responsiveness of your site is influenced by various elements, including your server’s performance and the nature of your site’s content.

Regular speed evaluations through tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix are advisable to ensure the highest level of website efficiency, making adjustments as needed to maintain peak performance.


  • Fully Integrated WooCommerce: This enables real estate agents and agencies to offer products related to their services directly on their sites.

  • Bootstrap Powered: Built on the latest version of Bootstrap, Konta ensures that your real estate website is not just responsive but aligns with the best practices for mobile-first web development.

  • Varied Home Page Designs and Creative Inner Pages: With Konta, real estate WordPress websites benefit from diverse and unique homepage layouts alongside creatively designed inner pages.

  • Extensive Section Choices: Offering over 510+ ready-to-use sections, Konta empowers real estate businesses and agents to craft visually stunning and highly functional aspects of their site.

  • Touch Optimized and Fully Responsive: Konta guarantees an effortless browsing experience for users on touch devices, enhancing engagement for potential real estate clients browsing on smartphones or tablets.

  • Advanced Technology with Sass: For those who value clean, efficient code, Konta is crafted using Sass – providing a robust foundation for developers looking to customize or extend their real estate websites further.

With support for IDX, advanced search capabilities, and complete compatibility with leading page builders, Konta is the best real estate WordPress theme for real estate agencies, agents, and anyone in between to build custom pages for their website.

More WordPress Themes


In conclusion, the above mentioned themes emerge as frontrunners in the WordPress theme marketplace for real estate websites, each bringing unique strengths to the table.

Some of these cater to those seeking sleek design and advanced technological features, providing a solid foundation for custom, responsive real estate websites.

Some, on the other hand, excels in offering enhanced search capabilities and user-friendly property management tools, making it ideal for agents and agencies prioritizing ease of search and listing management.

Whether you value design flexibility, technological sophistication, or advanced search and management features, choosing the right theme depends on your specific business needs and goals.

Integrating these themes into your website project will undoubtedly elevate your real estate online presence, ensuring a competitive edge in a crowded market.

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