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12 Best WordPress Starter Themes to Try

Have you ever wondered what sets successful websites apart right from their inception?

The secret often lies within the choice of a robust and adaptable WordPress Starter Theme. Designed to offer a solid framework, these themes facilitate a seamless development process, ensuring that your website isn’t just a placeholder on the internet but a significant contender in the digital space.

They provide clean, optimized codebases that empower both novices and expert developers to craft a custom look and feel without starting from scratch.

Factual evidence points to the efficiency gained through using a starter theme—you’re leveraging a tested structure, minimizing the risk of compatibility issues, and speeding up the development cycle.

Embarking on your digital journey with the right starter theme isn’t just a strategic decision; it’s an investment in the future scalability and robustness of your online presence.

Let’s delve deeper and explore how harnessing the power of the best WordPress Starter Themes can set the foundation for a website that stands out for all the right reasons.

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Why choose a starter theme?

Choosing to use a WordPress starter theme is a smart and strategic decision, allowing for easy customization, a solid foundation, and a harmonious development process. Consider the leverage and flexibility that starter themes can give your WordPress projects, regardless if you are working on a brand-new site or revamping an existing website. Here are some reasons:

Foundation for Customization

With a starter theme, WordPress development begins on the right foot, offering a foundational framework ready for customization. You avoid the hassle of bloated code, ensuring better performance and easier maintainability.

Consistency Across Updates

With a WordPress starter theme, you’re not just adopting a theme; you’re investing in a long-term partner. Their design to work as a parent theme means your child themes will inherit updates without sacrificing customizations.

Speed and Efficiency

Starter themes provide you with a clean slate and vital components, speeding up the theme development process and letting you focus on adding unique value to your WordPress site.

SEO-Friendly Design

A modern starter theme often comes with built-in SEO-friendly elements, helping to ensure that your content is easily discovered and ranked.

Learning Curve

WordPress starter themes are designed with a user-friendly interface, often supporting the latest WordPress features like the block editor. This reduces the learning curve and enables you to implement individual page templates or individual pages with ease.

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Popular Starter WordPress themes

When one ponders the plethora of WordPress Starter Themes available, which ones truly stand out for their superior performance, customization, and user-friendly experience? Let’s examine some of the most praised and widely adopted themes that have established themselves as the best in the market:

Underscores (_s)

12 Best WordPress Starter Themes to Try 13

Enter Underscores, or _s for short—a free starter theme that defies the norm with its lightweight and efficient design. Underscores are the answer, presenting an elegant solution as a blank theme with all the necessary starter templates.

Underscores is not just another theme in the WordPress theme directory; it’s a starting point for any fresh WordPress installation that strives to prevent code duplication and maintain clean, lean PHP namespaces.

It boasts custom template tags and a structure that is amenable to Sass and CSS frameworks, which savvy developers appreciate for its simplicity and flexibility. This powerful blank slate pairs seamlessly with page builders like Beaver Builder, ensuring that custom theme creation is accessible to both novices and experienced developers alike.

It provides all the starter templates you’ll need without the clutter of unnecessary plugins. It is theme-independent, so it can serve as a solid foundation for child themes and act as a parent theme. Yet, with a few clicks, you can integrate with plugins like Visual Composer or Ultimate Addons to elevate your page design.

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Genesis Framework

12 Best WordPress Starter Themes to Try 14

Imagine a world where website creation is not just about putting content on a screen, but about architecting an immersive experience for your visitors. That’s where the Genesis Framework enters the conversation as a premier choice among the best starter WordPress themes.

For starters, this lightweight starter theme provides a robust platform that integrates all our starter templates with airtight security and search-engine-optimized foundation, ensuring that your website stands the test of time and technology.

Genesis distinguishes itself by being a powerhouse for theme developers, prioritizing code readability and offering an abundance of customization options. Its child themes inherit the stability and capabilities of the parent theme, providing a mobile-first approach that adapts seamlessly to any device your audience uses.

Not only does integrating the starter templates plugin act as a catalyst for efficiency, but it also provides beautifully pre-designed templates clean, fast, and responsive, making it an exceptional canvas for any custom design.

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Roots Sage

12 Best WordPress Starter Themes to Try 15

Enter Roots Sage, a name that stands out even among the best starter themes, and is designed to elevate your development process into a streamlined and professional workflow.

Roots Sage sets itself apart with a sophisticated approach to theme development. It acts as a lightweight theme that embraces modern build processes, a fact that not only enhances speed but also translates to a more seamless design-to-development transition. With its reliance on a select few necessary plugins, Sage ensures that your blank website foundation is not muddled with the usual bloat.

Moreover, Sage challenges the status quo by seamlessly integrating with page builders like Webflow and Gutenberg, making it possible to devise bespoke page templates that cater to specific needs. By using just the starter sites provided, you have the flexibility to painstakingly craft each page, or—if time is critical—to deploy a beautiful website demo in minutes.

As for parent themes, Sage’s foundation is robust and adaptable, allowing you to easily handle child themes or branch out to other themes with a consistent and familiar coding environment.

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12 Best WordPress Starter Themes to Try 16

As we chart the course through the vast ocean of WordPress themes, one might wonder if there exists a theme that truly caters to the plethora of design and development needs.

OceanWP emerges as a versatile theme, showcasing high compatibility with starter template plugins, making it exceptionally easy to dive in. The theme integrates effortlessly with page builders, allowing you to construct pages without a single line of code—user empowerment at its best.

Even more refreshing is OceanWP’s affinity for aesthetic versatility; whether it’s a bright daylight palette or a sleek dark mode, your website will adapt instantly. And when you consider the ease with which you can transition from the classic twenty-twelve themes to a modern Astra theme look, it’s clear this theme is calibrated for forward-thinkers.

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12 Best WordPress Starter Themes to Try 17

Astra responds with a resounding yes, effortlessly marrying the starter templates plugin with page builders to offer a compelling solution to your digital demands.

With Astra, the tedious acts of sifting through numerous plugins and enduring complex installations become obsolete. Instead, architects of the web will find solace in a theme where every page template is meticulously crafted to serve every niche imaginable—from corporate portfolios to pet services, and archive pages to e-commerce storefronts.

Cast aside the dated aesthetics of twenty-twelve themes and step into a realm where customization is not a luxury but a standard. With Astra, not only can you install plugins, switch between full-width and boxed layouts, or modify header options with live previews, but you can do so quickly, efficiently, and without touching a line of code.

Hello Elementor

12 Best WordPress Starter Themes to Try 18

Hello Elementor steps onto the scene as a beacon for simplicity and versatility. With Hello Elementor, the integration of the starter templates plugin is so seamless, that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. This theme embraces the essence of what it means to employ a powerful yet straightforward page builder, delivering top-tier functionality without overwhelming users.

Why settle for the outdated confines of the twenty-twelve themes when all the starter sites provided by Hello Elementor could propel you into a new era of website design? This theme acts as the ideal launchpad—whether you’re crafting a blog, a business site, or an online portfolio, Hello Elementor is designed to complement your vision.

By prioritizing speed and performance, Hello Elementor stands as a testament to the fact that less can indeed be more. It’s a theme that provides just what you need, ensuring that each customization is intended and impactful.

WP Bootstrap Starter

12 Best WordPress Starter Themes to Try 19

Enter WP Bootstrap Starter, the theme that promises both simplicity and flexibility for developers and site owners alike. Imagine deploying a theme that is grounded in the robust Bootstrap framework, assuring that your site is both responsive and mobile-first—doesn’t that sound like a solid foundation for any project?

WP Bootstrap Starter stands out with its clean codebase and compatibility with the latest version of Bootstrap. Instead of wrestling with unnecessary complexity, users gain a theme that is both user-friendly and developer-friendly, a rarity in today’s marketplace.

It’s a known fact that when it comes to web development, time is money, and WP Bootstrap Starter is designed to save you both.

Couple this with the theme’s exceptional support for WooCommerce, and you open up a world of e-commerce possibilities. Whether it’s a shopping site, a portfolio, or a multi-faceted business website, WP Bootstrap Starter adjusts to your needs with ease and precision. So, why complicate your workflow with cumbersome themes when WP Bootstrap Starter offers a clear path to success?

WP Rig

12 Best WordPress Starter Themes to Try 20

As a modern WordPress starter theme, WP Rig has been crafted for developers with a keen eye for performance and standards. With each line of code fine-tuned for efficiency, WP Rig ensures that the websites you build not only load faster but adhere to the latest web standards.

Why consider WP Rig among the multitude of WordPress themes available today? For starters, WP Rig excels as a progressive WordPress starter theme that streamlines the development process.

It’s designed not only to teach but to provide a solid foundation for creating accessible, fast, and SEO-friendly websites. With built-in support for the latest PHP code standards and automated performance optimizations, WP Rig distinguishes itself as a savvy investment for developers intent on delivering cutting-edge WordPress sites.

Moreover, embracing WP Rig among other WordPress starter themes positions you at the forefront of coding efficiency and best practices. It dispenses with the obsolete and welcomes you into a realm of clean and maintainable code.

Joints WP

12 Best WordPress Starter Themes to Try 21

JointsWP is a theme that encapsulates flexibility and efficiency, grounding itself in the sleek and powerful Foundation framework. It brings to the table an unmatched level of intuitiveness for both developers and end-users, merging ease of use with the sophistication of a fully responsive foundation.

Each feature is meticulously conceived with performance and adaptability in mind—whether it’s for an e-commerce giant or a specialized blog. JointsWP is not merely a theme; it’s an experience that enhances your web presence without compromising on speed or functionality.


12 Best WordPress Starter Themes to Try 22

Rooted in the principles of clean design and straightforward usability, Quark presentsan elegant solution for content creators and site owners. Its sleek approach strips away complexity, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your content.

The true strength of Quark lies in its versatility. Whether you are crafting a personal blog, a business website, or a creative portfolio, Quark adapts to your vision with ease. It is a theme grounded in clarity and purpose, and users revel in the ease with which they can mold it to their specific needs.

Moreover, by emphasizing page load speed and responsive design, Quark ensures that your site will perform excellently across all devices and platforms—a fact that your visitors and search engines will appreciate.

_tk Starter

12 Best WordPress Starter Themes to Try 23

_tk Starter is more than just a WordPress theme; it’s a manifestation of efficiency and adaptability. It embraces the very essence of what it means to create a responsive, modern web presence without any unnecessary complications.

Factually speaking, _tk Starter embodies a lightweight framework that delivers speed and usability without the bloat of excessive features. This aligns perfectly with those who appreciate the value of a swift, no-frills approach to theme design and development.

The real question one must ponder is, why complicate your workflow with cumbersome themes when _tk Starter provides a harmonious balance between simplicity and capability? There’s little doubt that adopting it for your next project could streamline your development process, allowing more time to focus on perfecting your content.


12 Best WordPress Starter Themes to Try 24

Tonik is a modern starter theme that epitomizes the art of seamless and efficient WordPress development. This theme seamlessly integrates with a wide array of WordPress plugins and is built with a keen understanding of the developer’s workflow in mind.

Tonik stands as a testament to clean and maintainable code, representing a steadfast foundation that encourages best programming practices. What’s more, Tonik’s adoption ensures that your website remains not just contemporary, but also versatile and resilient against the shifting tides of web standards.

By emphasizing a straightforward setup process, accelerated development cycles, and a structure that encourages theme customization with ease. Tonik doesn’t just keep up with the times; it sets the pace.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right WordPress starter theme is pivotal to the success and longevity of your website. These above themes stand as pillars in the WordPress community, with their own merits of speed, efficiency, and customization. Your choice should be informed not only by immediate needs but also by future growth. Reflect on these considerations as you make your selection, and remember that the right foundation can elevate your online presence to unprecedented heights.

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