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9 Best Windows Text Editors for 2024 (All Are Free!)

The greatest text editors should, at their core, be easy to use, practical, and uncomplicated. A text editor should be simple to use and perform the task as intended, regardless of whether you’re coding on a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux.

This blog lists some of the best text editors for your convenience.

Best Windows Text Editors Comparison

Text EditorKey FeaturesPricingIdeal ForLink
VS CodeCustomizable, Loads of integrations, Source control tools, Syntax highlighting, Code folding, Handles large files, Tabbed interface, Cross-platform, Free version, Extensions for additional functionalityFreeDevelopers looking for a powerful, customizable editorCheckout
Notepad++Tabbed document interface, Syntax highlighting and code folding, Auto-complete, Auto-save, Line bookmarking, Powerful search and replace, Plugin system, Internationalization support, Handles large files, Macros for repetitive tasksFreeDevelopers needing a lightweight, highly capable text editorCheckout
Windows NotepadSimplicity and Lightweight, Immediate Availability, Cross-Platform Capability, Efficient Text Management, No Unnecessary DistractionsFreeQuick note-taking and simple code draftingCheckout
Code WriterAdvanced syntax highlighting, Manage multiple files, Distraction-free mode, File editing, printing, searching, Zoom in text, Code folding, Auto-complete, Tabbed interface, Handles large filesFreeWeb designers, developers managing large files and complex codeCheckout
BluefishSupports over 20 programming languages, Syntax coloring, Auto-completion, Code folding, Excellent project support, Robust search/replace, Snippet library, Integration with external tools, Online documentation, Handles large files, Cross-platformFreeWeb development enthusiasts and advanced programming projectsCheckout
BracketsInnovative visual tools, Preprocessor support, Live browser preview, Robust extension ecosystem, Cross-platform, Intuitive visual editingFreeWeb designers and developers working with HTML, CSS, JavaScriptCheckout
Sublime TextSplit panes, Tab multi-select, Quick access to definitions, Multiple selections, Rapid startup, Indexed search, Handles large files, Cross-platform$99 one-time fee (Free for evaluation)Developers seeking a premier text editor with robust featuresCheckout
TyporaLive Preview, Intuitive Formatting, Customizable File Structure, Efficient Search, Outline View, Themes for Comfort, Cloud Integration, Various Export Options, Support for Coding, Manage multiple files$14.99 (15-day free trial)Markdown enthusiasts and developers handling complex codeCheckout
TextpadSyntax highlighting, Code folding, Tabbed interface, Multiple clipboards, Search and replace, Reuse snippets, Extensive programming language support, Cross-platformFree trial, then paidProgrammers seeking simplicity and straightforward functionalityCheckout

Visual Studio Code – Best Windows Text Editor (Our Pick)

9 Best Windows Text Editors for 2024 (All Are Free!) 10

When coding, efficiency is the name of the game, and that’s where VS Code excels. It’s a lean machine, but don’t be fooled—it packs a hefty punch.

With IntelliSense auto-complete, you can zip through your code without your fingers straying far from the home row.

Debugging is a breeze directly in the editor, thanks to handy features like breakpoints and call stacks. And if you’re into source control, you’ll appreciate the seamless Git integration that lets you stage, commit, and push changes without a hassle, unlike other editors.

Key Features

  • Customizable

  • Loads of integrations

  • Source control tools

  • Syntax highlighting

  • Code folding

  • Handles very large files with ease

  • Tabbed interface for managing multiple files and projects

  • Supports a wide variety of programming languages

  • Cross-platform powerhouse

  • Free version with powerful text editing tools

  • Command line tools

  • Extensions for additional functionality (Python linting, React IDE, deploying to AWS)


Visual Studio Code is completely free, making it an excellent choice for developers looking for a powerful text editor without the cost. Whether you’re editing HTML, writing JavaScript, or tackling complex code across many languages, VS Code offers a wealth of features to enhance your workflow, making it a personal favorite for many developers.


9 Best Windows Text Editors for 2024 (All Are Free!) 11

Notepad++ reigns as a lightweight yet highly capable text editor, beloved by many as the best text editor for Windows. It excels in delivering essential features such as syntax highlighting, code folding, and a basic level of auto-complete across more than 70 programming languages, making it a premier choice for editing code.

Key Features

  • Tabbed document interface

  • Syntax highlighting and code folding

  • Basic auto-complete for over 70 programming languages

  • Auto-save capabilities

  • Line bookmarking

  • Powerful search and replace using regular expressions

  • Plugin system for functions like spell checking, HTML validation, and text sorting

  • Internationalization support with translation files

  • Recognition of various line endings and swift encoding switches

  • Handles large and very large files efficiently

  • Macros for streamlining repetitive tasks


Notepad++ is available as a free version, making it an accessible option for developers seeking a robust, free text editor without the overhead of a full IDE.

For developers looking for the best Windows text editor that simplifies writing code and managing multiple files, Notepad++ is a personal favorite and arguably the best free text editor available for Windows.

Windows Notepad

9 Best Windows Text Editors for 2024 (All Are Free!) 12

Windows Notepad stands as the default text editor pre-installed with every Windows operating system, making it the most accessible and straightforward option for quick note-taking and code drafting.

Its simplicity allows you to easily jot down code snippets, configuration details, or miscellaneous notes without any distractions.

Its immediate availability and rapid startup time are among its core advantages, complemented by its cross-platform capabilities and ability to remove unnecessary formatting from text.

Notepad efficiently manages various character encodings and accommodates different line endings, ensuring your text appears as intended regardless of the environment.

Key Features

  • Simplicity and Lightweight: Ideal for quick note-taking and managing small projects.

  • Immediate Availability: Comes pre-installed with every Windows operating system.

  • Cross-Platform Capability: Works seamlessly across different environments.

  • Efficient Text Management: Handles various character encodings and line endings.

  • No Unnecessary Distractions: Minimalist design for clutter-free text editing.


Windows Notepad is a free text editor that doesn’t require installation, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a no-cost, efficient tool for handling smaller files and simplifying repetitive coding or note-taking tasks.

In conclusion, while Windows Notepad may not offer the advanced features found in more sophisticated editors like Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text, its simplicity, rapid startup time, and immediate availability make it an invaluable tool for quick edits and references.

Its lightweight design is particularly appealing for users who need a straightforward yet effective tool for managing small files and repetitive tasks.

Code Writer

9 Best Windows Text Editors for 2024 (All Are Free!) 13

Code Writer emerges as a standout choice for those in search of an efficient Windows text editor. Designed with a focus on creating a smooth user experience, Code Writer simplifies the editing process through an intuitive interface that ensures productivity.

Key Features

  • Advanced syntax highlighting for over 20 programming languages

  • Manage multiple files simultaneously

  • Distraction-free, full-screen editing mode

  • Effortless file editing, printing, and searching

  • Zoom in on text and easy drag-and-drop text manipulation

  • Code folding and auto-complete features

  • Tabbed interface for handling multiple documents

  • Supports editing very large files and complex code


Free version available, making it a superior alternative to Windows Notepad and a great software option amidst other text editors like Visual Studio, Sublime Text, and VS Code.

Whether you’re writing code, opening files, or tackling repetitive tasks, Code Writer provides a seamless experience, distinguishing itself as the best Windows text editor for web designers, developers, and anyone dealing with large files or complex code.


9 Best Windows Text Editors for 2024 (All Are Free!) 14

Bluefish steps up as an adept tool for web development enthusiasts, handling a diverse range of requirements with finesse.

It’s recognized as one of the best free text editors for Windows thanks to its support for over 20 programming languages. With syntax coloring and code folding, Bluefish refines the editing of complex code, making it a favorite text editor among web designers and developers.

Key Features

  • Supports over 20 programming languages

  • Syntax coloring and real-time syntax highlighting

  • Auto-completion features

  • Code folding to manage complex code

  • Excellent project support for managing multiple files

  • Robust search/replace features

  • Snippet library for automating repetitive tasks

  • Integration with external tools for validation and compilation

  • Online documentation and availability in 17 languages

  • Efficient handling of very large files

  • Cross-platform compatibility


Bluefish is completely free, offering professional-grade features without cost. This makes it a top contender among other text editors like Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, and VS Code for those seeking a powerful text editor for web design and advanced programming projects.


9 Best Windows Text Editors for 2024 (All Are Free!) 15

Brackets seamlessly transitions into the role of an indispensable ally for those immersed in the intricacies of coding, especially when dealing with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What sets Brackets apart are its innovative visual tools that eliminate the constant hassle of tab switching, streamlining the workflow for web designers and developers.

Key Features

  • Innovative visual tools for streamlined workflow

  • Powerful preprocessor support

  • Live browser preview for immediate visualization

  • Robust extension ecosystem with tools like Emmet and Autoprefixer

  • Cross-platform compatibility

  • Intuitive visual editing interface

  • Comprehensive support for complex code

  • Free text editor


Brackets is a free text editor, offering an array of features and tools without any cost.

Brackets stands out as a top-tier, free text editor for web development, making it a favored choice among other text editors like Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text.

Sublime Text

9 Best Windows Text Editors for 2024 (All Are Free!) 16

Sublime Text stands out as a premier choice for those seeking the best Windows text editor, offering a suite of features that streamline the coding process.

Its intuitive user interface allows for effortless manipulation of code with features like split panes and side-by-side code comparisons, enhancing code editor productivity.

Key Features

  • Split panes and side-by-side code comparisons

  • Tab multi-select for navigating and editing multiple files

  • Quick access to view definitions and references from auto-complete popups

  • Multiple selections for renaming variables quickly across projects

  • Rapid startup time and near-instant searches with indexed search feature

  • Efficient handling of large files and complex code

  • Cross-platform support for a smooth user experience


Despite being free for evaluation, Sublime Text encourages the purchase of a personal or business license.

With a one-time fee of $99, users secure a personal license that eliminates reminders of unregistered use and grants access to new features, add-ons, and plug-ins for three years, enhancing the editor’s functionality.

Sublime Text is not just a great software choice for coding tasks but also a valued investment in a developer’s toolkit, standing out among the best text editors available.


9 Best Windows Text Editors for 2024 (All Are Free!) 17

Typora seamlessly caters to those deeply entrenched in the world of Markdown, offering an unparalleled text editing experience.

With its clever live preview functionality, you can focus on crafting content without toggling between editing and viewing modes. Let’s explore why Typora stands out among the best Windows text editors.

Key Features

  • Live Preview: No need to switch between edit and view modes.

  • Intuitive Formatting: Easily add lists, images, and mathematical syntax.

  • Customizable File Structure: Organize your work efficiently.

  • Efficient Search Capabilities: Find your notes quickly.

  • Outline View: Keep your notes well-arranged and accessible.

  • Themes for Visual Comfort: Prioritized user comfort for lengthy writing periods.

  • Cloud Integration: Seamlessly integrates with services like Dropbox.

  • Various Export Options: Convenient sharing of your notes.

  • Support for Coding: Excellent for editing code, handling complex code, and large files.

  • Multiple Files: Efficiently manage and open files.


Typora is available for a $14.99 license fee, but you can explore its full features during a generous 15-day free trial.

This trial period is an invaluable opportunity to gauge Typora’s efficacy as a text editor that stands out not just for writing and editing code but also as a superior choice for Markdown enthusiasts.

Typora is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful text editor with robust features for handling complex code, large files, and enhancing productivity in writing code.


9 Best Windows Text Editors for 2024 (All Are Free!) 18

Textpad embodies the principle that simplicity can often eclipse complexity, catering especially to those who value straightforward functionality in their text editing tasks.

This editor champions efficient and intuitive use, making it an ideal choice for programmers looking for a hassle-free solution to editing plain text and managing notes without the need for complicated configurations or a steep learning curve.

Key Features

  • Syntax highlighting to differentiate code elements visually

  • Code folding for better code navigation

  • Tabbed interface for handling multiple files simultaneously

  • Multiple clipboards for enhanced productivity

  • Search and replace text using regular expressions

  • Reuse snippets of code across different projects

  • Extensive support for various programming languages

  • Ideal for editing code, managing notes, and writing code

  • Cross-platform functionality, making it versatile for different systems

  • Suitable for web designers and developers needing a powerful editor


Although Textpad is not a free text editor, it does offer a free trial, allowing users to test its features and decide whether it aligns with their needs.

This positions it as a considerable option among the best text editors for Windows.

Considering its robust features and ease of use, extpad stands out as a strong contender in the realm of text editors, offering a great balance of simplicity and powerful text editing tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best Windows text editor for coding?

The best Windows text editor varies depending on your needs, but Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code are top choices known for their powerful features, ease of use, and excellent performance in handling complex code.

Is there a free text editor that supports syntax highlighting and code folding?

Yes, Brackets is a free text editor that supports syntax highlighting and code folding, making it a great tool for web developers and programmers.

Does Sublime Text handle very large files and multiple selections effectively?

Absolutely. Sublime Text is well-regarded for its ability to manage very large files efficiently and allows for multiple selections, making it easier to rename variables quickly and edit large codebases.

How do Typora and Textpad differ in terms of their suitability for web designers and developers?

Typora is excellent for those focused on Markdown and writing code with its live preview and cloud integration. Textpad, on the other hand, suits developers looking for a straightforward, powerful editor with features like syntax highlighting, a tabbed interface, and support for many programming languages.


In conclusion, selecting the best Windows text editor ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferred features.

Whether you choose Sublime Text for its robust capabilities in handling large files, Textpad for its straightforward and efficient functionality, or Typora for its seamless Markdown editing, each editor excels in different aspects of text editing and coding.

Visual Studio Code is another powerful editor worth mentioning, especially for those who need a full IDE experience with extensive support for various programming languages.

The free trial versions and reasonable license fees make these text editors accessible to a wide range of users, from web designers to developers working on complex code.

With features such as syntax highlighting, code folding, multiple selections, and tabbed interfaces, these editors prove to be invaluable tools in any coder’s arsenal.

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