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Google March CORE Update 2024

Google March Update 2024 – Expired Domains Abuse, Parasite SEO and More

Every day, you head to Google with questions, seeking the best the web can provide. Google has been on a constant quest to connect you with high-quality, useful content, implementing policies and automated systems to guard against spam and content that tries to game the system.

Now, they’re excited to share their latest efforts in enhancing the quality of Search results. With the March 2024 update, Google introduces significant improvements to ensure you find the most helpful information out there.

This includes algorithmic enhancements to filter out unoriginal content and elevate the stuff you really want to see. They’re cracking down on spam harder than ever, updating policies to keep out the riff-raff like sites repurposed by new owners for spam, and reducing the appearance of low-quality, duplicate information.

They’ve learned a lot since starting to fine-tune their systems in 2022, aiming at slashing unhelpful content.

These changes are all about making sure when you ask Google something, you get helpful, high-quality answers.

Exciting, right?

Google estimates these updates could cut down on low-quality content in search results by up to 40%. That means more space for the content that matters to you.

Plus, they’re not stopping at spam fighting. They’re also tightening the reins on scaled content abuse and site reputation manipulation, ensuring that only genuine, value-packed content reaches you. It’s all part of Google’s commitment to making your search experience better and more reliable every day.

Key Takeouts

  • Improved Quality Ranking: Google is boosting how it picks the helpful stuff you want to see. They’re getting really smart at spotting repeats or stuff that just doesn’t add anything new or exciting. Imagine asking Google a question and getting back the freshest, most interesting answers.
  • New Spam Policies: Google’s rule book just got an update. Websites that used to sneak in through the back door with spammy content? They’re out. No more expired domain tricks or filling pages with things nobody wants to read. It’s like having a bouncer at the door of your favorite club, but for search results.
  • Less Low-Quality Stuff: Remember feeling lost in a sea of “meh” answers? Google’s making that old news. They’re using what they learned to slash the number of unhelpful pages. It’s about making your search results cleaner, with more of the good stuff and less of the filler.
  • Tackling More Spam: It’s not just about keeping the bad out; it’s about letting the good in. Google’s tech is on guard, ready to spot sneaky spam the moment it pops up. Think of it as having a superhero guard your search results, making sure only the best gets through.
  • Serious About Scaled Content Abuse: You know those pages that seem like they have the answers but then…don’t? Google’s cracking down on that. Whether it’s a robot or a person trying to game the system, Google’s on it. They’re making sure when you click through, you get something worth your time.
  • Site Reputation Matters: High-quality sites should only host high-quality content. If a site tries to sneak in low-quality stuff, Google is calling it out. It’s ensuring that when you visit a trusted site, everything you read is equally trustworthy.
  • The Deal with Expired Domains: Just because a website was great years ago doesn’t mean it’s still the place to be. If someone’s just using that old fame to boost something mediocre, Google’s not having it. They want your search results to be about quality, not clever tricks.

Google keeps working hard every day so you can find exactly what you need, no fuss. With these updates, searching is about to get even better. You can look forward to finding answers that are not just good, but great.

Core Update #1 – Scaled Content Abuse

Hey, Google is at it again, making the internet a better place for you and me.

This time, they’re zeroing in on this tricky problem – scaled content abuse.

You know, when folks use automation or even people-power to churn out tons of content that looks like it might be helpful but… it’s just not. It’s like getting a beautifully wrapped present, but inside, it’s just an empty box.

Google’s been fighting this battle for a while, but with technology getting smarter, the lines have gotten blurry.

It’s not always robots doing the heavy lifting anymore; sometimes, it’s people being sneaky, trying to play the system.

That’s why Google’s policy got a refresh. Now, it doesn’t matter if it’s a robot, a person, or a bit of both creating heaps of not-so-great content to trick search rankings. Google’s on it.

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How You Can Stay in the Good Books

If you’re creating content, here’s how you can make sure you’re doing it right in Google’s eyes:

  1. Keep it Original: Make sure your content brings something new to the table. If you’re just repeating what’s out there, rethink your strategy.
  2. Value Over Volume: Don’t just pump out content for the sake of it. Ask yourself, “Would someone find this useful?” If the honest answer is no, it’s time for a change.
  3. Human Touch: Remember, while automation tools can help, they shouldn’t do all the work. Your content should have a human feel to it, like something you’d chat about with friends.
  1. Check Yourself: Before you hit publish, take a step back and evaluate. Does this content genuinely help someone? Is it something you’d be proud to share?
  2. Stay Updated: Google’s guidelines evolve, just like everything else. Keep an eye on updates to make sure you’re always playing by the rules.

In a world where search engines can feel like a maze, Google is lighting the way, making sure you find what you need – not just what someone else wants you to see. And if you’re creating content, think of it as your chance to add some quality to the mix. You’ve got the power to make the internet a better place, one piece of content at a time.

Core Update #2 – Site Reputation Abuse (or Parasite SEO)

Guess what?

Google just dropped another update that’s about to make your search results even cleaner.

This time it’s all about tackling those sneaky bits of content that hide on awesome websites, trying to use that site’s good name for their own gain.

You might have seen this before – like when a super reliable education site suddenly has reviews for payday loans.

Doesn’t fit, right?

Google’s saying, “No more!” to that.

We have covered in detail here – End of Parasite SEO – Google’s New Spam Update 2024

Starting May 5, they’ll see those out-of-place, low-value pieces as spam. But hey, they’re giving everyone two months to get things sorted.

Steps to Keep Your Site in the Clear

You might be wondering, “What can I do?” Well, don’t worry. Here’s a breakdown to keep your website shining and spam-free:

  1. Review Your Content: Take a close look at what’s on your site. If you find content that’s not really up to snuff or doesn’t match your site’s vibe, it might be time to say goodbye.
  2. Know Your Guest Posts: If you’re hosting content from other folks, double-check it. Ensure it aligns with your quality standards and brings real value to your readers.
  3. Monitor Your Partnerships: Sometimes other companies or websites want to share content on your site. That’s cool, but keep an eye on what they’re posting to ensure it fits with what your audience expects.
  4. Set Clear Guidelines: If you’re open to guest posts, set some ground rules. Make sure anyone writing for your site knows what you expect in terms of quality and relevance.
  5. Keep Updating: Like your phone’s software, keep your website’s content fresh. Update it regularly to meet Google’s latest guidelines and your audience’s needs.

Google’s on a mission to make sure when you search for something, you find it – clear, helpful, and right on the money. If you manage a website, this new update is your cue to double-check your content and make sure it’s all star-quality. It’s all about making the internet a better, more trustworthy space for everyone.

Core Update #3 – Expired Domains Abuse

Alright, everyone, listen up!

Google’s next big step in making sure you get the best and most relevant search results is tackling a tricky issue – expired domains that get snatched up and filled with the kind of content that just doesn’t match up to what you’re looking for.

Imagine you find a domain with a history of being all about the best hiking trails, but now it’s all about how to grow your email list.

Feels off, right?

Google thinks so too.

we have covered this in detail here – Is It the End of Expired Domains (Google Spam Update 2024)

They’re laying down the law on these expired domains being used in sneaky ways to try and get a free ride up the search engine ranks with content that just isn’t up to scratch.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Stay Golden:

If you’re thinking about snatching up an expired domain or already have one, here’s how you can keep things legit and helpful for everyone searching:

  1. Match the Purpose: Make sure the new content you’re dreaming up aligns with the original theme of the domain. If the domain’s history is all about organic gardening, keep tilling that soil with related, quality content.
  1. Quality Is Key: I can’t stress this enough. Your content should be helpful, well-researched, and something you’d be proud to share. Ask yourself, “Would I find this useful?”
  2. Be Transparent: If your content is taking a new direction, that’s cool. Just be clear about it. Help your visitors understand the transition and what awesome new insights you’re bringing to the table.
  1. Consistency Counts: Keep your site’s content regularly updated and in line with Google’s guidelines. Search engines love fresh, relevant content that serves the user’s intent.
  2. Stay Informed: Google’s guidelines keep evolving, just like your content should. Keep an eye on the latest updates directly from Google. This way, you’ll always be in the know.

Remember, Google’s aim is to make the web a better place for everyone, guiding people to the information they need without running into a maze of low-quality content.

By following these steps, you’re not just complying with the guidelines; you’re making the internet a more helpful and trustworthy space for everyone looking for answers.

Keep creating, keep innovating, and most importantly, keep it genuine. Together, we’re making the web a better place, one quality page at a time.


So, what have we learned? Google is constantly evolving, and their latest updates are all about keeping the internet a reliable and helpful space for everyone.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your website stays in good standing with search engines and provides valuable content to users.

Remember to regularly review your site’s content, be transparent with any changes or partnerships, and stay informed about Google’s guidelines. With these steps, we can all strive towards creating a better online experience for everyone.

Keep innovating and keep it genuine!

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