Instagram voted popular Social Media App among others like Snapchat, Twitter, Etc following many feature-rich social media platform have reported their user database to 800 Million Users which is the most as compared to others. Instagram not only used by individuals but also an opportunity for any webmaster, company, bloggers or professionals to increase their brand/image exposure to as wide as possible, To interact with users/customers on daily basis. In This tutorial, I will provide you case study how I built an Instagram page from zero to 26.000+ followers and counting after some tips and tricks to increase your followers using various other social platforms.

Setting Up And Optimizing Instagram Page

You can easily create Instagram with any phone number/email but optimizing it to get exposure is also important. There are some key areas where you have to improve like in Instagram Bio, Profile Pictures etc.

If You’re Using Instagram page for some business opportunities then you need to add a brief bio about your business and what customer can get using your services or etc. You can add offers, Link to your business offer page or web-page, survey or feedback forms etc.

Examples Of Good Bio;

Some Tips To Improve Bio;

  • Add Brief Info about Your Business.
  • Add Your Web page/Sales Page URL (You can use short URL services like to shorten your webpage URL)
  • Add Relevant Hashtags related to your business/profession in Bio.
  • Contact Info for further assistance.
  • Add Catchy Offers to increase lead opportunities.
  • Add Call-to-action in Bio by adding you’re number, email or website into it in your Instagram profile settings.

Optimizing Content

After setting up your account, before posting any idea, picture or business promotional posts, you need to keep some points in your mind to expand the exposure of your Instagram posts. Optimizing post is important to target your audience, therefore you need to keep in mind following bullet points;

  • Prefer to upload High-Resolution Image to increase the quality of your Instagram content.
  • Quality Over Quantity 

Quantity doesn’t matter anywhere nowadays but posting at right time and focusing on your Instagram content which does matter. If you have a business profile or professional profile, then you need add an or two posts a day and doesn’t overload it by continuous posting which does come in the spamming radar of Instagram

  • Less Text On Image

This is important, Instagrammers usually hate long descriptive texts on images, if you have something to say then write it down in the caption of an image. If you’re planning to promote descriptive images then you need to give a second thought to that because it won’t give you any lead.  Therefore, In order to capture eyes of people on Instagram, you need to add catchy text on one line or few words. Following is an example of one;



  • Adding relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are like the topic of your post i.e. if you’re planning to post an image describing some fitness tips then you need to explore hashtags related to Fitness keyword in which people are most crawling in the Instagram app. It does help to reach the target audience in your Instagram niche.

Promotion Strategies

Promotion strategies are important to let your Instagram post to reach to as many people as possible to expand your brand exposure. there paid ways to promote it but we will talk about organic way to get more engagement to your Instagram post in order to gain more followers.

  • Niche Targeted Hashtags

There are various apps in Apple and Play Store dedicated to hashtags which people use in order to gain target audience. Give it a search by yourself and download any app which does have features you wanted.

  • Pin Your Ideas On Pinterest

This is secret which I have used in my business profile to increase followers, You need to download and sign up to the Pinterest app and share your Instagram post to the Pinterest platform in order to get traffic to your Instagram profiles. it is highly and effective recommendation to increase brand exposure to your profile.

  • Social Media Platforms

Use Your Social media Platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, VK, Youtube to build social links naturally to your Instagram post which does rank higher in search engines relative to your business niche.

  • Prize Contests

This is unique on App promotion strategies to conduct prize contests to increase your followers. for example, Give away T-Shirts, Custom Signed Goodies, Merchandise to someone who shared your posts or play tag game in order to reach someone who isn’t part of your Instagram community.

  • Collaborations

Collaborating with other famous Instagrammers in order to exchange posts with each other to promote your profile to them in order to gain more exposure. For example, if you have some offers or CPA lead programme, contact some popular Instagrammers luring them some money or some mutual agreement in order to obtain exposures.

  • Brand Your Post

Branding your posts is important. Add your profile watermark in your video/photo you share on Instagram in order to watermark it to gain some offline exposure too.

  • Reddit Breakdown

Taking care of my Instagram profile: 

Its positive quotes page, therefore the post I create with my watermarked domain i.e. which does redirect to my Instagram profile. Therefore, I share that post to subreddit i.e. in order to get more exposure to my picture. Therefore, if someone watches my pic and upvotes it, more and more people will get to know my image and whenthey enter that source domain i.e., it will be redirected to my Instagram profile. It’s the fastest way to get authentic followers.