WordPress comment spamming is a critical issue for webmasters. Spamming can be done in any form. Whether its an image, spam links, Promotional links etc. WordPress is widely used content management system. Therefore, It arises the need to protect your website from such spamming. t does affect your SEO link profile and likewise.

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Guide To Stop WordPress Comment Spamming

There can be many ways to stop WordPress Comment spamming. You can hire custom PHP coder to that or likewise. WordPress Plugins are the best way to stop spamming especially for beginners.

Go to Plugins> Add NEW

add new

In the “search plugin” > Cleantalk. Afterward, install and activate that plugin.


After Activation, Go to the cleantalk dashboard in settings > Click on ”Get Access Key Automatically”.

get access

That’s all. If you want to view statistics of spamming then it will appear on your WordPress Top admin bar. Click on ”Cleantalk Dashboard


Here On cleantalk dashboard, You can analyze your daily spamming statistics.Wordpress Comment Spamming

The Alternatives

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