When you step into Instagram marketing engagement with followers become essential. Sometimes its very hard to identify if its real or fake follower. Fake Instagram Followers are run by Bots Or Automated software. To bring authenticity to your Instagram account it’s important to spot and remove that fake follower.

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Guide To Spot Fake Instagram Followers

Analyze Your Instagram Account

Before you step into spotting and deleting fake followers you need to analyze your account. There are various analytical tools available online like DeepSocial. Track your follower and their credibility on your page. They have a small piece of a tool called ”Audience Credibility checker” where you can check your account.

Go To > Deepsocial > Enter Your Username


Afterward, Report will appear and give you ”Audience Credibility” Score and also engagement percentile. More Credibility score means more authenticity.

Audience Credibility Score

Therefore it will let you know the authenticity of your followers.

Spotting Fake Followers

There’s Actually No Software or script built to spot Fake Instagram Followers. But we can detect it via their behavior on your account. People use black hat tricks to promote Instagram page. But nowadays its very easy to spot one. Following are few points and example to spot your fake Instagram followers.

Fewer Followers More Following

There are various Instagram accounts where they run a bot to follow every person come into their niche. In simple terms, account for fewer followers but a big amount of following are 70% built for spamming. Some of the examples are;


fake 2

The numbers can be up or down but you can see how they work.

Unusual/Fake/Promoted Comments

You must have noticed unusual comment posted on your pic which is not even related. Those comments are run by a bot to do on particular Hashtags. These comments are like ”Awesome Post, Check My Profile”, ”Loved it“, “check link in my bio” or particular EMOJI etc. They left no value to your page. some of the examples are;

Fake Instagram Followers

Above are the fake comments highlighted in the single picture.

Other Behaviours To Spot

Basically, a bot run account being used for self-promotion. If you get any comments, DM, or follow back accounts are those which run for promotion purpose. Promotion can be their own brand or Instagram follower sellers etc. There are also other factors to keep in mind as follows;

  • Direct Message to offer you some followers or likewise.
  • Inactivity for some period.
  • Profile copied or duped or inspired from another account. (Captions, Descriptions Copied).
  • Follow back to follow accounts.
  • Posting offers in your comment section.

Instagram has done wonders in term of privacy. But every platform is exposed to spamming which make it worse for genuine webmasters. If you have any questions related to this please comment down below.