SENuke TNG Pro is not only backlink creator but also give you opportunities to build custom articles related to your niche using various resources like Kontentmachine, ArticleBuilder etc to boost your article’s page value in various blogging platform where your link will be placed and build backlinks accordingly. It includes various other premium features which others does’nt include like Inbuilt proxies, Google Indexer, Article Manager, Email and site’s list etc.

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SENuke TNG Pro Features

  • Crowd Searcher

    This programme simply simulates thousands of people search for your keywords which give you more exposure while people searching for your keyword in google. this is one standout feature that implemented in this software.


  • Blog Network

    Do you have any blog network or any private blogs? if yes, then you can simply manage it straight from this software without any hassle plus many blog lists are included in this software.

  • Built-In OCR

    OCR Stands for Optical Character Recognition which does solve many captchas but you need to have third party services like 2captchas etc to make it work.


  • Loop Mode

    Once you create an SEO Campaign and if you want it to run infinite time then you can switch ON the loop mode where if you want to run a campaign again and again then it will do it automatically.


  • Turbo Wizard

    There so many video tutorials included in this software but you can also use turbo wizard to make campaign faster than ever. Turbo wizard does help to reduce time consumption in order to create SEO campaign.

  •  Scheduler

    You can schedule a campaign once you have set everything up and running. for example, if you want to run campaign after two or three days you can do it easily without any problem or hassle. Therefore, this does help to create advance campaigns.

  • Detailed Wizard

    This also includes step-by-step wizard where you can create and build campaign following each detailed steps stated in the tutorial. This wizard does help you to understand campaigning and its features better.


  • User-Friendly Interface

    The interface of this software is very user-friendly as compared to other software. even a dummy can use this software with ease. you can check the video as follows.


  • Local SEO

    SENuke TNG Pro does include google places to boost your local businesses which give your local SEO a great boost. This is a very rare feature which isn’t available in the market yet.

SENuke TNG Pro Review



I have purchased this software a while back going through the videos and reviews on the internet, So I started building links through it on my CPA site but let me give you an honest opinion that it doesn’t work anymore because article/blog directories refer to as bad links according to Matt (Head of Google Webmaster Spam), Look at the video below;


A Webmaster form India raise a question to google webmaster about article directories, Matt indicates that it’s not a good way to boost your SEO rankings because it doesn’t generally give you any boost.

I started using this software while back and let me tell you it’s not worth the money and it generally generate backlinks to article/blog directories which certainly doesn’t have any value. Therefore, after using for 4 months I didn’t get any SEO presence as I did buy article builder to create articles, 2captcha services and even google indexer services. But my experience was really bad.

So I recommend you not to use this software because it doesn’t lead you anywhere or make you millions. Generally, Traditional way to do SEO is more reliable then this automation software.