In this Tutorial, We will learn how to make money with small Youtube Channel. Youtube nowadays is a great way to earn some money. Many webmasters make it part of their online marketing. There are actually various ways to earn from your videos. Youtube is not all about ad revenue but you can also utilize and earn using various methods.

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Guide To Make Money With Small Youtube Channel

Youtube Advertisements

Youtube have their own revenue sharing programme i.e. Adsense. If you have crossed 10.000 Views/Minutes then go to Youtube dashboard.

On left Side > Click on Channel > Then Enable Monetization.


Personally, Its not my favourite way to earn because of low CPM and Interest-based advertisements. But you can enable it to earn extra income out of it.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting a brand or product of various e-commerce or CPA based. For example, you can sign up to Amazon Associate.


In the menu click on Product Linking > Search for your desired product.

Product linking

Copy that links And Paste it In Youtube Description Box or Annotations.

Brand Endorsements/Deals

There are various brands are available to endorse or catch juicy deals to munch some money out of it. Follow the steps below;

  • Buy any cool gadgets or product related to your Niche Channel online for yourself.
  • Make video unboxing it.
  • Show how cool is your gadgets/Product and its benefits.
  • Put Your Affiliate Link in the description box.


Many YouTubers nowadays use their Merchandise store to raise money. Some of the following stores will help you;


Nowadays Some YouTubers depend entirely on crowdfunding and donations. Crowdfunding means getting money from your subscribers or users for your work. This way you can earn little more income from your small youtube channel.

Go To > Patreon  > Click on Start My Page


Enter Your details and create your page and likewise. Followings are some of the great examples of patreon from leading Youtubers.