Money Robot Submitter is automated backlink builder software to juice up your website with quality backlinks generated by this Autobot. Money Robot Submitter not only creates backlinks but also provide various other functions included in this really lightweight application which does run on any windows platform (Preferably Windows 10). We have also created a video about it on our official youtube channel which is embedded below after this review. Before, Jumping onto the review lets discuss why you need to build backlinks.

Why Is Link Building Important?

Let’s Take real life Example, Suppose you need to buy some insurance policy for you or your family but there are various products available in the market and you are as confused as them, Therefore in order to find best and reliable one in the market with a high rate of interest, You need a reliable valuable resource whom you can trust and get valuable reference for your policy. Therefore, In the same way, Google does trust those links which are being placed on high quality/valuable resource pages in order to trust your pages and refer more traffic from search engine to your page.

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Money Robot Submitter Overview

Money Robot Offers not only building backlinks but also includes so many additional features in order to find long-tail keywords or find keywords related to your niche, backlink checker, Social shares, Free google traffic, etc which will be elaborated in this review. So below are some of the platforms where you can submit your content or backlinks;

  • Social Bookmarking Platforms Links
  • Social Network Posts Links
  • Web Directories Links
  • Wiki Articles Links
  • Press Releases Links
  • Article Directories Links
  • Web 2.0 Blogging and profilers Links
  • Forum Profiles Links
  • RSS (Rich Site Summary) Links

Money Robot Submitter Tutorial (Video)


In Above Video, You will come to know about each and every aspect how money robot submitter really works right from scratch as creating campaigns to building links, You will know basics of this software describes in detail about each and every feature of this beast.

Money Robot Submitter Other Features

Despite creating backlinks, this lightweight application also includes various other features as listed as follows;

More Than 5000+ Websites Included


As stated above, this software includes 5237 websites and also update it on regular basis. All website are of high quality and have at least Mozrank of 3 and counting with high authority page ranks. Therefore, You Don’t need to buy those High PA/DA links which do cost you a fortune or you can say at least 100$ in current market rates.

MR Browser – Automate Anything

MR browser

MR Browser Is also included in this software, Currently, it’s in BETA Testing stage as final is yet to come. MR Browser can automate any task you want as it’s simple functionality records your steps and automate it anytime you want but as I said it is still in BETA Version but you need to try this amazing feature by your own.

Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research

As I mentioned earlier, Money Robot submitter also includes Keywords research tool which does reveal performing short or long tail keywords to best suited for your web post/site. Therefore, you don’t have to pay big bucks to find long tail keywords as a separate application as it does include everything.

SEO Backlink Monitor

SEO Backlink Monitor

If you want to monitor your backlinks created by this or other software then look no further because this little piece will do everything. You just need to paste those links created by this software and check if its still there and dominate your pages with this amazing software. Again, You don’t need to pay for any third party application to check or monitor your backlinks.

Includes Private Proxies


Many other SEO software requires you to buy proxies from third party websites as their addon and doesn’t include in their system. Therefore, To enhance better and secure way to generate backlinks, This software does include their own super-fast proxy system which results into faster creation of backlinks.

Article Spinner And Builder

Article Builder

Money Robot also offers free article spinner/rewriter in order to build automated content for you to create WEB 2.0 backlinks and social bookmarking posts. Again, You don’t have to spend big bucks to create content using third-party article spinners like Kontentmachine, Articlebuilder etc. Therefore, Its easiest and free way to create your quality content in whch you can also add images or videos as part of your SEO strategy.

Inbuilt Backlink Indexer-Tool

backlink indexer

Money Robot also includes inbuilt indexer tool in which all backlinks which are being created by this software will be an index to various search engine giants i.e. Bing, Yandex and Google automatically, Therefore, you don’t need to buy additional indexer services in order to gain a presence on the internet. This is a most valuable feature of Money Robot Submitter.

Money Robot Submitter Review (Pros n’ Cons)


  • Automated Backlink Creator – No Need To Create Links Manually.
  • Includes Over 5.000 Links.
  • Includes Proxies.
  • Includes Keyword Researcher tool in order to research keyword right away from your software – No Extra service needed.
  • Fastest Submission Process With Multi-threaded functionality.
  • MR Browser to automate any tasks for free.
  • Captcha solver also included solving complex captchas
  • Inbuilt article builder and spinner in order to submit the unique article every time you create a blog and social bookmarking links.
  • Video and search engine traffic generator in order to get some exposure to start.
  • All accounts details saved on the cloud by this software and accessible anytime.
  • You can install this application on 3 different system in order to run your SEO network.
  • Unlimited Number of opportunities to create unlimited campaigns.
  • Includes tutorial videos to kick-start your campaigns.
  • Cheaper than other leading software.
  • Pre-made templates available to create campaigns.


  • Inbuilt captcha is not capable to solve complex captchas so you need to buy other services like 2Cpatcha.
  • Indexer Limits you like 50 URL a day, You need to buy indexer services in order to index fast like indexification.

Third Party Services To Use For Effective Results

  • 2captcha – To Solve every complex captcha – Buy Here
  • Indexer – To Index Your Links Fast and secure – Buy Here


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