Previously we learned how to backup WordPress website/blog in less than two minutes with the help of a plugin. Now We will learn how to use that backup to migrate WordPress.  In two simples steps, we will learn in an easy way. You do not need any programmer or coder to perform it. You can do it in very simple steps without any professional knowledge.

Migrate WordPress In 2 Simple Steps

Step 1 Backup WordPress

Please Go To the previous tutorial for that : How to Backup WordPress In Less Than 2 Minutes

Follow step-by-step guide. Its pretty easy as even beginner can perform.

Save the downloaded file in your local disk or anywhere safe.

Step 2 Migrate WordPress

After performing a backup, Install the Same plugin on your new WordPress website/blog.


Now browse to the left side of WordPress admin panel > Mouse hover plugin > Click On Import.


In Import section click on Import From > File.

migrate wordpress

Now select the backup file you’ve downloaded and it will be migrated once uploaded.

Therefore, This is the easiest way to backup and migrate your web content from one site to another. This plugin does backup all databases, images, content etc. It’s a free plugin until you need to upload more than 512 backup files, you need to pay some charge.

Let us know if you faced any problem regarding this process.