In This Space, I Will let you know how to start a website or how to take your business to web/online with simple follow-up steps. In the Current generation where people are too engage with modern technologies, smartphones, online browsing, etc it becomes mandatory for business owners to take their business online and make the profit out of it. There’s no rocket science in starting your website online as there are different i.e. free or paid ways to start your business project online.

What Is Website?

According To Wikipedia, A website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. By Going through literal definition I can assume you can find it hard to understand those terms. You don’t have to be a web expert to start your own website online. You just need to follow these steps online to start at minimal costs.  A Website is nothing but just collection of web pages under your branded domain (.com/.net etc) hosted on the web server online.

How To Start A Website

Let me repeat myself again that you don’t have to web expert or hire someone to start a website for your business or personal blog. I Will let you know by each and every step categorizing in two parts i.e Free Hosting And Paid Hosting.


  1. You need to buy a domain from any leading registrar’s like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc for minimal cost or browse coupon’s online. (.com’s are preferable).
  2. For better domain research there are many domain tools are available online i.e. Domainr, Leandomain and BustAName (Just enter your keyword and suggestions will appear with available addons).
  3. Now Register for free hosting services, OR Sign up at by google for free hosting of your domain. Read: Top Free Web hosting
  4. Point your domain to your web hosting panel details. If you’re pointing to blogger services then please refer to this article : Create a CNAME record for my custom domain
  5. Now, Domain will go under propagation for 24 hours (usually an hour)
  6. You will see domain pointing towards your server’s default page.If you’re using Blogspot then your website appear instantly but if you’re using custom cpanel then you need to install script software for yourself like in the pictures below.

Login To Your Webpanel (using

Login To Cpanel

Now Under Software and services click on quickinstall (In Some panels it will be softaculous)

Quick install

Now choose your software/script and install in your root folder. (Root means no trailing folders like /wp or /any).


  1. Follow First two steps as described in above under free services.
  2. Now buy web hosting from reputable hosting services like Hostgator, Godaddy etc
  3. Now add A and CNAME Records in your domain registrar DNS panel with details you’ve got from web hosting.
  4. Follow rest of steps as described above following 6 steps after your domain start pointing to your server.

This is it. But if you’re still struggling and want me to install it for you with some tips and tricks you can order my services here;

Letme know if you’re having any problem , i will do my best to reply it back.