WordPress is most commonly used blog Content Management System and preferred by many webmasters/bloggers but there is also another ways to start a website we will discuss it later. In This tutorial, You will be able to understand how to get your hands on WordPress, How to create a database, How to tweak settings on WordPress in order to get started your website in no time. WordPress can be used for many other purposes along with blogging, Tubes, Business, News, E-Magazines, Content Management, Learning Platform as there are infinite numbers of opportunities with WordPress in order to get your hands on this script.

Things You Need Before Installation

  • WordPress Script FilesDownload Here (Not In Case Of Cpanel With WordPress Addon)
  • Domain Name – Buy Here (10% Off)
  • Filezilla FTP ClientDownload Here
  • Web Hosting Account – Buy Here (20% Off)

Installing WordPress Via CPanel WordPress ADDON (Softaculous/QuickInstall)

In Case, You have Cpanel hosting panel, then you do not need to do anything much just click and install by following easy steps,


Setting Up Domain DNS To point Your Server/hosting

Domain’s DNS need to set up before you start any process. If You have already done this step then skip this step to next.

You Need To Setup A Or NS Records In order to point the domain to your web host/ server.

Taking Godaddy User Interface For Example

Go To My Products in your GoDaddy User Panel

Choose Your Domain And Then Click On ‘‘DNS

Click on ”edit” icon adjacent to A records mentioned in DNS system and edit it with your server IP/ Host IP you have received.



Then click save and allow up to 24 hours to properly pointing a domain to your server. You can also check here if your domain is pointing or not.

Alternate Method: You can Also Add NS Server provided by your host like ”ns1.hostgator.com” on your nameserver records but I do prefer with A records, You can use either way effectively.

Installing WordPress Via CPanel WordPress ADDON (Softaculous/QuickInstall)

In Case, You have Cpanel hosting panel, then you do not need to do anything much just click and install by following easy steps,

Login To your Cpanel Credentials Given by your web host;

Usually, http://yourdomain.com:2083 (If Your Domain Propagated Successfully)

Afterward, Scroll Down to ”Software Section” and click on Quick-install/Softaculous/Site Software



Then Installer Interface will appear, Select WordPress under CMS/Blog category.

Then Enter Your website details, Don’t write anything in directory section if you want to install it on the root domain.




Afterward, Choose Your desired website admin username/password and free themes and click on ”install”.

Here you have successfully installed WordPress on Your Website.

Installing WordPress Manually

Download WordPress files from here And extract it using Winzip/WinRAR Or any other decompression software you like to a folder.

After Extraction, Open Filezilla FTP Client and enter your FTP or server web credentials as stated below (You Need Your Server IP, Username and password – web hosts usually send via email, so you do check that out.) then click on Quickconnect.



On the left side of panel select the folder in which you have extracted your WordPress script files whereas on right side of your panel click on ”public_html” folder.

Now select all folders and files (CTRL+A) in WordPress folder and upload it to your root folder by right click on selected folders/files.



Wait for few minutes depending upon your ISP speed.

Creating Database And Installation

After Upload, you need to create a database in order to connect your site with a database of the web server.

Login to your web panel ”Usually CPanel” provided by your web host.

Click on MySQL Database Wizard. Add Database Name Of Your Own Choice;




Now Click On Next Step; Insert Database Username and password as below;




Now click on create the user and next give all privileges as shown below




Now you have created database successfully, Now write down those credentials on your safe side for future references.

Now if you have uploaded all files to your server, Then move your domain to this path ”http://yourdomain.com/admin/wp-install.php”

here You need to add database credentials you have created as above;




Database Name: Created At First Step

Username & Password: Second Step

You do not need to edit ”database host and table prefix” until and unless you want to run multiple sites on it.

Then, Click on Submit and onto the next step you need to enter admin username, Site title, and admin password details and then click submit.

You have successfully installed WordPress on your domain.