In this space, we will let you know how to find long tail keywords to suit your business niche. You can drive insane amount of visitors to your websites using long tail phrases to ping your webpage on search engine giants. but let’s discuss in details about it and also discuss paid tool and free way to do it. Before jump on the topic let’s discuss what are long tail keywords briefly.

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail SEO is key to convert your sales pages effectively. It is is a technique of targeting highly specific niche search terms (long tail keywords) that usually consist of 3+ words and are much easier to rank for due low competition. It is really beneficial for new websites that are driving into the high competitive niche like property, cams, social networking etc. It does practice by many leading SEO Agencies to market their brands faster in search engine giants.

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Steps To Find Long Tail Keywords

Using Google Keyword Planner

As we have discussed various free SEO tools in our earlier editions of SEO tutorials, Google keyword planner is a great way to find and research your long tail keywords according to your niche. Yes, Its free and easy to use. follow the following steps;

  • Login To Google Adwords Here.
  • Click On Keyword Planner Tool under ”Planning” section Of Tools icon.


  • Now, Under The ”search new keyword” section, enter your primary keyword related to your webpage, For example, We have taken ”marketing” and click ”get ideas”


  • Now, Click on ”Keyword ideas” and search for sub-niche keywords (According to your blog page/web page topic) like I have copied ”Content Marketing”.


  • Now, Copy that keyword and paste again in Keyword section and click on ”keyword ideas”.


  • Here, You will see various long tail keywords like I have marked in below screenshot.



Now copy these keywords and create backlinks and rank higher in search engine giants like Google, Yandex, Bing. If you want us to do it for you, you can contact us here.


Using Paid SEO Software

Alternatively, You can also use various paid software to research your long tail keywords to rank higher. A Software Application That Helps You Discover Long Tail Keywords. Organize Your Keywords. Import CSV Files From The Google Keyword Tool. Write Web Content. And, Plan A Web-content Strategy For Your Website. Watch Their Video Now For detailed view.!



Keyword Researcher can turn a list of thousands of keywords, into an actionable SEO Strategy. We designed it to make the entire SEO process flow smoothly–from keyword generation, to content publishing, and all the steps in between. We’ve tried to think of everything!

There are various testimonial as have mentioned in their website.



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