Sales Pages are so important in today’s online driven community to convert leads to respective products and services. In order to increase your sales, every affiliate started building optimize web-pages in need to increase web presence in such a way to boost sales accordingly. But, The real question is how hard is to make sales page? Well, In this tutorial we have compiled free, independent and paid ways to create effective online sales with minimum or no knowledge. You can build, edit and publish pages within minutes without having expert knowledge of making one.


What Are Sales Pages And Why You Need Them?

Let’s discuss this with an example, Suppose you have something awesome to offer to internet community and want to distribute your idea whether its e-book, Unique Applications or any other assets which can benefit internet community in some way in lieu of some money then you need a web presence to sell it and it should be appealing in such a way that people will buy it which we call landing pages or sales pages. So it is mandatory for every affiliate webmaster to design creative sales or opt-in pages to start building lists and build lists of more customers

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70% of affiliate webmasters use WordPress as their CMS platform because it’s easy to use and very effective for search engine optimization. Its one of the most popular CMS platform among others, So you can do it for free by using following steps;

    • Buy Domain Of your choice form any leading domain name provider of your choice.
    • Get Free hosting and point your domain to its nameservers as we have discussed in detail here. follow each and every step.
    • In control panel, install WordPress software as we have shared the video below.

  • Now login to your admin panel using, enter your credentials, and move on to plugins -> add new

wordpress plugin add

  • Now download webpage builder plugin from elegant theme’s Divi Page builder.
  • Upload .Zip file and activate it after the successful upload.
  • Now create a page using “pages>add new” in your wp-admin panel and name it landing or any of your choice.
  • now create a page using Divi page builder you have downloaded. If you don’t know enough about building the page using Divi then you can watch tutorial videos by them here.
  • now most importantly if you want that page to point it to root domain then after publishing page, click on settings> reading and choose your homepage under “A static page” option.static page wordpress
  • Next will be payment integration, you can download the free plugin from plugin section using most popular ”Paypal”, download any of them and activate it.


Now, You have published and created your first sales page. All you need now is to optimize your webpage and build off-page search engine optimization

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Now, If you Don’t have time to build or spend so much time on WordPress and want some pre-made solution then this is for you. you don’t need WordPress or anything but you just need to upload files to your root server and edit it and you’re done by following steps;

  • Follow first Two steps stated in the free method above.
  • Download pre-made sales page from Niche Website Templates.
  • Upload it to root folder by entering your ftp details in your domain>public_html>[here].
  • Edit your details and you’re good to go
  • Plus they have an awesome support system and also includes loads of custom options and documentation in their package.
  • You can see all of their features here.
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If you have anything to ask, please leave a comment below and I will be right back at you.