Want to know the power of youtube? Youtube consist of one billion users which are 1/3rd of the total internet population in 88 countries and 76 languages such that in every minute 100s hours of videos are uploaded to youtube. Youtube is Video social media platform where people around the world upload videos of any genre to get recognition for their work, product or services. Video marketing plays a vital role in today’s technology-driven world where it’s easy to access video at the tip of their hands and it does become very handy these days as people are getting recognition, brands are building their network and celebrities interacting with their fans through their official youtube channel.

As far as new and promising youtube artists goes, one can find it hard nowadays to get recognize or draw traffic to their youtube videos and most of them started quitting on it. Therefore, To help them in this tutorial I will share some tricks and tips to generate views on your youtube videos more authentically rather than buying it from third party websites which do use bots to drive traffic to your channel/videos.

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I always include don’ts at starting in my every tutorial in order to avoid some mistakes you were doing in order to get more videos views and getting low results in term of subscribers and engagement. Therefore here are don’ts

  • Don’t Buy Youtube VIEWS

As You know there are many services who are selling their views for some amount and promise you to be adsense safe or watch time safe but actually, those views are simple bot generated views which won’t help you in any way possible. Therefore, If you want genuine and convertible views please avoid this kind of strategies in order to get genuine exposure.

  • Stop Spamming Already

Spamming is bad. Google does automatically de-list your videos in their search pages when you do spam your video titles and description with URLs or short URLs in order to get the attention of Google visitors, Usually, these kinds of videos got reported real fast and in no time it will get banned and de-listed from your search engine pages.

  • Stay Away From Any Software generated views (Probably bots not real views).
  • Do not overload your video with long-tail tags or keywords.

Optimizing and Publishing Youtube Video

Before getting hands-on the promotion of a video lets discusses how to make your video youtube friendly in order to get listed at highe rin search pages of youtube. Its very important for your youtube video get recognize by their own search metrics in order to get your video listed at higher level apart from your competition.

Quality Content Over Quantity

If you upload daily meaningless videos which don’t contribute anything or doesn’t have any value for youtube community then its probably 90% chance is to fail to rank anywhere on the internet. So focus on quality content over quantity if you want your video to get more authenticity.

Title and Description

Video title and descriptions are very important in order to rank higher based on keyword niche you are ranking it for, Title should be descriptive as well as in description box, Write everything about it in description box like crediting to another user,  Source of your videos etc., It will give some search engine juice for your youtube video page.

Relevant Tagging Only

Add Relevant tags into your description as well as in tags column of youtube upload page. Tagging does help you identify your particular keyword video in search pages of youtube as well as engines. Therefore, do not overload it with tags, Be it short and keyword rich.

Custom Video Cover

People judge a video by its cover, Better and attractive videos cover leads to more video views and engagement. There is various video marketer who believes the attractive cover image is key to make a video viral. Therefore, it does play an important part in making your video attractive, some call it clickbait cover image.

Generate Youtube Views Authentically

Sharing To Social Media Accounts

It’s most Traditional way now to get some video views by sharing it to your social media account like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc but it does give your video some link boost in order to get recognized by search engines and can help you increase its page rank.

Building Backlinks

Youtube video pages are similar to any custom sales pages if you are serious about video marketing. Building backlinks not even give some link boost but also help search engines i..e Google, Bing, Yandex to recognize a number of links back to your video and give your youtube page priority. Therefore building backlinks can help you to rank higher.

Reddit Takedown

Reddit is a topic-based social community where users share links and images to thier respective niche related subreddit and people vote them accordingly. Therefore, Sharing your youtube videos to your video-niche related sub-reddit in order to get more authentic views.

Share Strategies

There are various pages on Facebook, Instagram that can make a shoutout for your video in order to get likes and shares, Therefore you can collaborate with those pages in order to get more views authentically.

Pinterest Pins

Sharing your video with good descriptive image on Pinterest can bring loads of authentic views as only niche related people will find your work and click on your attractive cover image and if your content is good, Then they will re-pin it to their board and in no-time it will become viral, Therefore Pinterest can be a good option.