Youtube Being Video sharing community of billions of users around the world which allow you to create, Upload and share your videos and interact with their large user base. Youtube marketing become essential among various webmaster, Therefore to conquer the ranking one must take care of White Hat Youtube SEO To juice up your videos to rank faster in search results. Webmasters around the world use various blackhat techniques or some shortcut methods to rank their videos faster but end up getting banned or deleted from Youtube.

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Guide To White Hat Youtube SEO

Before, Jumping onto the guide on Youtube SEO, let’s discuss Some DONT’s, You need to keep some points in mind in order to not get affected by the negative part of search engine optimization.


  • Don’t Buy Robotic Views: If you have a business with a big reputation or if you have something unique to add to your business and you’re opting for video marketing using Youtube Platform, Often we opt for robotic views to make it to millions without doing anything. Which not only affect adversely but also deteriorate your reputation on Youtube as eventually they will find out and ban your account. Therefore, You need to stay away from Fake/Robotic Paid views.
  • Spamming Is Poison: Do not spam your videos on other channels, websites, or any else in order to avoid ban to your video which does result in having the worst possible ranking on search engine giants as well as on Youtube. Spams like linking or sharing your videos meaninglessly on other channel’s videos or website comment section etc. This method is poison to your youtube marketing strategy. Therefore, Quit Spamming already!
  • Overtagging: Tags are an important strategy in order to give your video a label to related keyword/niche in order to rank your video higher in the results page. But if you over-utilize this feature wanting your videos to be rank faster, Then think again because over tagging won’t lead you anywhere, therefore only adding relative keyword will be effective.

Youtube SEO

Therefore, These are some Don’ts you need to keep this in mind in order to perform perfect white hat Youtube SEO.

The Guide

White Hat Youtube SEO Guide involve various steps involving On-page and Off-Page Optimization. Which are described As Follows;

Youtube SEO

On page Optimization (Scroll Down to ”Uploading And Optimizing”)

Off Page Optimization (Scroll Down to ”Video SEO”)