Google Releases Abusive Experiences Reports tool

Recently, Google announced built-in chrome Adblock (As Of 15th February)  to tackle abusive user experience while browsing a webpage contains excessive advertisements will face google penalty. Yes, You heard it right, Google will send you a violation notice then you will have 30 days to rectify it.

What Are Abusive experiences?

According To Google, Abusive experiences are designed to be misleading. An experience is abusive if it meets any of the following conditions:

  • It auto-redirects the page without user action.
  • It misleads or tricks the user into interacting with it. Examples include ads or other elements that:
    • Resemble system or site warnings or error messages.
    • Simulate messages, dialog boxes, or request notifications.
    • Depict features that do not work.
    • Display a “close” button that does anything other than closing the element when clicked.
    • Take the user to an ad landing page or other content when they click anywhere outside of the user-visible border of the element.

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Google’s roll out schedule is as follows:

  1. 23rd January: Google will start blocking tabs for what it considers Abusive Experiences.
  2. 15th February: Google will start enabling adblock on websites that do not meet the Better Ads Standards.

Where to check my site for abusive experience?

Google made Abusive Experience Report Tool which you can access in your google webmaster page here.

google abusive experience report

If you have added your website in your google webmaster then you can select your property and submit for review.

More about Reports here.

You can check more information about Google’s Abusive Experience Report here.

What will be better ad options?

Well Here are some list according to better ad standards by google.

Pop-up Ads

Auto-playing Video Ads with Sound

Prestitial Ads with Countdown

Large Sticky Ads


Mobile Web Experiences

Pop-up Ads

Auto-playing Video Ads with Sound

Prestitial Ads

Postitial Ads with Countdown

Ad Density Higher Than 30%

Full-screen Scrollover Ads

Flashing Animated Ads

Large Sticky Ads


If you’re Using Exoclick then they have released notifications regarding ad format to be used here