Earn Money Online is the most searched terms for beginners who want to earn money spending time online. There are many ways to earn money online, Complex (Which required skills) And Easy Way for beginners. I will not talk about complex which requires certain skills to earn money online, Let’s discuss simple ways to earn money online.

Let me warn you on one thing that following ways won’t make you rich overnight, Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day so it does require a certain amount of time which depends upon your working hours you spent online so be patient about it. Also, it does depend on how passionately you want to put your efforts too, If you’re going to do this part time then be assured that your return-on-investment will be delayed accordingly, So Let’s Discuss how you can earn money online using following methods.

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What do You Need To Earn Money Online?

Actually, you only need a certain amount of time, efforts and internet connection to earn money online with following ways. Also, I will suggest you pick any of following way according to your area of interests. Basically, You don’t need much in starting so won’t spend too much money on something which cannot assure you return on your investments.

Top Ways To Earn Money Online:

  • Online surveys:

Yes, Online surveys are still a thing to earn money online doing several surveys according to your region, so there are many websites that pay you by completing surveys and you will earn money according to your country region or offers.

You can try: TolunaVivatic, HasOffers

  • Get Paid For Searching The Web:

Yes, It’s for real, you can get paid by searching the web queries, Websites etc just like you do on google through QMEE.COM

  • Upload And Share Images:

In This, You can upload and share images of your own choice and share it wherever possible and you will earn by each 1k Impressions according to your image’s visitors country. Like if your visitor came from the US, UK then some companies/websites pay up to 8$ per thousand impressions.

You can Try: Imgchili, Imagetwist, Imagespice

  • Get Paid To shrink your links and share:

In This, You can shrink your URL whether its image URL Or any URL using various web platforms i.e. ADF.LY, Short.est, AL.LY

  • Get Paid For Review Websites and APPS:

Here, You can get paid to review various websites and application whether its iOS, Android, Windows. This services offered by UserTesting

  • Create Your Blog And Earn Money Via Adsense:

In This Last point, You can also create your own blog by using free blogging platforms like Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr

You can create blog posts with likes of your own interest and share your links wherever you like, I will discuss in detail about how you can perform marketing of posts but you can also check SEO Tools you can use to analyse your blog : Must Have Top Free SEO Tools For Webmaster

Then, Sign up to Google subsidiary i.e. Adsense.com and get your website approved and place codes on your websites.

So these are the few ways from where you can earn money online and get paid for your hard work. If you have any queries please leave a comment below.