Youtube Marketing Strategy is the most efficient yet effective way to promote your product or services using your videos relatively. As we discussed in the previous tutorial that Youtube consist of one billion users which are 1/3rd of the total internet population in 88 countries and 76 languages such that in every minute 100s hours of videos are uploaded to youtube. Therefore, It will not easy to rank your videos on the first page of Google or even in google search engine as you will be needing time, tactics and some patience to produce long-term results.

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For starting, Let’s say you wanna promote a product or services or you wanna promote any third party software, Then youtube is the perfect platform for you as we have already stated that its being largest social video platform consists of billion of users. In this tutorial, I will let you know how can u promote a software of any web product online to earn four figures income for long-term with little efforts and patience.

Steps To Youtube Marketing Strategy

Setting Up Affiliate Account

Affiliate account is those account where you browse the products or services which you want to promote and earn the commission from it, There are various Cost-Per-Action platforms you can use to browse various products in various categories. Some are listed as follows;

  • Clickbank
  • JVZoo
  • Shareasale

Above are some examples of leading CPA Platforms where you can join and promote a variety of products listed on their website. They Pay via various payment methods like PayPal, Bank wires etc. in order to get sale money in your account.

Content Creation

Content is key! Now you may be wondering what or how to create content for a software or any services. Well if you want to promote some software then you have to give an overview to the browser i.e. how it works or explain the features of that particular product, Likewise, if you are promoting your own product then you need to carry your camera and start giving your product overview and edit those clips on software like Camtasia, Adobe Premiere Pro etc in order to add some music or audio. Following are some bullet points to remember how you to create a content in order to attract more visitors;

  • Screencast your software or any web services using software like Camtasia.
  • Give an overview of particular product and review or explain features to interested customers.
  • Be Brief about your product, explain only relevant or positive aspects of your product.
  • Lure your visitors by stating positive outcomes from your product or services (Like You can earn millions form it etc.)
  • Sum-up your Instructional/Review video with your ratings about your product.
  • Edit your video with some voiceovers or music or you can hire video editors who can do this job for you here at least cost.
  • Export your video in FULL-HD Format and upload it to youtube.


So these are some points to remember in order to create your content unique and user-friendly to promote your product and services on youtube platform.

Uploading And Optimizing

Once you’ve exported the video, Now you can start uploading to your youtube account and optimize your video title and description accordingly. Following are some steps to follow effectively;

  • Click On Upload, Select your file and start uploading.
  • While Your Video is uploading, Start entering your video title, Descriptions and Video Tags.

Add Youtube Title

  • Title Must Be Brief (Include Your Main Keyword i.e. Name Of Your Product)
  • Place Your Affiliate Link Above your description.

Affiliate Link

  • Describe in detail about your product, Its features and review afterward.
  • Add Tags Relevant to your product or its features(Don’t Overuse this feature, Just add relevant tags).
  • Add Attractive Thumbnail to video (Like Above) in order to gain attention to your videos. Use web software like here.
  • Add Other Infos, Like Categories, Translations, Subtitles if needed and then click ”Publish”.

Here you have completed the step to upload and optimize your Youtube video.

Video SEO

Next and important Step is optimizing your video in order to gain some exposure in search engine giants like bing, google, Yandex i.e. if someone search for the keyword related to your video then it will appear as follows;

Search result

Therefore, To make your video stand out in search engines you need to do some off-youtube search engine optimization in order to get your rank faster in search results.

Here are some steps to follow;

  • Build Backlinks Using Money robot submitter Software and create campaigns to boost ranking.
  • Alternatively, You can buy some links from Linksmanagement which is considered to be cheap and best option.
  • Create blog posts regarding your video using free blog platforms like blogspot, Tumblr, Weebly etc.
  • Spread your url to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest to gain more audience to your video.
  • Buy Paid blog posts describing your content on third party established blog websites (By contacting them via ”contact us” forms).

These are some way to build Off-youtube optimization in order to get exposure for your Youtube video.


So these are the steps to follow in order to earn something from your own product or any third party product by using youtube marketing strategy. This is very effective way to get hold onto billions of users who prefer to browse videos rather than reading blog or something about your services. Therefore this is the best way to get some exposure to your brand using Youtube.

Alternatively You can also add your videos to

  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • Veoh
  • Metacafe

Following is the illustration of above method of Youtube Marketing Strategy.

youtube marketing strategy