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Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing

I Assume Your videos are not performing well enough that’s why you landed on this page, Am I right? Well, Nowadays videos are new ways to get leads to your business because of its visual experience rather than reading boring blogs like this isn’t it?. You may have various questions in mind on how to make it work to put your videos on trending list or target your audience worldwide or locally.

Before jumping onto what we offer to let me take you to basics of Video marketing and its impact on your business.

Why is Video Marketing Important?

As an example, Ask yourself that if you’re looking for something for your website or business or for some personal use then you usually search it on google that term and you get the list of results regarding that term and you may see some explanation videos like below;


Therefore, what you will pick? A blog with loads of text like this (I know its boring enough already!) or youtube video explaining everything regarding your searched term. I am sure you will pick video over lists of blogs in results because of its visual experience.

You’re not the only one, search shows that people like to experience or gain knowledge visually rather than reading because of convenience. There are many video influencers are there right now from where you can take benefits from or you can grow your own video channel and generate thousands of leads through it.


Above is our video of product review ranked on the first page of google with keyword “Money Robot Submitter“. Click here for the video.

Blog URL – Money Robot Review.

Therefore, What have we learned?

More Videos = More Views = More Leads = $$$$ Insane Money

Well it’s not that difficult today to pick a hot niche and create animated or simple explanatory videos BUT! (Yes there is a but), To rank higher among others i.e. your competitor is the main task. 40% of talented left youtube or other platforms due to the high competency rate because they just can’t handle competitors banging their videos on search page 1 before them.

Enough Talking! Tell us what do you offer?

Introducing Kwebby’s Video Marketing Services

Kwebby offers full management of your video campaigns based on your niche and competition analysis. A Dedicated manager will be appointed to you and Marketing plans will be made accordingly either through video call or phone call. Our experienced team members will create, publish and promote all your videos but afterward, our magic will start. We will apply all necessity marketing tricks to promote your videos and we will make sure it will stand out in public.

Our Services Include;

  • A Dedicated Video Marketing Manager For personal Assistance.
  • Creation, Publication, and Promotions are included (Based on your requirement).
  • On-Video and Off-Video Optimization services to make your keyword ranking higher.
  • Youtube video Optimization (Title, Description, Tags etc).
  • PPC Video Marketing (Paid marketing Campaign).
  • Weekly Branded Reports.
  • All Week Live Phone/Chat/Email Support (9:00-18:00 IST).

We also offer total management of your videos i.e. Suppose you don’t want to manage anything on your own nd want someone to take control over your video campaigns. Therefore, we will create videos for you on all niche to help you rank higher in search engines such that your brand get exposure to millions of internet users worldwide.

Pricing:- This is where we have to sit and get our negotiation to be made mutually. Therefore all you need is to contact us here. We will take your project from there.

See You Soon.