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9 PROVEN Tips to Leverage Facebook Live as a Marketing Tool

It is no secret that Facebook Pages is emerging as one of the best ways to promote your business among digital marketers for the last few years now. Whether it is the business pages, sponsored posts, ads, or events – Facebook can no longer be ignored. The platform is helping online marketers with not only promoting their businesses but also generating new customers and leads. Also Read: Top 50 Profitable Niches For High traffic On GoogleAnother game-changing feature launched by Facebook that has the potential to change how we see marketing is Facebook Live. Originally launched in 2015, Facebook Live has grown to become a powerful tool that, if used effectively, can work as an excellent marketing tool. It was initially meant for increased user interactions, but now, this feature is being used by celebrities, influencers, and public figures to increase the exposure of their brand and product. Despite the negative limelight